Yesterday Hollywood stars, today normal people

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It might sound surprising, but many Hollywood stars put an end to their glamorous careers, to lead a more common life, made of daily routine and anonymous jobs. It is hard to believe it, but for some celebrities the pressure of being in the public eye at all times is just too much. Sometimes, the change is so drastic that one would not even believe that these people were once cinema or music stars. If you want to find out who these people are and why they have decided to give it all up, keep reading this article.

  1. Kirk Cameron

He became famous for his role in “Growing Pains”, one of the most popular TV shows in the late 80’s. Today Kirk Cameron has left behind the walk of fame, to follow the path of faith. After a brilliant acting career and many prices won, including two Golden Globe nominations, Cameron is now an evangelist and founder, along with Ray Comfort, of a ministry called “The Way of Master”. He also host a TV show that goes by the same name. Occasionally, the former TV star enjoys going back to his old job. In 2014, for example, he made his appearance in the film “Saving Christmas 2”.

  1. Mara Wilson

Impossible not to recognize this sweet little girl who made her appearance in several successful films, from “Matilda” to “Mrs Doubtfire” and “Miracle on 34th Street”. Her future seemed to be already decided: a brilliant career in Hollywood. However, Mara Wilson decided to do something completely different with her life: writing and philanthropy. First of all, in 2016, she published a book about her experience as a child movie star. The title explains it all: “Where am I now? True stories of girlhood and accidental fame”. You might wonder what she is doing now. Well, she is employed in a New York non-profit called Publicolor which promotes the positive affects of colour in schools.

  1. Danica McKellar

Do you remember Winnie Cooper, the precocious little girl from the successful series “The Wonder Years”, which was very popular in the late 80’s? Well, that little girl has grown up now and proved to be a clever woman indeed. Danica McKellar jumped into mathematics, and still challenges herself with large numbers and complex formulas. After leaving behind her precocious career in TV, she graduated with the highest score from UCLA with a degree in mathematics. Before that, as an undergraduate, she helped a professor with a scientific paper. Taking advantage of her popularity, she published several books of mathematics, such as “Math doesn’t suck” and “Hot algebra exposed”. She also returned to the small screen by hosting a TV show on the Nerdist Channel called “Math Bites”.

  1. Frankie Muniz

You might remember him as a TV star in the ’90s, when he made his appearance in several films and TV shows. “Malcom in the middle” is arguably the most popular show he played in and gave him fame and success. For this role he was also nominated for two Golden Globes and one Emmy. However, as a young man, Frankie Muniz showed a different talent and became a skilled race car driver. To follow his passion, he decided to take some time off and focus completely on his career as a driver. He participated in the Atlantic Championship in 2012 and he is still racing, despite a terrible car accident which caused him severe memory loss.

  1. Andrea Barber

In the 90’s sitcom “Full house” she played the lovable nuisance Kimmy Gibbler. Andrea Barber, after many years, returned to the old character in the reboot produced by Netflix with the name “Fuller House”. You might also remember her playing Carrie Brady in “Days of our lives”. Between the two versions of Kimmy Gibbler, there is a student who did very well. Andrea attended Whittier College in California, from which she graduated with a degree in English. She then moved to UK and continued her studies at the University of York. Coming back to her alma mater, she became the director of its international study program.

  1. Danielle Fishel

She is an example of how a precocious TV career pays off if you are clever enough. In the 90’s Danielle Fishel became famous as Topanga, the character she played in the sitcom “Boys meets world”. That air of confidence and self-esteem typical of the character followed her even in real life. When the show ended she became the host of the satirical news show “The Dish”. She is now a reporter for PopSugar and a manager for the YouTube channel “PopSugar girls guide”. The old character has recently made her appearance again on Disney Channel with the spin-off series “Girl meets world”.

