Perfectly timed sport photos that will make you laugh

21/02/2018 - 3:46 1700 Views

Most of the times, a perfectly timed photograph allows us to realize important details in sport that we would’ve otherwise missed, due to how quickly the action takes place in professional sports, even more when it’s broadcast through a screen. But every now and then, a perfectly timed photo is the key ingredient to a good laugh, as it creates impossible, almost comic scenes that make us take a break from the tension of the competition itself. In this case, we found some of the best photos taken at the “perfect” wrong moment. Check these out for yourself!

The Flying Yawn

Ok, I understand that she might’ve practiced this during most of her life, but to actually yawn while you’re being projected 12 feet into the air by a flexible pole is the extreme expression of it. I get it, you don’t yawn only for boredom or weariness, but also when you’re feeling relaxed. This must be a training, where athletes are known to feel more relaxed.


Playing catcher in a baseball match can be a hazardous job, most of all during the World Series, when every professional becomes even more agonist in their style of play, always going the extra step to make points. In the first match of the first World Series ever, Dan Gladden resisted a third base player trying to tag home, by holding onto the ball even after being tossed in the air. Talk about agonism…


There’s a reason why grabbing and holding onto your opponent’s face mask is a clear penalty in American Football. What you’re seeing here is Antwaan Randl El’s neck being turned almost 180º, risking a terrible injury, if not worst. Lucky for him it was a quick action and there weren’t physical consequences, although the opponent who did that was called for the penalty.


This photo is not intended to make you laugh, and any given time would’ve been the perfect one to snap it. This is Bobby Martin, a boy who was born without legs, but who dreamed to play football in college. Needless to say that he made it happen, and we can feel nothing but epicness and pride, by watching him.


This pic is very good for many reasons: the speed of the athletes, the faces one next to the other, all contorted in concentration. The perfect angle of their legs while jumping this obstacles and also… what seems like holding hands with the audience. Also, makes me wonder who actually won the race.


Basketball isn’t always regarded as a sport where you need to be gracious, but that’s exactly the case… apparently. Which is good, because the stigma that basket players should always be big, scary dudes, with all of their “macho man” thing going on, actually needs to be fought off. Now, courtesy of Michael Beasley and his “princess hoop”, we can.


Ok, after seeing this picture (and the ones of other colleagues of this young lady), we can agree that diving is probably the worst sport EVER to be photographed while doing. I mean, the sheer force needed to fight gravitational and centrifugal forces off, while spinning in sync and landing in the water without squirts, is probably strong enough to make everyone’s face distort like that, right? I mean, i look like that only for waking up in the morning, so…


Sometimes, accidents in sports lead to a suspension of the activity, or the match. But what can you do when you lose one of your shoes during an Olympic obstacle race? Well, this lady knows it: just turn your Cinderella mode ON, and keep on running. A swollen foot is not a good reason to give up on your Olympic chances.


Ok, so this is how Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk? Fair enough, the greenish environment  must’ve influenced him, or… made him very angry. Jokes aside, we have no idea of the amount of concentration needed to make several flips in the air before landing perfectly on your feet, so i guess this could be considered normal?


You might be wondering: “If soccer is so damn scary, why  are they playing it?”. Ok, as a European i can assure you that football, as we call it, is not scary at all, exception made for some horrific injuries that happen on the pitch. Bit in this case, it was the derby of Manchester, and during the match they must’ve really so scared of the ball going just out, or just in, that these were the faces they put on in that split second.


The laws of physics are amazing aren’t they? So, this photographer managed to capture the exact moment when the swimmer was emerging, to snap the picture before he broke the water surface. It looks like he has a glass helmet, which actually looks pretty cool.