5 Savage Memes That Took Disney and Destroyed Its Innocence

16/03/2018 - 11:16 185 Views

Disney was a huge part of our childhood, and it probably of our readersʼ one, too! Most current adults grew up watching their favorite Disney classics and living vicariously through the characters.

Disney is known for being wholesome and family-friendly, which made our parents also love that we watched their programming.

But, now that we’re adults, we know that not everything about Disney was all sunshine and rainbows. These memes are sure to get us thinking, and might even make us rethink our stance on Disney. From hidden innuendos in classic films to questionable morals and messages, Disney is far from perfect.

We warn our viewers to read these posts with caution! We all might be a Disney fan now, but that could change after viewing these jaw-dropping memes. If anything, we guarantee everyone will feel a whole lot less innocent after getting through these shocking points about Disney.

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The Baby Snatcher

While watching Peter Pan as children, we definitely didn’t think of him as a kidnapper. But this meme has us rethinking things. If we think about it, technically Peter does climb into homes at night and take children back to Neverland with him. Though he’s not really kidnapping them (the Darling kids eventually returned home), he is taking them somewhere without their parent’s permission. The article continues in the following page >>


Not So Charming Anymore

Think of it like this. Prince Charming and Cinderella are supposed to be madly in love, even though they only shared a couple of dances. She left the ball without even telling him her name! However, to make things worse, it turns out Prince Charming forgot what she looked like as well. He had to make every girl in the kingdom try on her slipper to see if it was her. If we’re really in love with someone, we should be able to pick out their face from the crowd, at least! Maybe Prince Charming and Cinderella weren’t a dream come true after all. The article continues in the following page >>


All Grown Up

Boo, is that you? This meme is actually really sweet! We all remember Boo from Monsters Inc., she was the most lovable animated toddler we’ve ever seen. Well, it looks like she made an appearance in Toy Story 3, but as an older version of herself! The little girl looks like she could definitely be an older Boo. And knowing that Disney has a thing for continuity, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was intentional! The article continues in the following page >>


The Musical Number

As kids, we didn’t question why Disney characters broke into song and dance every ten minutes. The musical numbers were just a part of the Disney magic. Characters could introduce a whole new plot line during one song, and we didn’t think to question it. But that changed for a lot of kids when Flynn Rider asked why everyone was singing in Rapunzel. Talk about breaking the third wall! The article ends in the following page >>


Friendzone fish

If we carefully pause the movie at the exact moment in this meme, it seems like Flounder is checking out Ariel’s cleavage. While the movie never tried to make a love triangle between Flounder, Ariel, and Eric, this meme makes us think about the possibility of it. That’s just too much drama to handle, which is why this meme is so cringe-worthy. We don’t want to ruin one of our favorite Disney classics by wondering what it would’ve been like if Ariel had ended up with a fish rather than a human. Would she have become a full fish, instead? Now that would be one heck of an alternate ending.