  1. Freddie Prinze Jr

As a young actor, Freddie Prinze Jr had a very prolific career which started when he was a teenager. He played in several films for the big screen. Just to the name a few: “I know what you did last summer”, “She’s all that” and the live action Scooby-Doo movies. He also made his appearance on popular TV shows, such as “Friends” and “Boston Legal”. Since he was very young, he has never stopped acting. However, he took advantage of his popularity to cultivate one of his favourite hobbies, cooking. In 2016 a cookbook was published under his name in which Freddie Prinze Jr reveals 70 recipes he enjoys cooking.

  1. Tony Danza

He had a double career, as an actor and a professional boxer. Also, his normal career became a film. However, what is most surprising about Tony Danza, is the fact that he took a year off acting to take part of the A&E reality show “Teach: Tony Danza”. In the programme the “Who’s the boss” star became the teacher of a 10th grade English class in Philadelphia. That experience taught him a lot and he felt the urgency to communicate how we owe all educators an apology. He hoped that the success of the series would help the education system to get the right attention and respect from everybody.

  1. Lucy Liu

She stepped into the spotlight for the role of Ling Woo, played in the famous and successful TV show “Ally McBeal”. The character gained her popularity and critical acclaim (she was nominated for a “Primetime Emmy Award”) and made her career take off. She made her appearance in the blockbuster “Charlie’s Angels”. As many actors and famous people do, Lucy Liu tries to have a different occupation, far from the public eye. As well as an actor, she is a visual artist, under the  name of Yu Lang. From painting to collages, she has tried several techniques and areas. Most of the profits coming from her piece of arts go to charities.

  1. Jim Carrey

Most of his films, shot in the 90’s, became instantly classics: “Ace Ventura: pet detective”, “Dumb and dumber” and “The mask”, just to name a few. Jim Carrey’s crazy faces and unique sense of humour will be remembered for generations ahead. Recently, he has been less and less involved in acting, to follow what he defines as “an unstoppable urge”. That need is painting. He has been working on his pieces of art for the last 6 years and also organised a solo exhibit in Las Vegas. Talking about his passion for painting he says: “There’s not a day that goes by that I am not covered in paint”. His efforts and hard work is paying off indeed. His painting and pieces of arts are selling very fast, so you better hurry up if you want to buy something.


  1. Steven Seagal

Acting is not his original career. Before rising to stardom as a Hollywood actor, Steven Seagal was a martial artist and instructor in Japan. When he moved back to the United States, he continued to work as a martial artist. However, he also started to dabble in acting and appeared in several major films. If you consider all his films and the roles he played, you would think twice before messing with him. After a long and successful career in acting, Seagal has now turned to law enforcement. He has also served in the ceremonial title as reserve deputy sheriff for a police department in Louisiana.

  1. Sarah Michelle Gellar

She is mainly famous to be a brilliant vampire hunter, but Sarah Michelle Gellar has many passions apart from acting. She was even able to turn her favourite hobby, cooking, into a business. A few years ago, she founded a startup called Foodstirs, an e-commerce brand that sells baking kits for children. From this experience the actress has also created a cookbook called “Stirring up Fun with food”, which provides tips and special advise to make delicious food for special  family events. The idea is involving more people to cook together, which according to Gellar helps bring families together while preparing a meal and having fun. She’s been married to Freddie Prinze Jr for over 15 years and has two children, so she knows what she is talking about when she writes about cooking as a family.

  1. Vanilla Ice

In the ’80s he was famous as a rapper and television host. His music has made a mark in the pop culture for sure. As well as a singer, Vanilla Ice has put a lot of effort into the real estate industry. When asked what his selling technique is, he simply replies: buying properties that show promise, refurbishing the houses and selling them for a higher price. He has been working in this market for a few years now and earned a remarkable amount of money. From this new career a TV show was created, called “The Vanilla Ice project”, which is broadcast on HGTV.

