These Photos of Funny Scenes at the Gym Will Brighten Up Your Day

14/05/2018 - 3:32 969 Views

Whilst everyone agree that keeping fit and healthy is a necessary, if tiresome, part of life, a lot of people find going to the gym (and most of all, working out) a real drag. Luckily, though, their attempts at getting in shape without effort often result in a lot of laughs. This list will show people that have the habit to see the gym as an obstacle to surpass and try to achieve their fitness goals in a very particular, unique, and hilarious way.

Sneaker Upgrade?

Nobody is forcing you to wear trainers at the gym, but I wouldn’t really feel safe in those high heels. Would you? There are innumerable varieties of designs and colors and they are the best friends of women. But these challenge everyone’s imagination.

‘Power’ Nap

Looking at this picture we can’t help but wonder: how did this happen? Is this one of those pre-workout naps people are talking about? Or did she simply feel like going to the gym after a long night out? Maybe she was just resting her eyes and one of her buddies caught her in the act?

A Furry Surprise

You may be in shape, but do you also have a good taste in sportswear? This trainer apparently already knew the answer, seeing as he was brave enough to wear this cute piece of clothing. However, our resident fashion enthusiast still thinks it’s something fit for a more private setting.


They say old age is in the mind rather than the body, and this lady surely shows it. She might not be working hard to get fit, but she is enjoying her time at the gym for sure. We think we know what we want to do when we retire.

The Stairs Are Right There!

The dictionaries of the future will probably have a similar picture at the voice “irony”. This is one of those things you do without really thinking, but if you stop for a moment you realise how weird it is to take the lift to go to the gym. Which begs the question: what kind of gym has a lift to their front door?

A Test of Willpower

For many it is challenging enough to get to the gym and do actual workout. Having a box of free doughnuts beside you when you’re running or sweating on the bike is simply too much. Either the gym didn’t really think this through, or they wanted to teach their clients how to resist temptations.


With few notable exceptions, most gyms nowadays are equipped to fit clients with any kind of disabilities. Whilst being tall certainly doesn’t qualify as such, we think this gym could have spent a bit more time raising the ceiling a little. Not that this guy looks like he’s in distress. He seems to be doing just fine in there.

Babysitting at the Gym

Having a baby will change your life in unexpected ways and it’s important to understand what you can and can’t do with them. Bonding is natural and exercising together is good, but going to the gym and putting them in danger not so much. If you can’t leave them with your partner, why not look for specific courses you can take together?

The Importance of Leg Day

You have probably heard by now that leg days are important days. Should you ever need more convincing, just take a look at this guy. Then repeat with us: never skip leg day.

Working Off a Bic Mac

Truly, are your surprised? A diet of nothing but fast food is as unhealthy as it gets, and old Ronald doesn’t get a pass just because he’s been sponsoring it for decades. It’s time to let go of the hamburger and focus on those weights, my friend.

Lifting is Risky Business

If you’ve been going to gym for a while, you probably know that lifting weights is a tad dangerous when done alone. So why on earth would this guy put himself in this kind of situation? We get it, he’s got a friend watching, but even he can only do so much if his buddy loses balance. Don’t try this at home, pals.

Working out with the Squad

A lot of people subscribe to a gym with their friends in the hope that the workout will feel like less of a burden. And some exercises are undeniably more fun when done together. With all this in mind, is this the best way to exercise your core? As with the previous entry, we can’t stress enough how important it is to keep yourself balanced!

A Yogi’s Dream Dog

A man’s best friend is by his side in every moment, even when he’s doing yoga. If he’s a true friend, though, he won’t roll on your yoga mat like many do. He may even decide to join you in your meditation. Now that would be nice!


Life is too short to waste time waiting for you hair to be done. This old lady decided she could fit some workout in her schedule and proceeded to bring multi-tasking to the next level. Now that’s commitment!

Dress for the Job You Want…

One thing you absolutely need if you’re going to get serious about fitness is determination. Going to the gym in full cyclist attire might earn you some laughter, but it surely helps you stay focused on your goals.


A common sight at the gym, won’t you agree? We all know that one person who goes to the gym just to take some pictures of themselves and post them on their feed. They may not be working out hard, but they surely put a lot of effort in pretending to!

Prepping for the Winter

Speaking again of multi-tasking, what do you think of this? A lot of us have troubles just getting to the end of a running session, but this guy seems to be doing just fine running and knitting at the same time. After all, winter is coming, and a nice scarf is a must!

