When a small pet turns to a giant dog: the incredible story of Tydus

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Who would not fall in love with a furry little cub? Yumna Saloojee, a young woman from South Africa, was just looking for a pet to adopt. When she came across a little Alaskan malamute dog, she knew instantly that he was the right pet for her, as he really looked like a little puppy waiting to find a home and best friend who would take care of him. She did adopt him and after a few months, she could not believe her eyes: her little cub was rapidly transforming into an enormous animal. Read on to discover the incredible story of Yumna and her little puppy.

  1. Choosing To Adopt a Pet

When adopting a pet, most people take into consideration the size as an important feature. Taking care of a big dog is not for everybody, as it comes with many challenges and responsibilities: you need to have room in your property, as well as time and energy. On the contrary, small size dogs are easier to cope with. When in search of a dog to adopt, Yumna Saloojee, young woman from South Africa, was not concerned at all about the size of the animal. However, she did realize afterwards that this is something to take into consideration, before adopting a pet. She was not an expert in animals, she was just looking for a pet to cuddle and take care of. So when she set her eyes on this dog, all she could see was a little adorable puppy.

  1. A New Furry Friend

She had been dreaming about it for a long time and now she was ready to adopt a pet, to have a furry friend by her side to cuddle and take care of. She did know that getting a pet would come with some responsibilities, but she did feel ready to embark on this new challenge. All she had to do was finding one, so she started the search for the perfect cub. The lucky puppy was very easy to find. She literally fell in love with him the minute she saw him: a little ball of fluff under the shape of an Alaskan malamute. He was so sweet and adorable that she decided in a split second to adopt him, without considering or imagining how big he would become very soon. She was too excited to think about this: all she wanted was to start her new life with her puppy as soon as possible.

  1. He is the One

The reason why Yumna’s excitement was so high is that this was the first dog she had ever had in her life. This explains why she could not wait to have a furry puppy by her side. When she met the little Alaskan malamute puppy, this was love at first sight: she knew instantly that he was the one. “I fell in love with him the second I held him”- she told The Dodo. The cub was two weeks old when she saw him for the first time, so he still needed to nurse from his mother. Yumna agreed to allow the puppy a few weeks before taking him home with her, even though she was extremely impatient for that day to arrive. She did not know at that time what an amazing adventure this would come with this adoption.

  1. Welcome Home Furry!

The weeks passed by very slowly, but eventually the day came for Yumna to pick up her furry friend and take him to his new home. The cub had already grown up a little bit when she took it. She named the puppy Tydus after a local king in ancient Rome. The name means “great, giant warrior”: an important name which put on the the pet shoulders high expectations, like he was destined to great things. As much sweet and adorable, Tydus was already acting like he was the boss in the house. His owner was not completely unprepared on this matter: she knew that the Alaskan malamute breed grows bigger as he gets older. But what she did not know is the Tydus was a special dog, who was destined to grow to an incredible size, much more that anyone could have predicted.

  1. Settling down in the new home

It did not take Tydus a long time to get acquainted with the new owner and house. From the beginning he had everything a puppy can dream of : lots of toys, a comfortable bed, plenty of food and many hugs from Yumna who was over the moon to have him with her. His favourite activity was running in the house and on the grass and playing around with his toys. Fortunately, Yumna’s house had lot of space for him to run and jump. He truly became the king of the house and all eyes were on him when someone visited Yumna: he was really friendly with everybody, all Yumna’s friends and family loved play with him. And Tydus was always in need of attention and caresses.

  1. A Force of Nature

This picture was taken when Tydus was around eight weeks old. Nobody could resist this adorable puppy when he was running around and playing games. In particular, soccer seemed to be his favourite activity, as well as posing for the camera: he was so natural and comfortable in his own skin that he could truly be the perfect dog model. When the dog stepped into the new house, Yumna documented his every waking moment. She spoiled him very much: all Tydus had to do was eating and playing with his ball. While he was growing up she kept taking pictures of him. She did not want to miss one moment of her life with him. Considering how quickly he grew a big dog, she was completely right to document his as a small puppy, as this would not last long.