  1. Peter Ostrum

When he played Charlie Bucket in the classic “Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory” he was only 12 years old. Peter Ostrum was expected to have a successful career in acting but he chose a different path. Despite having the opportunity to sign for a three years film contract, he politely declined the offer, thinking that the actor’s life was not for him at all. Following his passion for animals and horses in particular, he gained a degree from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. His successful career as a veterinarian is still going on: he mostly deals with horses, but cattle as well.

  1. Gary Gourdan

He is mostly famous for his appearances in the TV series CSI, as Warrick Brown. When, at the beginning of season 9, the character played by Gary Dourdan is killed, his fans were shocked to find out that the actor would not appear in the show anymore. However, he made his appearance in several video games made after the popular franchise. Dourdan, who has been working in the film industry since 1991, had a recurring role also in the popular Corby show spin-off, which was called “A different world”. After solving some problems with the law, Dourdan keeps himself busy with films and his collection of cars. Occasionally, he also enjoys being a deejay.

  1. Helen Hunt

She was only 10 years old when she accepted her first role as an actress and we doubt she could imagine becoming an Academy award winning actress. In the ’70s Helen Hunt made her appearance in several TV shows including “The Maty Tyler Moore show” and “The Swiss family Robinson”. That was the beginning of a long career made of roles in memorable films such as “Mad about you”, “Twister” and “As good as it gets” which gained her an Oscar. After a long career as an actress, Helen Hunt is now busy behind the cameras as well. She runs her own production company, called Hunt/Travel Productions.

  1. Nick Offerman

As an actor, Nick Offerman raised to stardom with the popular sitcom “Parks and Recreation”, in which he played manly-man Ron Swanson. This role made his fortune, as he won a Television Critics Association Award and made his appearance on several shows afterwards, including the series “Fargo”, in which he plays Karl Weathers. Even though his career as an actor still goes on, Offerman has a side job. Like his character in “Parks and Recreation”, he is a carpenter and creates boats, canoes and different type of furniture. His pieces of art can be bought in the shop he has opened in Los Angeles, which is called Offerman Woodshop.

  1. Barbi Brenton

She started her career as a Playboy bunny and since then, she has been in the show business for a while. Barbara Lynn Klein, aka Barbi Brenton, starred in several TV shows, including “Hee Haw”, “Fantasy Island”, “The Love Boat” and “Playboy after dark”. Appearances in films and five albums recorded complete her lucrative career. She is currently far from TV and films. She has married George Gradow and has 2 kids. His husband is a real estate developer and she works as an interior decorator.

  1. Sharona Alperin

She probably has to thank her boyfriend Doug Fieger, who in 1979 wrote a song about her who made her fortune. When writing the lyrics of “My Sharona”, the Knack lead vocalist was thinking about 17-year-old Sharona Alperin who was for him the muse for several songs. Today Sharona is a real estate specialist: she finds homes for people working in entertainment in Los Angeles. As she says on the pages of her own website, being mentioned in the hit song made her understand how much appeal she had on people.


  1. Elizabeth Berkley

Her face and body became famous for her appearances in “Saved by the bell” and the controversial “Showgirls” shot by director Paul Verhoeven. This two films made Elizabeth Berkley a celebrity in the 1990’s with a large number of roles played in films, TV shows and stage productions. She also participated in “Dancing with the stars” with a good success. She is also an animal activist and a writer: in 2011 she published her first book called “Ask Elizabeth”, a self help book.

  1. Al Franken

He’s been working as a writer and actor on TV for over a decade and he is mainly famous for his show “Saturday Night Live”. Al Franken, who also wrote several books, has received critical acclaim for his satirical sense of humour. His career as a writer and comedian came to an end when he started to get involved in politics. In 2008 many people were surprised to see him running for the Senate in the State of Minnesota. That move proved to be the right one, as he won his seat in 2009 and was also re-elected in 2014. Since then, his political career is still going on.

