The most scandalous looks: all the outfits that changed the conception of decency

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Where is the boundary between what is acceptable, modest, and what it is not? For ages, even a naked ankle could be synonym of indecency.

Then, during the XX century, many taboos have slowly disappeared. The first bikinis, the first miniskirts, they have all been little steps toward individual’s freedom.

In recent years, it seems like all the limits have been abolished, it seems like if a challenge has started, where the winner is the one who wears the most scandalous outfit. With this gallery, we are going to discover all the steps that went beyond the laws of decency, elevating the number of prohibited things that became socially acceptable. It’s going to be very interesting!

Marilyn Monroe

The first revolutionary look was surely the one that Marilyn Monroe showed in the movie “The Seven Year Itch”, from 1955. For the people of that time, Marilyn’s gesture was considered too naughty, but she loved to make men go crazy. The one who really went “crazy” was his husband, Joe DiMaggio: it is said that he left her because of that scene, that was considered too hot.

Jennifer Lopez

During the Grammy’s ceremony of 2000, J.Lo decided to wear a transparent dress by Versace. The girl was brave, but if I had all that curves I would feel that confident too! But this was not the only event in which Jennifer made scandal.

Carrie Fisher

In 1983 she was the actress behind Princess Leia in Star Wars. Her provocative outfit, that showed perfectly her body shape, was not normal for the big screen at that time.


The gorgeous Rihanna arrived at the Council of Fashion Designers of America dressed like this. She was invited because of the fashion brand she launched and the beautiful artist from Barbados decided to wear an almost completely transparent dress, that kept all the cameras’ eyes on her.


And what about this “bad girl” bride? If there is in the world a controversial person who has always known how to scandalize the public opinion and the fans, this absolutely is Madonna. In fact, at that time, both the idea of the bride and of the wedding were taken very seriously, so her personal version of it scandalized many people. You must note the belt with the writing “boy toy”.

Jane Birkin

It was a crazy idea to go to a party in the Sixties, dressed like this, knowing that thousands of paparazzis’ cameras would have been there. But this confirm that Jane has been a revolutionary girl because of the freedom she expressed!

Sharon Stone

In this framing, it is evident how the tension of that moment was manipulated by Sharon as she pleased. It is said that she improvised that move on the moment. That’s how a star knows how to use her own body.

Kate Moss

She is the icon of the dissolute London underground scene, the former top model who became worldwide known for her breeziness toward rules and looks. In fact, she decided to go to this gala almost naked, wearing just something like a veil.

Lady Diana

The “Revenge Dress”. Why it was called like this? The story tells that Diana, in a first moment, rejected this dress because she considered it too scandalous. But then she changed her mind…When? Right after Charles’ confession about his relationship with Camilla, probably as an act of spite.

Kate Middleton

It is said that this is the moment in which prince William felt in love with the beautiful Kate. It was a charity runway show at St Andrew University, and the dress was created by a student. His cost was of 30 pounds, but the creator earned 78 thousand pounds from it!

Maitland Ward

The stunning american actress arrived to the premiere of the movie “A Haunted House 2” dressed like this. A huge “christian” cross hardly cover her breast and her intimate parts, but all the rest is visible. It is possible to see the tanning lines!

Lady Gaga

During the show, she always appeared to be very self confident. She refused the critics given by the PETA and the animal-rights activists, stating that it is not possible to make a comparison between a single fashion creation and mass consume. But, think for a moment about…the smell!

Giulia Salemi and Dayane Mello

It is impossibile to forget about Giulia and Dayane at the Venice Film Festival. The dresses they were wearing left nothing to imagination and created great embarrassment. Anything could be done to make people talk about you! But this time the effect produced was the opposite, as the critics didn’t appreciate them very much.

Miley Cyrus

And what can be said about the nearly 18 years old girl that presents herself dressed like this in front of millions of people? She transformed vulgarity in indignation, indignation in scandal and scandal in a weapon ready to use to make her fame grows. A marketing genius, more than a show genius. Since she abandoned her innocent role as Hannah Montana, she continuously looks for the most audacious look. She make scandal so many times that we had to group four photos.

Theda Bara

She is considered to be the first “femme fatale” in the show business, she was the actress that performed Cleopatra in the first performances at Broadway in the 1910s and 1920s. For that period, this dress was an absolute scandal! She has been the first woman to be openly seducing with the men that had the pleasure to meet her, she openly and sensually provoked them.

Nicky Minaj

The famous afroamerican singer is worldwide known for her provoking music video clip, but most of all for her crazy live performances. It is highly probable, that a top like this has never been seen in the history: almost transparent and, above all, with a cut right to the height of the breast!

Liz Hurley

If you have to show your partner, you better do it in great style: here we can see the beautiful Liz Hurley next to her boyfriend of that time, Hugh Grant, to the premiere of the movie “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, a funny English comedy from 1994. For that period, that dress was pure avant-garde!

Bella Hadid

The American model, who at that time was just 19 (!!!), made people talk a lot about herself. No underwear for the little sister of the top model Gigi Hadid, that at the gala was wearing just her shoes, dress and earrings.

Roselyn Sanchez

The beautiful Roselyn decided to go to the Latin Grammy Awards, one of the most prestigious events on the Latin American entertainment, and to show all of her beauty, and beyond…a long and almost transparent dress, skin colour lingerie and no bra, obviously!

Bianca Jagger

The first wife of the hot blooded front man of the iconic English band Rolling Stones, rose a clamor too for her stylistic choices. A male jacket and the breast almost visible. The years of the liberation from the patriarchate must have been absolutely surprising from the point of view of the fashion (and from thousands of other).

Heidi Klum

In occasion of the annual party of the Elton John Foundation against AIDS, at the Pacific Design center, Heidi Klum left everybody without words presenting herself with this “Gold Dress” with a vertiginous neckline. What do you think, was it proper for the event?

Candice Boucher

The Southafrican model managed to get noticed on the red carpet in Cannes: black dress, almost transparent, that allowed people to see practically everything. She was noticed for sure!


Cher, an iconic character. She was one of the precursor of this kind of dress in which you can see almost everything, but not totally everything (anyway, you can see a lot). In this shot we can see her with the Oscar she just received.

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake performed together at the Superbowl show in 2004, they have been watched by more than 100 millions of people in the world. Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, at a certain point she intentionally unveiled her left breast. Everything was intentional, in fact the nipple was covered with a silver little star.