10 Post – Mortem pictures that will make a shiver go down your spine..

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Apparently, during England’s Victorian Age, that means around the end of the 19th century, taking pictures with dead people became a real thing. When a family member, or an important friend, died, it became a costume among wealthy and noble families to clean and dress their dead relatives after opening their eyes again and heavily using makeup to have their bodies not look too dead for their last picture, or maybe is their first.

1) A loving father.

Here is a father that seems very, very sad and obviously, you can almost tell for sure that the baby is dead. The only thing is that the man is also passed, and apparently the wife decided for them to be immortalized together.


2) Kid on a chair.

The method of mummification and conservation of the corpse is very similar to the one of the mummies, but without the organ removal, since they didn’t need to keep it for more than a couple days.


3) Kid on daddy’s lap.

This poor boy was clearly ill, as you can see from his malformed body. When he passed away his father couldn’t but take a picture for later memories.


4) Last memory with the daughter.

This family of women lost their youngest, probably due to an illness. This was their way to remember them all together and united.


5) Brother and sister.

That poor girl looks terrified! Well, I guess she ought to. To be forced to go next to your dead brother is already a heavy thing, but to do it whilst treating him like a living person is just plain spooky.


6) Group photo.

We’d say that it would take a few twisted minds to actually think that doing a group photo with a corpse is a good idea, but we really don’t know how people thought at that time…


7) A toddler in pose.

Don’t you find really upsetting that these human beings, positioned as if they were alive, will know nothing of this. I don’t know, it doesn’t feel right.


8) Hand in hand.

The dead sister is the left, sitting one. The other one really looks like she doesn’t know if she’s uncomfortable or if she doesn’t want to let her go.


9) An empty and lifeless look out of the window.

This man has just died, and this happens to be the position that he’ll be buried in, because after the picture, the rigor mortis would be for too long, blocking the body in that position.


10) Sisters in pose.

In this picture, we can observe how these two sisters are both in pose for the family children’s portrait. But don’t you notice anything different about the standing girl? Her hands are purple and her eyes are void, aaand yes… She’s dead.