  1. Liam Gallagher

He is best known for being the front man of the ’90s rock band Oasis. Along with his brother Noe, Liam Gallagher enjoyed an incredible career in Europe and in the United States. As Noel was the writer, Liam was the singer and front man of the band. His energy and charismatic personality was recognized in 2010, when a poll ranked him as the best front man of all time. Due to several reasons, Oasis started to work less and less as a band and Liam Gallagher had to find a new way to keep busy. He created his own line of clothes called “Pretty Green” and enjoyed the incomes of his new business.

  1. Roseanne Barr

She is an icon of the ’90s, for her role in the self-titled TV show “Roseanne”, where she plays an energetic and funny mother who has to deal with family issues. The sitcom brought to the small screen an original type of family, completely different from the perfect houses that were portrayed everywhere on TV back then. However, out of her character Roseanne Barr remained strong and ambitious and started a new life in politics. She was the candidate for the Peace and Freedom Party in the 2012 presidential elections. The result was impressive: she obtained 67.000 votes which put her in the 6th place overall. That was the beginning of a career which is still going on.

  1. Jon Gosselin

He was mainly the quite guy sitting next to his wife during interviews. This is the image of Jon Gosselin that everybody remembers. At that time he was part of the reality show “Jon and Kate Plus 8”. Shy and insecure in front of the camera, he appeared quite genuine and loving when interacting with his kids. His marriage with Kate came to an end in 2009 when the couple divorced. Since then Gosseling has been kept busy with several jobs, including the installation of solar panels. He also worked as a waiter and a DJ, playing in many gigs in his hometown. However, the most shocking appearance was in an Atlantic City strip show called “Untamed Male Revue”.

  1. Chris Owen

His entire career as an actor is linked to the role of the “Sherminator” in the “American Pie” film franchise. He is the only actor to appear in all the projects that have been created around the plot, even those that were never shot. Even though this films were very popular, Chris Owen never had the chance to appear in other movies. Since he became an actor, he’s been living in Los Angeles but had to accept several random jobs, after the American Pie wave came to an end. He’s been working as a waiter at a top-tier sushi restaurant. However, his career as an actor is not over, as he makes some random appearances in films and TV shows.

  1. Susan Boyle

Her incredible voice surprised everyone in 2009 when she performed in the TV show “Britain’s got talent” with the song “I dreamed a dream”. Even Simon Cowell said something positive about her performance, which is already a success itself. In 2014 Susan Boyle ended up on the front page of the papers again, for applying for a job as a cashier. When asked about the reasons of this application she simply replied: “I just went in on the off-chance. It was kind of a desire to be normal. And it was a quite period. I just got panicky (about fame). But I wouldn’t want to scrap the job I already have (music). I absolutely love it”.

  1. Lark Voorhies

Her role of Lisa Turtle in the TV show “Saved by the bell” made her fortune. From 1989 to 1993 Lark Voorhies was a celebrity of the small screen. After that, only small appearances in random films but nothing like the incredible fame she had experienced. After putting an end to her acting career, she became a writer and published her own books. She has written three so far which go by the titles “Reciprocity”, “Trek of the Cheshire” and “A true light”. Before becoming a writer Lark Voorhies also tried her chances in music. She dabbled in a few music videos and was part of a girl group called the X-Girls.

  1. Ariana Richards

Her acting career started when she was only a child. In the late ’80s Ariana Richard appeared in several hit films, such as “Tremors”, “Prancer” and “Jurassic Park”. Her talent was largely recognized and bought her several prices including “Young Artist Awards”. However, when she grew up, she decided to follow a completely different path and became a full-time painter. After graduating from Skidmore College where she obtained a degree in Fine Arts and Drama, she kept studying and completed her education at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Even though she is still an artist, she does accept some small roles as an actress from time to time.

