Have you ever wondered why Trump never talks about his children?

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tiffany-trump-2-620x415In 1990, in an interview for Playboy, Donald Trump said, “Statistically… The children of successful people are generally very disturbed.” Not a good premise for the sons of Donald Trump, a surely successful man, and said by many , also a bit “disturbed”…

What can this mean, then? Under the spotlight of the election campaign, Trump’s sons have kept their composure, but there may be more “behind the scenes” stories. Of course, no family is perfect, but with five children, two divorces, billions of dollars to handle, the Trump family is definitely not a common family… BROWSE THE GALLERY

First born


Donald Trump Junior, 37, is the firstborn of the Donald-Ivana couple. Currently working as Executive Vice President at Trump Organization, he has been the subject of many controversies: he is investigated for the famous “Russian Meeting” before the election, and has been the protagonist of many unhappy considerations on refugees, holocaust and so on. The last “scandal” dates back to a few days ago: it seems for Trump Junior to have abandoned his government entourage to go moose hunting.

Unbridled passion for hunting

hunt30n-13-webHis love for hunting is really out of the ordinary. He himself stated that hunting helped him a lot to grow, in fact, it helped him to “stay out of trouble”. Elephants, foxes, elks, reindeers, leopards, online you can find the most diverse photos of young Trump messing around with his trophies …

Gap year in Aspen

1 party aspenLike his father, Donald Jr. is a Wharton School graduate from the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating, he spent a sabbatical year in Aspen, Colorado. The year turned out to be a turning point in his life, as he decided to forgo his festive lifestyle and settle for a working position at his father’s.

His model wife

2 moglie modella

Trump Jr. married Vanessa Haydon in 2005 and now has five children. Haydon is also known for dating Leonardo DiCaprio during her model days. It can’t be said that she made a great leap forward, but you can’t command a loving heart.

The “favourite” daughter

3 figlia preferitaIvanka Trump is Donald’s eldest daughter with his first wife, Ivana. She has become an accomplished and successful business woman, and is one of the closest to her father, both in the family and in the field of work. Perhaps this is also a reason for her to be considered by Donald as “her favorite”, which does not surprise us, after reading some statements of his, somewhat out of place.

Business woman, fashion victim and model

4 ivanka fashionistaNot only is she the executive vice president for Acquisitions and Development in his father’s business, actually taking care of Donald’s tasks, but also a model, a best-selling New York Times writer, which says it all about the newspaper by many defined as “Trump’s Newspaper” and she is also a University of Pennsylvania graduate, like her father and brother.

Her personal brand of “scandal”

5 scarpe copiateMonths after his fashion line was forced to retire a highly flammable line of scarves made in China, Ivanka was sued by the Italian shoe line Aquazzura in the federal court of Manhattan. The company claimed that the line and design of Trump Footwear had been clearly copied from their highly-popular “Wild Thing” design.

No fear to show herself

Ivanka’s career as a model began in her years of adolescence. It caught the attention of the general public after photos like the one portrayed above were published. About ten years later, her father continues to say that “if Ivanka was not my daughter, maybe I would be dating her“.


7 tiffany mostro infameTiffany Trump, less acclaimed, drew many attentions on herself during her dad’s election campaign. The daughter of the estate mogul and his second wife, Marla Maples, had a very interesting role in this campaign, especially and above all for her massive presence on certain social channels such as Instagram, where she is a regular subject of the profile “Rich Kids of Instagram”

Social medias’ wealthy youth

8 trump kidsTiffany is also present throughout the social scene of Manhattan and is very active on Instagram. She is a regular poster. Here’s a picture taken by her Instagram about herself and her family, including sister-in-law, Ivanka Trump and brother-in-law Eric Trump, who are increasingly worried about dividing the legacy, claiming to deserve more of it, having always worked in their father’s business (as if there were not enough for everyone).

Mundanity is her trade

9 persona mondanaThe busy mundane princess spent summers in the Hamptons and most of her free time in her Manhattan apartment. However, her socialization unfortunately could not prevent her from publishing a pop song. Tiffany also completed an apprenticeship at Vogue with a small help from her sister Ivanka and also managed to have dinner with Anna Wintour.

Great scholar

10 studiosaTiffany participates to his father’s alma mater, at the University of Pennsylvania, where she pursues graduate and doctoral degrees in sociology, with a focus on law and urban studies. The father must be proud and happy because his daughter receives A in all subjects of the U-Penn.

The second son

11 eric trump vampiro della morteEric Trump, who is married to Lara Yunaska, a producer associated with CBS’s television news program, “Inside Edition”, has had a very active part in his father’s career. He is his third son with her first wife, Ivana. Despite the scandal in which he pocketed the money of its foundation, originally intended fot terminally ill children, his popularity among Trump’s supporters is extremely high.

Passionate about outdoor activities

12 ghepardo mortoLike his brother, Don Jr., Eric also has the strange hobby of collecting animal trophies (are there really still people who like hunting in 2017?). The two were exposed to public hatred in 2010 after photos of their African-safari-mattanza were filtered on the web.


13 filantropopòIn 2012, Trump was recognized by Forbes magazine among the top 30 under-30 real-estate agents and from the New York Observer as one of the 20 most important young philanthropists. In 2006 he founded the Eric Trump Foundation. It is not strange that since the theft of funds destined for sick children, he hasn’t been included in any of these lists.

His position on sexual harassment

14 trump accuse sessualiDuring the August 2, 2016 episode of CBS’s “This Morning,” Eric defended a controversial statement that his father released to USA Today the day before, saying that if his daughter had been sexually harassed at work, “he would have liked to think that she would have to find another position or another company”. Eric Trump attempted to clarify by saying that “Ivanka is a strong and powerful woman, she would not be subject to harassment”. Gretchen Carlson, former Fox News reporter who has filed a lawsuit against former Fox director Roger Ailes for harassment, and Megyn Kelly, a current Fox News presenter who also filed complaints for alleged unwanted advances, denounced both father and son for having “victim blaming”.

The youngest Trump

15 piu giovane trumploloThis is Barron, son of Donald and Melania Trump. After his father became president of the United States, he became the First Son of the nation. Set up in the White House with his parents, the little Barron will have to struggle to develop a whole personality, given the family’s standards.

Privileges and amazing penthouses

16 no baby sitterBarron Trump has a whole floor for himself in the family attic in Manhattan. Despite his privileged life as a child of extremely wealthy parents, his mother and father believe in being there for their baby. The Trumps have staff who cook, clean and await their other needs, but do not have a nanny for Barron.

He’s a very active child

17 sportzHis parents say he loves sports and loves to play baseball and tennis. The father-son duo is usually also playing golf and have fun dining together, to their own accords. At least this, daddy-o…

Following his father’s footsteps

18 come paaaaapi enrico paaaapiBarron Trump, 9, who loves to wear suits like his famous dad, is likely to follow his father’s footsteps in business or even politics. He’s going to inherit a ridiculous fortune in any case. All eyes will be focused on this young man as he grows up and, maybe, file for residence with his parents in the White House.