4 WTF Facts about the “Cash Me Ousside” Girl, Danielle Bregoli

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Fourteen-year-old Danielle Bregoli, AKA the Cash Me Outside Girl, has become a household name ever since her appearance on the Dr. Phil show in September of 2016.

Danielle’s mother brought her on the show because the teen, then 13, was extremely disrespectful and out of control. In fact, the episode was titled, “I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime,” (though we have since learned that she probably acquired a lot of those personality traits from her mother).

She continuously insulted the audience, but the moment that skyrocketed her to fame was when she called out to an audience member, in some weird accent that she claims to have picked up from the “streets”, to “Cash me outside, how bow dat?” The line was transformed into a meme that spread across the internet like wildfire.

Next thing we knew, Danielle’s face is plastered all over social media, and poof, she’s a celebrity getting ready to star in her own reality series.

Love her or hate her, she’s not going anywhere for a while. Here are 4 facts about Danielle Bregoli

1) She Has a Rocky Relationship with her Father (Who’s a Sheriff)

Danielle’s father, Ira Peskowitz, is a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy. He and Danielle’s mom, Barbara Ann Bregoli, who were never married, had been involved in nasty court battles for years. Ira sued Barbara, stating that she threatened to stab and kill him, in front of Danielle, who was an infant at the time. She counter sued, claiming he grabbed her by the throat and threatened both her and Danielle’s lives. Not long after, Ira went on to get married and have other children. 

1 with father

2) She framed her mother for drug use

In the infamous episode, it is revealed that Danielle framed her mother, Barbara, for drug use…heroin to be exact. (I would also like to note that the 13 year old had tested positive for pot and Xanax.) The conniving teen put some sugar in a little baggie and placed it on the counter in the bathroom, cut up a straw, then topped it off with a razor blade. She then called 911 and told the police her mom was snorting heroin in the bathroom. I know your mother can drive you crazy, but wow, talk about extreme. I remember telling my mom I hated her when I was an angry preteen, and then felt guilty about it for days. 

with mama

3) She had a hoax death rumor spread about her

Earlier this year the internet became flooded with news that Danielle committed suicide as a result of all of the cyber bullying she was enduring. A web site that appeared to be affiliated with NBC News posted, “After months of bullying from social media and peers at school, Danielle Ann was found dead in her room on January 23. The harassment began shortly after the Dr. Phil show released a clip onto their Youtube channel, in which a 13-year-old Danielle appears on the show stealing cars…just days after, Danielle was found unresponsive by her mother in her bedroom. She was then rushed to the hospital and later pronounced dead late Monday evening.” Before people could realize that it came from a fake news, satirical site, it was all over social media. Danielle put the rumors to rest when she posted a video on her Instagram account saying, “‘I’m alive motherf***ers!” 


4) Shes’ getting $30k for appearances

Nope, you didn’t read that wrong. Danielle is charging $30k just to make an appearance at any event in the US, and $40k if it is outside of the country. And apparently people are paying her this. One such appearance includes the Rolling Loud Music Festival in Miami, which is actually paying her $40k. According to TMZ, she was offered five thousand to make an appearance at a bar in NYC and Danielle laughed and declined the offered. Heck, I would LOVE to be offered five thousand dollars just to walk in a bar and act like myself. In March, Salary Net Worth estimated she had earned $150,000 (remember, she turned turned 14 in March). If this keeps up, she’ll be a millionaire in no time. Come to think, this all came from disrespecting her mother.