  1. Pool Time

As the puppy grew older, he started to get acquaintance with the water too. Tydus was allowed to play in the swimming pool, when he was in the garden. Yumna knew that Alaskan malamutes are very good at swimming, so she let him jump into the pool as many times as he wanted. This photo shows one of the first times Tydus tried the pool. He got used to it pretty soon. Maybe he was a little reluctant at the beginning and just happy to walk around the pool without jumping in. Always with a smile on his face, of course. Tydus is always ready when it comes to posing for pictures.

  1. Part of the Pack

Day by day Yumna and her family got more and more close to the dog. As a cute and adorable puppy, he instantly became a member of the family. Surrounded by love and attentions, he never run out of energy and was always ready to play games with Yumna and all family members. And they loved everything about him: his cute face, sweet black eyes, fluffed hair and little paws. He really turned out to be the best pet one could think to adopt. Yumna had no regrets or second thoughts about her decision. However, she did not know yet how quickly the situation would change.

  1. Getting Bigger

Dog puppies are known to grow up very quickly. This is why, at the beginning, Yumna was not concerned about the rapidness at which Tydus was getting bigger and bigger. She had done some research about the Alaskan malamute breed and she was aware that these dogs are usually quite big in size. But Tydus looked like an extraordinary dog and his growth spurt would soon start to take off and surpass the other puppies of his age. Day by day he was getting bigger and bigger up until his full-grown size. Yumna was so in love with him that she did not pay attention to his growth: her love was unconditioned, regardless his shape or size. However, his rapid and extraordinary growth is something that did surprise her, as well as any other member of the family.

  1. Giant Great Warrior

It did not took Yumna a long time to realize that the name she had chosen for her dog was 100% perfect: Great Giant Warrior kept growing up at an incredible pace. He was still a puppy and had reached the weight of 54 Kilos, which is already a record for an Alaskan malamute. It was hard to admit that Tydus was the same small cub who had set foot in Yumna’s house just few weeks before. Rather than a dog, he was more similar to a lion or a bear, size-wise. Even though this oversize dog came unexpected, Yumna was still in love with him as the cutest pooch in the world. And he did act as a puppy, despite his incredible dimensions. It was all jumping and playing and this had been going on since day one. It was hard to believe that his little Giant could grow even bigger, but this is exactly what happened.

  1. The Alaskan Malamute

An average male Alaskan malamute can reach a weight of 35 kilograms and a height of 65 cm (25 inches) at the shoulder. Very rarely, a giant version of this breed can go up to 64 kilos, but that is an issue for the pet, as his body is not designed to carry this weight. Puppy Tydus was growing much bigger than the dogs from the same breed and the pace of his growth made him more similar to a giant malamute. And his size was completely unexpected for Yumna too, who had to learn how to deal with it somehow.

  1. Towering Over

Tydus loves playing and hugging. He especially likes to jump on Yumna out of the blue. It is not easy to get a hug from this giant dog, if you think that, at the age of 2 years old, Tydus was still growing up. “To be honest, his size comes from all that magical fluff,” Yumna told Get Leashed magazine. “I don’t think he will get any bigger now, and that’s okay. I might get crushed if he does!” The whole thing looks even funnier, if you consider that Tydus is not aware of his size at all and keeps playing like he is a little puppy.

  1. Cuddle Buddies

The best way to use all that fluff and fur was hugging. Yumna would spend hours cuddling his little big pet and Tydus does not seem to mind at all. In fact, he smiles all the time and adore to be cuddled. The proud owner kept taking pictures of her pet and all this photos document with high accuracy the incredible pace at which Tydus was growing up. She shared these pictures on social media and this is what happened when people started to see the extraordinary size of Tydus.

