Take a look at the new helmet designs for the 2018 NFL season

16/11/2017 - 2:37 6897 Views

The new 2017/2018 NFL Regular Season has had a mesmerising start, and every team showed up on the pitch with their brand new uniforms and helmets. It’s always a magnificent show. Wouldn’t it be nice if, at the beginning of the season, all the NFL teams could parade in the current champions’ arena in some sort of season kick-off parade? I mean, it’d be a spectacle for the eyes, and I’d definitely watch that.

This year, like every year, the teams renewed their styles and designs, and some of them are just plain ridiculous, while others are incredibly sleek and stylish. Let’s go and take a look at ALL of the NFL new helmet renderings. 

San Francisco 49ers

Finally the 49ers got themselves a brand new logo. A little more tridimensional, this looks much better than the old, flatter one.

San Francisco 49ers – 2

The second helmet design is starred by a single red stripe in the middle and a new version of the logo on the sides. Gold shower for the 49ers, do you like it?

San Francisco 49ers – 3

Gold Rush for the 49ers, this year. What do you think of this new design? The new logo looks sleek, doesn’t it?

Chicago Bears

No one is ever going to change the iconic ‘C’ that, with the years, has become a trademark for the Chicago franchise. Beautiful choice of color and contrast, this helmet looks very elegant.

Chicago Bears – 2

The second Chicago Bears design for their new helmets is… daring. The three slashes look nice but a bit inaccurate (bears have 5 long-nailed fingers), and also they look more like Monste Energy Drink endorsers.

Chicago Bears – 3

By far my favourite amongst the three options for this team. This version is obscure, elegant and intriguing. The minimal touch certainly was a win for the team designer.

Cincinnati Bengals

Finally the Bengals redesigned their old helmet. Also, have you noticed what the orange part of the helmet actually says? “WHO DEY”, welcome back.

Cincinnati Bengals – 2

In this case,  the eye of the Bengal Tiger didn’t exactly turn out as captivating and intimidating as they wish they would’ve. I’d go with the “WHO DEY” design, much more meaningful.

Cincinnati Bengals – 3

Now, THIS looks really cool. While the others were kind of ok (the first being nice and the second quite the opposite), this one is really minimal and elegant, what do you think?

Buffalo Bills

For some reason, the Bill’s product designer thought it was a good a idea to remove the buffalo from the “Buffalos”. I mean, as you must’ve got by now, I’m a big fan of minimalism and elegant designs but taking out a trademark symbol is too much.

Buffalo Bills – 2

Now this is more like it. Everybody likes to see the glazing buffalo, jumping into empty space. The lines were made to look like they’re in 3D, nice.

Buffalo Bills – 3

In this one, it looks like the buffalo is running on a red and blue-striped field and looks very cool and fresh. Which one of the three is your favourite?

Denver Broncos

I don’t know if I love this or not. On one hand, it looks unfinished, because it looks to me like the horse neck is sticking a b it too much into the orange part, on the other side it has a lot of expression and the look in the horse’s eyes is fierce.

Denver Broncos – 2

This design is also very evocative. The mountains, the sunset, a fierce animal looking at his goal. This is really beautiful, I just wish they had given the horse a full body.

Denver Broncos – 3

This is the classy version of their helmet. Aside from the first, which I’m not done liking, the other two are quite surprising. Artsy and classic, a beautiful combination.

Cleveland Browns

Wow, not convincing at all. I mean, come on, it’s a helmet for an NFL franchise, not the for the bad neighbour in “Tom and Jerry”. Not nearly tough enough, what do you think?

Cleveland Browns – 2

This plain design is actually very sober. In a world of flashy titles, logos and symbols, this helmet by the Browns reverses the current fashion, signing up for the race of the Most Beautiful Helmets.

Cleveland Browns – 3

 Cleveland went for a road worn gold plate in this case. It’s a bit “chavvy”and certainly not a memorable one, but it has a daring point

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It’s a bit “overcrowded” maybe, but it definitely looks tough and rough, and i would certainly be distracted by it, if it was up to me to face them in the pitch. Yes, we like it.

Tampa bay Buccaneers – 2

The shiny version of the first version. It’s nice but not as intimidating as the other one. The logo is a bit childish, I’m sure they could’ve found a more captivating way to draw it.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 3

This version actually looks like a denim store advertising, doesn’t it? The grey and black engravings look a bit excessive.

Arizona Cardinals

This design is on the same line as one of the Bengals’, but this is actually better accomplished. Contrary to the Bengals’ helmet, this eye has more expression and is more captivating. Good job Cardinals.

 Arizona Cardinals – 2

The yellow face mask is a very, very beautiful detail. Behind it is a darker, more obscure version of the first helmet. Do you like it? It is certainly my favourite design for Arizona.

