11 shocking pictures of ghostly creatures captured at night

21/03/2016 - 9:55 345 Views


At some point photographers got tired of day-long stakeouts for the poor result of a photograph where you can only see a scared animal running away. For this precise reason they got clever and decided that ney needed a cool and functional idea. That’s how camera traps were born. Camera traps are like normal traps but instead of hurting and blocking an animal, they shoot as many pics per second as they can in order to have genuine material of animals behaving naturally.

1) Running from a bat, or there’s more?

Can you imagine being there in the place of that dear? It looks more scared than you would be running from a bat, no?


2)“Hey babe, go down there, let’s pretend you are a ghost”

I know it looks nice and funny when we try to scare people, the thing is that this couple from Alaska was found dead in the woods the same day. And both of them were dressed in red… Sooo, who’s that?


3) Hey man, you lost?

When this photographer went to retrieve his camera he found this picture, but when he showed it around his town, they all thought he planned a very nasty prank, since the man that you see in the pic is a villager that died few months earlier in mysterious conditions.



Ok, we don’t know if this is a ghost or not, but when we took the story it seemed like the photographer wasn’t available at going back to snap clearer pics. This doesn’t look human, but it doesn’t look like a rock as well, if you know what I mean.


5) “Shall we go for a walk in the woods?”

Yeah right? I’m not a great believer but I wouldn’t go out and have fun in the nature, around here. I hope you can understand.


6) “Mmmmh, dinner!”

If you’ve been in the southern United States, you will surely know about the legend of the Chupacabra, a goaty monster that likes to kidnap kids and the cattle to drink their blood.

This deer is actually running for his life.


7) Bigfoot!

“But hey, Bigfoot is like the Yeti, they don’t exist and there’s science to prov….” Yes, yes, we know thank you, but STILL! I believe more in witnesses that scientific investigation.


8) The rake

Since the late 15th century, the inhabitants around New York state have been mentioning this ghastly monster starting from 1690 up until 1964. Suicide notes, letters, urban legends. A little too much too be fake, don’t you think?


9) Go back to the hospice grandpa!

This figure was immortalized by a camera that was 70 miles away from any road, so… how did this old man get here, and mostly, why does it have an 1800’s gown on him?


10) Aaaaaaaah we get it. He was coming here!!

I didn’t know “ghost” parties were becoming a thing. Anyway.. it looks like a scene from the Blair Witch Project, and I wouldn’t go there if I were you.


11) Why are you here?

Sometimes it happens that a person walks in a trap. An ADULT person, not a 7 years old kid that, by the way, looks exactly like a 7 yo who died in that same area 10 years before…