  1. Overgrown Puppy

As already anticipated, Tydus was not aware of his own size and kept jumping and playing with Yumna as if he was a little puppy. As he grew older, he was more similar to a big bear rather than a dog. Yumna got used to his size very quickly and even her family did not seem to mind. But his enormous size did not pass unnoticed when Yumna walked him in the streets. Strangers would stop and stare at him and Yumna was afraid he would scared them. But this is not what happened.

  1. How people reacted

When Tydus walked around in the streets, people were immediately attracted by this big furry and fluffy pet. “His fluffiness is the first thing that catches attention, then his size,” Yumna told The Dodo. “Wherever we go, even just for a walk around the block, we get stopped and asked about his size, age and most often ‘What breed is he?’ I guess it’s not often that you see a lion-dog walking the street.”. Yumna started to be very proud of her pet and, as she gained confidence, she decided to show her beloved dog to everyone. Read on to find out what she did.

  1. A Social Media Star

As Tydus kept grabbing people’s attention, Yumna decided to open an account on Instagram and post every day some pictures of his lovely dog. It was the easiest way to share with everybody his brilliant personality. And Tydus became instantly popular with over 140,000 followers. “If his looks didn’t get your attention, his personality definitely will” Yumna told a journalist, when speaking about opening the account. “He has an amazing soul that earns everyone’s affection. He’s a little charmer … or giant charmer”. Very soon Tydus would find a competitor on Instagram, who would get a lot of attention too.

  1. Trez, The Congo African Grey Parrot

When Yumna opened the account on Instagram, she did not create it for Tydus only, who shared it with his brother Trez, a Congo African Grey Parrot. The name of the account is “Trez & Tydus” and on the same page you can admire pictures of the giant Alascan Malamute and the adorable parrot. Trez also got a nickname from Yumna, “The ruler of Everything” due to the way he mimics everyone around the house and looks like a little king. On the contrary, Tydus is the friendly one, always ready to play with everyone, if the occasion arises.

  1. Perfect Picture

Tydus and Trez get along very well: they play together and love posing for the camera. However, Tydus seems particularly eager to get all the attentions for himself and this is why he gnaws off his mother’s arm. Yumna is happy to share the great achievements of his dog on Instagram: every day she posts a picture of him. He is so confident that posing for the cameras is an easy thing for him. But this is not everything. Keep reading to find out more incredible stories about this enormous dog.


  1. Goffing Around.

If he’s not cuddling Yumna, Tydus is running around and playing with his stuffed toys. In this picture, for instance, he is torturing and ripping little Mickey Mouse into pieces, who has learned to accept his destiny. Tydus is so active and energetic that Yumna has to come up with some new activities all the time to allow him to have fun. Not only does he like to torture Mickey mouse. Tydus also have a stuffed monkey he likes to chew all day long.

  1. Hey You, Freeze!

Among the toys Tydus likes to play with, it is impossible not to mention his stuffed dinosaur and toy gun. Who knows what he thinks about when he plays with them? Probably he believes he’s playing the game of cops and robbers. He is always having fun, that is true. However, his day schedule is always super busy.  Apart from playing with his stuffed dinosaur and torturing Mickey Mouse, he does have some tasks to accomplish during the day and helping Yumna is one of his favourites.

  1. Helping Mama

Life is not about playing games only for Tydus. He is always happy to help mama Yumna to get her work done. And he does like to play the part of the wise man, posing like he is worried about Yumna and thinking about the best ways to help her out. For sure, Tydus is Yumna’s best fiend. He is always with her during her adventures inside and outside the house, especially when she is driving around.

  1. Just Cruising Through

Nothing is more enjoyable to Tydus than a ride with Yumna. She takes him with her if she has to see fiends or going shopping. Drivers always get distracted in the street when they see such enormous passenger in Yumna’s car. Looking at the size of him, no one would mess around with her for sure. In fact, she often takes the chance to skip ahead, while people are staring at her dog.