  1. Tommy Rettig

Along with Lassie he made the perfect match. How to forget Tommy Retting and his ubiquitous dog in the famous ’50s TV show? After that hit success, Retting made his appearance in the teen drama called “Never too young”, with Tony Dow. As many actors who start their career very early, he decided to try something completely different. He became a computer software engineer and, even as an adult, he found it quite difficult to shake his identity as the boy from the Lassie. Even though he stuck to his passion for computers, he also gave motivational speeches and kept doing so until he died in 1996.

  1. Mackenzie Rosman

She basically grown up on the TV show “Seventh Heaven”. Mackensie Rosman, who played for several years Ruthie Camden in the famous series, abandoned the small screen when she grew up. Even though she accepted a few minor roles, Rosman devoted her life to something more important: she became the national honorary chairwoman for Curefinders, an association that helps children who live with cystic fibrosis. This new life was not chosen for some sort of philanthropic need. Rosman’s stepsister suffered from the disease and this inspired the former actress to pursue the cause. As a reward for her hard work, she was recognized as one of the “20 teens who will change the world”.

  1. Jonathan Bennett

His success as an actor is undoubtedly due to the film “Mean girls” which was an instant hit in 2004. Even though in the show the spotlight was stolen by actress Lindsay Lohan, also Jonathan Bennett caught the attention of many spectators, playing the role of Aaron Samuels. This character  made his fortune and was the beginning of a long career: he starred in “Cheaper by the dozen 2” and is also the host of “Cake Wars”, a successful show broadcast on Food Network. As well as acting, he also enjoyed his side job as a spin class instructor at the fitness studio Flywheels in Los Angeles.

  1. Maia Brewton

She was extremely popular in the 80’s and ’90s for her roles on both the small and big screens. In 1987 she appeared in the hit “Adventures in Babysitting” and was then chosen for the Fox sitcom “Parker Lewis can’t lose”, where she worked for three seasons. As many precocious actors, her life as an adult changed completely. She graduated from the Yale University with a degree in Drama and eventually became a lawyer.

  1. Leanna Creel

She was part of an incredible trio: along with sisters Joy and Monica, Leanna Creel enjoyed a precocious career on TV films. However the role that made her raise to stardom was the character of Tori in the ’90s sitcom “Saved by the bell”. As a grown-up, Leanna preferred to stay behind the camera rather than enjoying the spotlight. After getting a degree from UCLA, she built up her own production company and called it Ignite Entertainment. She has also created another production company, called Creel Studio, which focuses on travel and food content.

  1. Brittany Ashton Holmes

Her acting career was precocious and short. Brittany Ashton Holmes reached fame thanks to her role of Darla in the 1994 film version of “The little Rascals”. However, she put an end to her career in movies at the age of 7 to live a much quiter life. She is now a college student, working hard to get a degree in Political science. She also works as a barista and seems to be happy of her new life.

  1. Josh Saviano

He became famous for his role in the hit comedy “The wonder years”. Today Josh Saviano has put an end to his acting career for good, but what he does for a living is not less prestigious and lucrative than working as an actor. After bowing out of Hollywood he graduated from the Yale University with a degree in Political Science. He started working as a paralegal and then decided to continue his studies and enrolled as a student at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. He is currently a successful lawyer. After covering a prestigious position at Morrison Cohen LLP, he quit his job in 2013 and since then he has been working on his own projects.

  1. Jeff Cohen

In the 1985 film “The Goonies” he plays Chunk, the funny chubby guy, a role that made his fortune and revealed his incredible talent. However, being the fat-guy actor was not his ambition and he bowed out of Hollywood quite soon. He worked hard to shape his body and, after losing a lot of weight, he became a football player. Jeff Cohen also started a long career as a student: after high school he went to college at Berkeley and then enrolled at the UCLA law school. Today the acting career is completely left behind and he enjoys his jobs in Law.

