Top 12 Tourist Pictures That Brutally FAILED !

07/04/2016 - 11:06 391 Views

1 - manta ray

We’ve all witnessed that moment where you feel surrounded by tourists and you wish you could just put them in “non-existence” mode, so that you can keep enjoying yourself without human tides flowing all over around you. Ok, enough poems. The thing is that, unless you live in a major modern city, and you complain about too many tourists, chances are you are one of them as well. Remember it, the next time you plan a trip to the O.C, or Europe, Asia, etc… But if a characteristic of the locals is to live there without being noticed, the “signature” of tourism will always be the THOUSANDS of photos they can be able to make. And you can assume that amongst those thousands, a few will be worth a look, just to notice that some people are really unlucky travellers.

Here are the Top 12 Tourist Photo FAILS:

1) Group Hug!!

Not to be confused with the deadly Stingrays (Steve Irwin, we remember you pal), the Manta rays can even be considered friendly. They swim right up to the shore and jump up to ask for food, but when you see such three beauties taking a selfie, it would’ve been rude not to jump in with them.

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2 - elephant love

2) When love calls…

… it’s not like you can afford to not answer. It doesn’t matter where you are, who you’re with. Sexy time always wins, especially when you’re an elephant, you don’t care if someone’s riding on your back. You just go for it. Lesson learnt!

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3 - hey what's this

3) “México lindo”

I don’t know what makes me more uncomfortable, the nipple examination, the look on her face… or the look on HIS face. He doesn’t seem like he’s enjoying himself too much there, but hey,a few more “pesos”  to grab t**s. Seems cool to me.

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4 - big splash4) “Hey, watch ou… nevermind!”

You know that blue thing that moves up and down? Well, that’s the ocean my dear South Dakotans. And it’s got waves, so watch out!

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5- the chinese fall

5) The Chinese Fall.

How is it that we always make a show of ourselves? When we travel to, and through, lands and culture that aren’t ours we should be careful to not interfere too much with what’s there. So if you really think need to take a picture from half a step closer, like it made a difference, i think it’s fair that you fall and hurt yourself. For stupid.

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6 - bravo begli short

6) Exporting beauty all over the world.

Ok, it’s 2016. Body shaming it’s a big thing to point your finger at, lately, but everybody seems to forget that in all bad things there’s at least ONE good principle. I think that first of all you should try and find whatever good taste you have for aesthetics in general. If you show up in a crowded place you’re gonna get insulted, not because of the your fat legs no one cares about, but for the big sign on your head screaming: “LOOK AT MEEEE”

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7 - smell the bull

7) “Gimme toro, gimme some more…”

When you come across a group of asian tourists (and by “asians” I mean Jap/Chi/Kor), you always know there’s gonna be one who does something stupid while the others all take pics of him. Well, guess who the idiot was this time.

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8 - topolino simpatico

8) “And this is how you traumatize a kid, everybody…”

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Mickey Mouse should just stop doing whatever he’s doing. It’s not working, friend, go home to Minnie and a bottle of scotch to think about career choices…

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9 - baci al muro

9) Tourist trap… in both ways.

I can totally imagine the conversation between the curator and the director of the museum:

“Yo, what up? Listen, I got an idea. We should use a legend to make people people pay to wish it actually were. Like we could tell them that kissing the broken stone on top of the torrion, will make them a better person”

“You think they’ll fall for it?”

“Dunno. What I know is that if they aren’t careful, they’ll fall, full stop.”

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12 - disouth dakota disagio

11) Hey is that Lou Reed, on the left?

Really? That’s where you want to go and be a tourist? Whatever, if it works for you it works for us… Probably the only place where that haircut is still fashionable!

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12 - zia, davvero

12) “Is that riiiight?”

“Wow, you’re so beautiful the Tour Eiffel just looks “minion” next to you” – “WOW you so beautiful” – “me so crazy for your love”

I love the idea that in 3 or 4 years someone will go find this pic and bring it up again mid-high school fever!