  1. Fooling Around

When playing with Yumna, Tydus likes to chase and play wrestle her to the ground. He is not aware at all about his size and knock her out instantly. Yumna is happy with that and who would not be? He is such a lovely and adorable pet! The uncountable followers Tydus has gained on Instagram tell a lot about how much people love him: for sure they would not mind wrestling Tydus either.

  1. Yippeeeeeee!!!

Tydus always shows his love for Yumna, especially when she gets back home. He gets so excited that he leaps into the air. He jumps and jumps with a big smile on his face. Is there a better way to welcome your mama? Look at his picture: it says it all on how much Tydus and Yumna love each other. Even though it gets harder to take care of a big dog like Tydus, Yumna is still in love with him like she was the first day she met him. All the sacrifices are worth it for her.

  1. True Love

When she picked up Tydus, Yumna was not aware of the enormous size this Alaskan malamute would reach. The funny and sparkling personality of her pet are the best reward for the hard work it takes to look after him. Along with Tydus, there is another pet who has become a star on social media. He is a husky-malamute dog and his name is Loki the Wolfdog. He’s been on Instagram since 2013 and has reached the incredible record of 1.7 million followers.

  1. Double Trouble

Along with Tydus, there are more Giant Alaskan Malamutes that are very popular on the Internet. This guy has posted a picture of his 2 furry dogs on Reddit and people got instantly crazy about them. He added a note to the picture saying: “My tiny puppies. I gotta get a bigger couch”. A lot of people left a comment under the photo. One of them wrote that having them is a “Trade off: more money for food, lower hearing bill. Just cuddle.” So true!

  1. Onward!

If you own a dog like this, one of the most difficult things to do is to control him. In this case one would think that it is the dogs walking the owner! You can call it workout, as walking a Giant Alaskan Malamute require a lot of energy and serious upper body strength. Even though it is hard work, it is all worth it, as they are so cute and adorable and they give you back much more than you give them.

  1. One Giant Pal

This is one of the biggest Giant Alaskan Malamutes you have ever seen but his owner does not seem to mind. Look how comfortable they are sitting on that couch! Actually, the dog takes most of the space… Someone commented this picture by saying: “I don’t know what type of dog this is, but I would definitely ride it into battle.” For sure, this is not a dog you want to mess with. Just cuddle!

  1. All Paws

The funny thing about this giant animals is that they behave like small puppies. This is the case of this Giant Alaskan Malamute. In the video the owners are trying to teach him the “paw” command but he has still a lot to learn. Every time he tries, this fluffy creature ends up snuggling and cuddling. He is so cute that you would forgive him everything, even the fact that he is a slow learner. The list of giant dogs is not finished. Scroll down and you will find more examples of majestic dogs.

  1. The Real-Life Teddy Bear

This Giant Alaskan Malamute looks like one of those giant teddy bears you used to play with when you were a child. A big and furry ball: who would resist playing with him? This dog is basically as big as his owner. Maybe even bigger. We are pretty sure he grabs everybody’s attention when he walks around in the streets. Dog and owner are one thing: it is all smiling and having fun. They make a perfect couple.

  1. Evo And His Baby Buddy

Here is another cute duo. Another perfect couple named Evo and Adam! Evo, the Alaskan Malamute, fell instantly in love with his baby friend, Adam, who in this picture is only four months old. As you have learned, this breed is known to be very active and playful. However, Evo has learned to keep quiet when he is close to Adam. He likes to show off his love and affection by licking Adam’s socks.

  1. Giddyup!

Look at this baby’s face. Does it not say it all? Maybe this picture documents the first time he sees an Alaskan Malamute. It would be a shock for everybody to see such a giant creature for the very first time, so we do not blame this little baby. We are pretty sure that they will become best friends very soon, like Adam and Evo. This type of dogs are very friendly and cannot stop playing and have fun with their owners.