  1. Taran Noah Smith

His name is linked to the ’90s sitcom “Home improvement”, in which he played the character of Mark. Taran Noah Smith was only 7 when he made his first appearance on the small screen and he continued acting in the show up to the age of 16. When the sitcom came to an end his acting career finished too and “young Mark” had to create a new identity for himself. One year after the end of the show, at the age of 17, he married Heidi Van Pelt who was 33 at the time. The woman, who was a vegan, had a huge influence on Smith’s future and choices: he established a brand of vegan cheese products which was named Playfood. Their marriage did not work that well: they divorced a few years later. Smith has now quit acting for good and has been volunteering with an art organization, as well as working as a captain of charter boats.

  1. George Foreman

He is one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time, the number eight, according to the International Boxing Research Organization. George Foreman also won a gold medal in the Olympics, but when his career in sports came to an end, he invented a new life for himself and became a champion in … grilling. His new passion led him to promote a new appliance, the George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine. He was chosen to be the promoter of this machine due to his healthy eating habits. After he became the promoter, the appliance sold over 100 million units and made him a rich man. It has been estimated that Foreman has made around $200 million thanks to the grills.

  1. Charlie Korsmo

Here is another precocious actor who very soon quit acting  to do something completely different with his life. Charlie Korsmo is mainly famous for his appearances in “Hook” and “Can’t hardly wait”. However, he decided to embark on a career in Law, far from the spotlight of Hollywood. He earned two degrees: one in Physics from MIT and one in Law from Yale University. His career reached the top when he was invited by president Barack Obama to be part of the US Senate’s Committee of Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. He is currently professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

  1. Michael Maronna

After a successful career as an actor, Michael Maronna decided to step back and found his place “behind the scenes”. He stepped into the spotlight in the ’90s with the popular show “The adventures of Pete and Pete”, on which he played the character of Big Pete. He also made his appearances in two hit films, “Home alone” and its sequel, as Jeff McAllister. Today he works as an electrician and offered his experience on the sets of “Nurse Jackie”, “Notorious” and “Sex and the City”. He changed his life, but not completely.

  1. Hank Aaron

As a baseball player his name is mainly linked to the Milwaukee Atlanta Braves. He still remains in the sport history for breaking Babe Ruth’s home run record. Even though he received death threats, he decided to go on and break the record. After he quit baseball, he has had several normal jobs. Today he runs his own business, a BMW dealership in south Atlanta called Hank Aaron BMW, as well as other dealerships in Georgia and at least 30 restaurants. Each time he sells a car, he offers his customer a signed baseball.

  1. Jack Gleeson

“Game of Thrones” made his fortune but also transformed him into one of the most hated characters of all times, King Joffrey Baratheon. But the evil king eventually got killed in the series and that was the beginning of a new life for Jack Gleeson. From cinema to university: he earned a degree in Philosophy and Theology from the Trinity College in Dublin. Today he runs his own theatre company called Collapsing Horse, which made his debut with a puppet show called Bears in Space.

  1. Dylan Sprouse

Both Dylan Sprouse and his brother Cole enjoyed a precocious career on the screens: the first appeared in the Adam Sandler comedy “Big Daddy” and then starred in the Disney Channel original series “The suite life of Zach and Cody” and the spin-off  “The suite life on deck”. The two brothers have recently earned a degree form the New York University. Cole has continued with his acting career, while Dylan turned himself into a premier brew master and has recently opened his own brewery in Brooklyn where he serves his mead based beverage inspired by “Game of Thrones”. A come true dream for Dylan, who has been working on this project since he was a student in NYU.

  1. Nikki Blonsky

She reached fame with the 2007 film “Hairspray” on which she played Tracy Turnblad, an energetic teenager who loves to dance. After that big success, Nikki Blonsky held a few gigs in Hollywood before choosing a completely different path: cosmetology. She probably was not expecting to be so good at it when she started. However, Nikki managed to become a make-up guru and hairdresser. She is currently doing both jobs in her home town of Great Neck, New York.

