10 Funny Sketches To Show How Evolution Brought Out The Worst In Us.

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1 - evo

Charles Darwin, the great naturalist, he firmly believed in evolution, but for a long time was unable to explain it. After many years he developed his famous theory of evolution by natural selection, based on the prodigious way animals adapt to their environment. Evolution is the process by which a species changes with the generations. Since it takes place very slowly, there are many generations to succeed before some variations start to become apparent. Here we leave the theory of evolution explained with some funny and sarcastic drawings.

1. Evolution.

A brief explanation of the circle of life and how man destroys his nature while “advancing” in it’s evolution.

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2 - evocell

2. Screevolution.

As technology advances, the human will become more and more useless. It’s like a brainwave, hitting highs and lows all the time.

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3 - evobarcode

3. Bar-code humanity.

We are what we buy and consume in mass. Also, our personalities are fading into a copy+paste format. It’s difficult to find a genuine person nowadays… Everybody looks the same.

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4 - evouomofermo

4. Modern man.

Today it is easiest, when you’re strolling down the street, to see low looks, fixed on the screens of all those devices that have captivated us.

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5 - evonuclear

5. El Homo Nuclear.

A good nuclear incident and we’re good to go. Fresh start for everybody (everybody that’s left).

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6 - evophoto6. Photovolution.

From the dark chambers of DaVinci, reaching Kodak analog portables in the 80s and 90s. That was already amazing. But since the advent of digital cameras and phones, all this has changed… The professional photographer has to look professional as well… Even when it is not needed.

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evolve writing

7. Next level communications.

Now it’s Live, what will it be tomorrow? We went from letters and telegrams to live video streaming on Facebook in just 20 years. It seems more amazing than possible to me; what will be the next gizmo?

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10 - evoecologic

8. Homo Eco Sapiens.

I don’t want to be a hater. But I think that’s the species we could use best, right now. In those terms, we really haven’t evolved. Actually, it is quite the contrary.

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11 - evomosquito

9. The “Mosquito” Struggle.

The annoying constant throughout our evolution are surely mosquitoes. Infamous bugs that only know how to suck blood. Anyway, today we are full of chemicals to help ourselves.

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9 - evohomer

10. Homervolution.

To finish in sympathy, half of the american population are human versions of Homer, so let’s try and invert that trend, yes? We need it.