  1. All Hugs

The bond between a boy and his dog is a special one. If they own pets when very young, they develop a special affection and love for them and the dogs give them back the love for sure. This seems to be the case for this beautiful pair. Aren’t they adorable hugging each other like this? The little boy does not seem to be scared of the enormous size of his pet. And the dog looks quite happy to be loved like this.

  1. Alaskan Malamute Utopia

During her TV show, Anna Svenska host the person who is probably the biggest fan of Giant Alaskan Malamutes in the world. Her name is Lora Bartlett and she lives in Essex, England, where she runs a small kennel called Arctic Rainbow Malamutes. She takes care of 12 dogs that are as big as herself, as you can see in this pictures where the broadcaster poses with one of the babies. During the show she even got the chance to ride a sort of dog sled with wheels. A unique experience indeed.

  1. Danny Direwolf

Here is another social media star. This 12-year-old Giant Alaskan Malamute, whose name is Danny, has got many followers and fan who loves pictures of him and his awesome owner, known only by her username Danny Direwolf. This giant dog has gone through a long journey before meet his owner, as he was rescued from Singapore. Now they are best friends and they run together a Youtube channel where they post videos in which they give advice about taking care of Alaskan Malamute dogs.

  1. Husky Star

If you come from a family who loves dogs and pets in general, you will end up having a dog yourself. This is what happened to Kelly Lund from Denver, Colorado. After a bit of research, he decided that a husky mixed with malamute was the best breed for him. So in a snowy day in 2012 he brought Loki, his new dog, home. Huskies and malamutes are both intelligent and very active, so Kelly knew already that taking care of this puppy would not be the easiest thing in the world. The challenge was even bigger, as Loki had a bit of Arctic wolf in him. But Kelly was not scare about this at all.

  1. Snapping Away

As every happy pet-owner does, Lund started to post pictures of his dog on Instagram. All pictures were beautiful, much better of the average photographs people usually post on social media. As the photos were getting a lot of likes and comments, Lund decided to open a special account for the dog and to call it “Loki the Wolfdog”. He could not chose a better name for it, as Loki really looks like a wolf.

  1. An Instagram Star

As you can imagine, the account was an instant success. Thousands of people started to follow him and within a year he reached the amount of 50.000 fans. He also was contacted by food companies who offered to give Locki food in exchange for some pictures and posts. This is something Lund was not expecting at all: he did not open the account to make Locki famous, but just to share his happiness with friends and family. He did not use hashtags or pay to get more followers. However, the followers grew up rapidly, with over 1 million Instagram followers within 2 years.

  1. A Special Connection

If you ask Lund the reason of this success, he replies that this lies in the connection between him and his dog. When interviewed by Outside magazine, he said: “Loki is an animal that can tell what you are thinking and knows how you are feeling,”. Lund was not a professional photographer but his pictures were very well shot and this helped a lot in getting new followers. Also the model posing in the picture was excellent: Loki could not stop performing jumps and other acrobatics in front of a camera. The popularity on Instagram started to be so big, that Lund decided to quit his job to take care of Loki’s account full time. He managed to get deals and projects with the likes of Mercedes, Gopro and Google.

  1. A Full Time Pet Daddy

By 2017, 4 years after the first picture was posted on Instragram, Loki had reached the record of 1.7 million followers. Lund still loves spending all his time with his best friend. It is a full time job now, but it is not like working at all when he plays and walks around with his dog. As the business was growing, he also opened an online shop, where he still sells prints of his wolf dog, as well as calendars, mugs, t-shirts and other gadgets.  When asked how he came up with this business idea he replied: “A while back, I saw a dog memo that said, ‘Do what you love and success will follow.’ The punch line was, ‘So I sat on my couch, ate pizza, and took selfies with my dog…I’m still waiting for the money to roll in.’ Turned out that actually worked for me”.