D-I-Y manicure: 4 suggestions to paint your nails with no smears

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We all know: perfectly painting our nails requires tranquility and incredible precision. But most of the times this is not possible. A smear free application needs criterion and precision. Ηere are some supporting suggestions enabling you to have beautiful hands! 😉

Would you like to know tricks for a do it yourself manicure? From this moment on, you can forget about hours spent removing nail polish smears from fingers!

Following these useful suggestions, we will make the do it yourself manicure weʼve ever dreamed of!

Ηere are four extraordinary ways to keep your nailsʼ beauty. We will take into account each and every aspect: from cuticle to nailsʼ health; from smears to nail polish uniformity. The results will be great!

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4) Remove hangnail

Before putting nail polish, you need to accurately check nails aimed at verifying they have same lenght and that surface is well – finished. Possible nail polish traces must be removed by a specific remover; then youʼll think about exceeding hangnail. Before removal, please soften them by immersing fingers in lukewarm water for a few minutes; then gently push hangails outwards flatteing them against skin. Article continues in the next page>>


3) Be sure your nails are healthy.

After washing and drying your nails, you need to check they are not damaged. If tops are chipped, you need to cut them to same length and smoothen the bulging edge with a file. If nail is split or broken, try and flatten edges and prevent bulging flakes. After removing bulging parts, smoothen nails with a towel and, if needed, put a bed of fixing polish. Article continues in the next page>>


2) Lay out nail polish bed

Before laying out real polish, you should always put a preliminar bed of transparent polish. Such a precaution will make nail unvarying while putting coloured nail polish and prevent pigments from penetrating into keratin and reaching nails, thus permanently staining it. Article continues in the next page >>


1) Lay out coloured nail polish with no smears

For a perfect lay out, immerse brush into the bottle and gently squeeze before extracting. Then put it in the middle of the nail and lay polish towards top. Colour sides with exceeding polish by precise, parallel strokes, without reaching nail edges. If you want to avoid smears, leave a small unpainted spot both right and left. Wait for the first bed to be dry before laying the second.


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