  1. Lyle Preslar

From music to Law: the path of Lyle Preslar was interestingly tortuous. In the ’80 he was a guitarist in the punk band Minor Threat, in which he was also the song writer. Back then he receive critical acclaim for his impeccable technique on the guitar. From punk to Law the path could seem very hard. However, Preslar decided to embark on this adventure and earned a degree from the Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey. He currently works as a lawyer in New York.

  1. Rebecca Ritters

The Australian soap opera “Neighbours” made her famous thanks to her character Hannah Martin. Rebecca Ritters played who was better known as “Button” for several years until she eventually quit the show and joined the British Shakespeare Company: she appeared in several plays performing major roles in them. Like many precocious actors, she invested her time and money in eduction as well: Ritter earned a degree in International Relations and Political science from the University of Melbourne. That was the beginning of a new career in journalism: she worked for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and has been enjoying  her new job ever since.

  1. Jason Zimbler

The success on the small screen came in the ’90s with the popular show “Clarissa explains it all” where he acts with Melissa Joan Hart. She was certainly the main attraction of the show and still continues enjoying her acting career. On the contrary, Jason’s life took a slightly different direction. In the late ’90s he studied at the University of Notre Dame, from which he earned a bachelors in Business and a master in Theatre Directing. He currently works in the entertainment industry, only as a software designer rather than as an actor.

  1. Mercedes Lander

In the late ’90s she was a singer and drummer in the metal band Kittie. The band has not officially split, but its members have chosen different paths. Mercedes Lander took her real estate license and has built a new career by investing in this business. Her story is very similar to Vanilla Ice’s and the strategy is pretty much the same: finding properties with potential, refurbishing them and selling them at the best price possible. She mainly works in London, Ontario.

  1. Rick Moranis

His face is immediately recognizable thanks to his appearances in hit movies such a “Ghostbusters”, “Spaceballs”, “Little shop of Horrors” and “Honey, I shrunk the kids”. His life took a completely different direction, after his wife died in tragic circumstances. Rick Moranis bowed out of Hollywood to take care of his two children. When asked about the reasons for this decision he simply said: “I am a single parent and I just found that it was too difficult to manage to raise my kids and to do the travelling involved in making movies. So I took a little bit of a break. And the little bit of a break turned into a longer break and then I found that I really didn’t miss it”.

  1. Michael Schoeffling

His acting career was intense and short: from the ’80s to the early ’90s Michael Schoeffling made several appearances on films such as “Mermaids”, “Vision quest” and “Sixteen candles”. But as his fame started to fade away, he started to think about a plan B, namely a successful career as a carpenter. He opened a woodworking shop where he still crafts and sells high quality pieces of furniture. A new passion that turned out to be a lucrative business.

  1. Jennie Garth

She first appeared on the small screen with the series “Growing pains”, but everybody remembers her as Kelly Taylor, the cute blond girl from “Beverly Hills, 90210”. Jennie Garth was one of the most loved characters of the ’90s series, which instantly became a TV classic with many series shot: Jennie Garth made his appearance in 292 episodes and also shot 20 episodes on the fourth franchise of the show, 90210. After Beverly Hills her acting career faded away and she decided to became a business woman, by launching a website called When talking about her business she describes it as “an online subscription box of products to indulge, inspire and pamper moms with every purchase benefiting a charity”.

  1. Tiffany Darwish

She reached the pick of fame between the ’80s and the ’90s as a teenager icon. Tiffany Darwish also released an album and single that reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and 200 charts. When she grew up, things got completely different for Tiffany, who, after a few appearances in TV shows, took a different direction and opened her own vintage shop in East Nashville: a perfect change for someone who describes herself as a shopaholic.

  1. Danny Lloyd

His cute little face hit the big screen in 1980 when he played Danny Torrance in Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece “The Shining”. Danny Lloyd was only 6 years old back then. However, his performance received a large critical acclaim. As an adult, he decided not to follow the path of acting and became a teacher. He found a position as Biology professor at a community college in Louisville, Kentucky and he is still working as a teacher.