Arizona Cardinals – 3

… aaaand it’s gone. This lighter version is not so mean. Especially with a small chick drawn on it instead of a bada$$ Cardinal Eagle. Not approved.

Los Angeles Chargers

Blue&Yellow combination. Classic. With this design, the Chargers wanted to make a statement about the history of this club. It certainly looks alright.

Los Angeles Chargers – 2

This design is already more interesting and daring than the previous one. It certainly draws more attention, and the electric bolt is in line with the Chargers virtual representations.

Los Angeles Chargers – 3

I’m usually more fond of darker tones, but this elegance is beautiful. The light grey of a lit up stormy sky and the yellow bolt is a beautiful combination. Shout out to the designer who created this.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs went for a linear, red and white logo with the initials of the team starring on a plain white background with the motifs being in red.

Kansas City Chiefs – 2

Oh, I really don’t like this version of the helmet. It looks like a 90 year old was trying to be modern and cheeky in the “what are today’s youngsters up to?” kinda way.

Kansas City Chiefs – 3

The “plainer” version of the previous design. If that one was a bit too shaky, this doesn’t go far from it. I don’t know a lot about it, but the proportions don’t look spot on and that arrow… mmmh.

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts decided to go with a classic black and white chromatic theme, with their logo stamped in dark blue and white borders. Personally, I don’t think black and blue look nice together, but lots of teams in sport choose them.

Indianapolis Colts – 2

I don’t like this helmet because of the three elements (background, logo, facemask), none of them is actually incisive enough, in my opinion.

Indianapolis Colts – 3

Wow, the Colts thinking outside the box. I’d never thought I’d live to see this moment, white chessboard  with a blue logo. Clever and minimal, I like it.

Dallas Cowboys

This design is not very innovative, nor surprising and a big franchise like the Cowboys should know better. The changes are very slight, do you like it?

Dallas Cowboys – 2

Grey and opaque. It doesn’t drive me crazy but I like it. Mostly because that star looks stuck on the helmet, instead of drawn on it.

Dallas Cowboys – 3

NOW THIS IS WHAT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT. We LOVE that star-spangled awesomeness, it kind of feels right to the sport and the culture around it. America, Cowboys, perfect.

Philadelphia Eagles

Much similar to the cardinals, Philly also went for a bird’s eye design. One thing that’s for sure is that this design is much more captivating and frightening than the Cardinals’.

Philadelphia Eagles – 2

Be prepared to take off with Philly’s quick wing action. The theme of the helmet is just about coherent to their style of play.

Philadelphia Eagles – 3

For their last design, the Eagles went for a revisited, videogamey version of the second helmet. Blue background, white wings, go Eagles.

Atlanta Falcons

What are we, in the bird section of the article? Well kinda, the Atlanta Falcons made it real clear as to what they want to be associated with. The hawk on the helmet is sleek and aggressive, exactly how a football team should present itself.

Atlanta Falcons – 2

This is a bit weird, mostly because there is no detail of the design that can lead our thoughts towards a wing (which is what it’s supposed to be) or a bird whatsoever.

Atlanta Falcons – 3

Color blocking done well, soon-to-be designers, take a look. This color division, together with the incisiveness of the logo, make this helmet Atlanta’s most beautiful amongst the three ideas.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Sticking to their usual design, they also jumped on the bigger-image-on-top train, making sure that their helmet was pretty much evenly divided between squad colors and logo representation.

Jacksonville Jaguars – 2

This type of helmet is pretty stylish because it kinda makes the player appear like a giant, aggressive Jaguar. This is how football teams should dress up: with badassery.

Jacksonville Jaguars – 3

The other helmet rendering finalist is this supercool, maculate design with a detailed logo so clear on the sides. This is the one that should make it for the season, in my opinion.

New York Jets

Is it just me or does this helmet look like a Sprite box? The colour green is great, although that shade is a bit weird for a football team. Very classic, though, it kinda looks like a 50’s helmet.

New York Jets – 2

This version looks weird too, in my opinion. A military kinda weird, to say it all. Also with the golden wing on the front, it’s a bit over-the-top.

New York Jets – 3

The perfect cross between the previous renderings, this looks like a Sprite crate, that can fit on a footballer’s head. Too smooth, too “simple” in some ways, do you agree?

Detroit Lions

This looks more like a Gaelic war flag or something, which is pretty accurate considering how rough certain moments of this sport can get to be.

Detroit Lions – 2

This idea of the big Lion on the side of the helmet is actually a good one, both for aesthetic reasons and for psychological ones as well, because it’s a pretty incisive image.

Detroit Lions – 3

The same goes for the lighter version of the helmet. Black, grey, blue… They could use whatever colours they want, that this design is always going to be glorious.