The 11 Most Dangerous Workplaces In The World!

21/03/2016 - 11:27 325 Views


We are sure that many of the people who will read this piece will be nice and safe at their workplaces or offices. Now imagine that you had a life threatening condition you had to face yourself to, every day. This gallery will show you some of the most hazardous work spots in the world. And even if some of them are dangers that are impossible to avoid, some others would just need a minimum effort to then be able to work without fearing for your life.

1) The most dangerous lunchtime in the world

This worldwide famous photograph shows a team of New York constructors that were building the Empire State, and this is how they had lunch. Talk about safety, right?


2) Because cranes are not fashionables anymore

We’re pretty sure this is not the only way this problem can we be dealt with. It probably saved this company time and money, but why take such a risk?


3) How did you end up here?

Not to talk about how unsafe this is, we ask ourselves how in the world is that possible. Cargo copter, cranes, RAMP? Engineers wanted, I need to know this.


4) “right.. hoooold! HOOOLD!”

We just hope this guy made out of that pit in time, cause you can put all the holding bars (just calling them like that to be nice) that you want, but if that boulder has to come down, that’s exactly what it’s going to do.


5) New innovative Lambo transport system

The thing is, there are places in the world were rich people can afford to buy Lambos, planes and mansions, but for some reason they can’t build a bridge so that they can go through AND actually help people, but no. I just hope it falls.


6) Watch out kids, this is how a real man works

Why use eye protection when you got swag, right? We are so grateful to this man here for teaching us that lesson, even though I’m a little more worried about my clothes catching fire…


7) What a nice and relaxing situation

I’m not sure about what I could say about this situation. What I can say is that such an experience is not going to let you get back on the job so quickly.


8) The only way

These poor lads have got no choice but to adapt to the requests of their bosses. I mean, everyone does that, but not at such a price. They risk their lives because they must, not because they’re dumb.


9) The best transport they could get…

So ok, when I’d be calling National Security and the Center of Epidemics, these guys just roll around like everything’s cool. In the end they could be spreading some deadly disease, no?


10) Electricity and water, always a good combination

When you work out in the open is plausible to lose some stuff, but to drop many electric power cables in a pond is like asking the gods for a sudden death.


11) The hard choice

Yes, ‘cause the logic and easy one would’ve been to tie a harness to a tree and be secure at least. But no, two overweight men have enough muscle for that.