The Worst Construction Mistakes Ever

27/04/2018 - 10:56 1058 Views

Constructing may have been a different matter thousands of years ago, but today it shouldn’t be too hard to build houses or roads properly. Apparently, though, architects, contractors, and the like can still make giant mistakes.

Take this garage, for example. Who thought it was a good idea to set it on the second floor? Why did no one realise what they were doing halfway through the project? And most importantly, why did they leave it like that?

Such questions may never find an answer. Just like all the others that arise with the next entries.

 1) Ladder To Nowhere

What was the plan here? Placing a hatch on top of the ladder? Or did they just put a ceiling that shouldn’t have been there?

2) The Oshima Ohashi Bridge

This bridge links the Japanese cities of Matsue and Sakaiminato. It is perfectly safe, just a little bit scary.

3) World’s Worst Railroad

Someone didn’t pass their geometry class and this is the result. We don’t know how or if they ever solved this problem, but this railroad certainly wasn’t in use for  a long time.

4) World’s Worst Road

Speaking of sound but scary constructions, here’s a road that is just way too close to the sea.  Just hope you’re never caught in the middle of a storm whilst driving.

5) Worst City Planning Ever

Think concrete on the rails is bad? Someone needed a building precisely in that spot and as a result the entire road had to be shrunk.

6) Hard Day at the Office

We get that taking the rubble away is wearing if done by hand, but was this really necessary? Also, who was the lucky guy who got to drive that thing?

7) Why Even Have a Window?

It looks like the owners really really wanted a chimney. Unless the chimney was already there and they decided to put a window because… because?

8) A Vision of Comfort

Perhaps this toilet is just being stored down there, because whoever would use it in that position? Although, now that we think about it, we might see why there’s also a mop next to it.

9) A Bridge To Nowhere

Calculating where two sides of a bridge are going to connect is not easy, but surely they could have seen where this was going before placing the last pillars?

10) Intimate Urinals

People nowadays are not as close to each other as they used to be, so someone thought it would be a good idea to force some intimacy.

11) Well Crap

It’s not a dealbreaker or anything, but how can someone miss such a small detail? Maybe this was a homemade project?

12) The Real World Is Apparently Mario World

Chances are this door could once be reached through some stairs. Today, we just hope it is locked on the inside.

13) Knobs on Knobs

Why do you even need extra knobs in your bathtub? Do some of them unlock a secret passage?

14) Worst Seats in the House

We all know there are good and bad seats at a concert, but this is ridiculous.

15) Crane Fail

As with most things in life, balance is key. The truck driver forgot that and extended the crane too much. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

16) Very Expensive Tic-Tac-Toe

So imagine you’re on a break, or the construction is delayed, and you start to get bored. This is one way to pass the time.

17) Yep, An Alligator

You thought it was just a urban legend? Whilst digging workers have found all sorts of things: sometimes it’s ancient ruins, other times it’s an alligator.

18) A Nice Workaround

Another example of “think before you start working”. The pathway was supposed to run that way, but since that pole couldn’t be removed for some reason, they ended up paving around it.

19) A Bad Day at the Office

It could have been worse: the vehicle could have fallen all the way down. However, we can’t help but wonder what happened to the driver.

20) A Beautiful Greenhouse

And this, kids is why you should always have a blueprint or at least a precise idea of what you’re going to build. Hammering nail after nail and going with the flow is not only a bad idea but also a waste of time.

21) Stairway to Not Heaven

Are we supposed to believe there was once a door at the top of these stairs? The upper step doesn’t even look solid enough.

22) Another Door to Nowhere

Even if there were some stairs or a corridor leading to this door, why leave it here after you’re done renovating? Or are you building a maze?

23) World’s Worst Slide

So, how exactly did it end up there? Prank? Tornado? Someone who really hates children?

24) Thank You For Building This Thing

The best possible explanation for this is that they had some spare material and decided to channel their inner artist.

25) Cool Walkway, Bro

Assuming the giant pillars were unavoidable, putting the walkway a bit far away would have been wise.

26) Turn the House 90 Degrees

This one doesn’t look half bad, but maybe putting the garage door in line with the driveway would have been better.

27) Upside-Down Door

Plot twist: the door is fine, it’s the house that’s actually upside down.

28) The More the Merrier

Remember the intimate urinals from before? Someone liked the idea and decided to take it to the next level. Unless this is just an anxious person having a nightmare, of course.

29) What a Useful Bridge

A fine bridge, indeed. Too bad it is completely useless.

30) Actually Kind of Genius

Either this was a way to fix a mistake or it was done on purpose. A nice way to save water, though.

31) Modern Cooking

A minor inconvenience when compared to other fails on this list, but still annoying. Couldn’t they just move the drawer 2cm to the left?

32) Cruel World

Having a large bathroom is nice. Having the toilet paper so far away from you is a reminder of how the universe is a dark and cruel place.

33) Unreachable ATM

Why, though? In all seriousness, even if it couldn’t be placed lower, why not moving it somewhere else instead of putting it this high? Or is it reserved for basketball players?

34) Watch Your Head

Seriously, people, read the blueprint and stop before it’s too late. I guess it’s a good thing that it’s not ending against a wall.

35) Another Pointless Thing

The fact that it was probably done on purpose makes it even more crazy. Maybe the entrance is at risk of flooding during heavy rains? But even if it is, how do they expect disabled people to get in?

36) The Bikeless Lane

On the one hand, this looks kind of temporary. On the other, did the construction workers hate bicycles so much they just put concrete blocks in the middle of the lane?

37) What Is It With Doors?

Here we go again. It’s good that this one can’t open on the gap, but are contractors so lazy they wouldn’t bother removing useless doors?

38) More Useless Stairs

A fitting match to the Door to Nowhere: the Stairs to Nowhere. No, they didn’t even try this time.

39) Misplaced Telephone Pole

What came first, the road or the telephone pole? And most importantly, why didn’t anybody think of fixing this thing?

40) More Great Security

You may think this is ridiculous, but look at those shrubs to the right. In the long run, they’ll grow up and form an impenetrable barrier. Just wait and see!