The New iPod?

Working out is a lot easier when listening to music, don’t you agree? Whilst most people are fine with an iPod or an mp3 player, this guy probably thought he needed something bigger.

Leg Lifts

We have already established that you should never skip a leg day, right? He seems to think the same, seeing as how he went all this way just to exercise his legs. However, we should advice you against using this method. Asking a trainer before putting yourself in danger is always a good choice.

First Week of January at the Gym

January is that month of the year when gyms are full of people coming to keep up with their New Year’s resolutions. By the time February rolls by, half of them will be gone, never to be seen again.

Time Management

Time is of the essence! Every student knows that the most important thing in college is to manage study, social life, and health. Like the lady from the previous entry, this student is also trying to multi-task both his body and his grades.

Danger! Falling Weights!

We named this picture “before the storm”. We get that he wanted to push himself to the limit but really, whose idea was this? If you want to know what happened next, you should probably check the local news.

Rebel with a Cause (and a cupcake)

Sometimes music or a friend are not enough to get you to the gym. A nice, delicious cupcake probably is, but we can’t help but think that maybe he’s not doing this whole “fitness” thing right.

The Thing IRL

Are our eyes fooling us or is he real? The guy in the background probably thought the same thing. Is he the Thing or a really motivated sportsman?

Running in(side) Circles

That time when your old treadmill is just too boring. If your gym sets up one of these you’ll finally be able to live the experience of a hamster in its cage. Or the proverbial rat in the race.

Set a Good Example

We get it, just because you’re overweight doesn’t me you can teach people how to exercise. However, he’s not exactly promoting the effectiveness of his gym with that body, is he?

Fitness Couple 

All your friends ditched your gym plans and went to the pub? If you have a significant someone by your side you don’t need to look for a personal trainer, as you already have one. Nothing works better than your loved one shouting at you whilst you exercise!

Positive Reinforcement

For those of us still in search of our significant others, a sweet, buttery substitute may still work. Whilst undeniably a counterproductive method, this guy seems to be doing just fine.

Couch Potato No More

Fitness is for everybody, real and imaginary people alike! Whether you should be at a birthday party or trick-or-treating in the streets, there’s no excuse for not taking care of your body. Apart from that hot, sweaty costume perhaps.

An Athlete’s Best Friend

Another example of how your best friend will help you get in shape and even take part in what you love. An excellent motivational boost for sure!

Know Your Limits

It’s alright to push yourself to the limit, but be sure not to overdo it – like this guy here. There are ways of impressing girls at the gym without risking putting yourself in danger.

The Treadmill is My Catwalk

Again, there’s no law forbidding people to wear heels at the gym, but comfort over fashion is a must when working out. You may look fabulous cat walking on the treadmill, but a hilarious fall is just around the corner.

The Look of Instant Regret

Remember when we said not to push yourself to the limit if you’re not completely sure about it? This girl probably didn’t follow that advice, seeing as she’s clearly regretting her choice now.

Hard at Work or Hardly Working?

Number one rule of any gym: if you’re really working out, you’re allowed to make whatever ugly face the effort requires. Not the case for these two friends, who were clearly more concerned with their social feed rather than their fitness.

Gym Spa

Many gyms have a sauna or something to that effect, but they’re also separate from the other rooms. Did this guy forgot his clothes in the locker room or did he just come by to watch some tv? We’ll never know.

Brain Exercises

It’s important to exercise your mind as well as your body, so as not to let your brain go to waste. This seems a little misguided, though. Didn’t anyone tell him how to use it?

Feeding Machine

Just because a machine is supposed to work a certain way doesn’t mean you can’t use it for something else entirely. This applies to treadmills as well. Tired of running around pointlessly, this guy decided to use it for something more fun.

Walking is Overrated

Segways are already a questionable alternative to walking, but why would you bring one to the gym of all places? Was this some kind of test for either machine?

Training to Keep You Safe

What, did you think the Batman trained at his own gym in the Batcave? Catching criminals is a full-time job and he needs to be in the best shape possible! Rest comfortably, everyone. Our cities are safe indeed.

Old Habits Die Hard

You’ve seen Segways on the treadmill, now get ready for chairs on treadmills! For all her willpower, today just wasn’t the right day to exercise. Old habits die hard indeed.