Men vs. Women – 10 Differences That Will Make You Smile

27/04/2016 - 11:23 323 Views

1 - mattina

Throughout the day there are many moments and small actions that we tend to consider the same for everyone; but generally speaking there are some MASSIVE differences between Men’s World and Women’s World that are often reflected in the basic actions of our day. The civilized world is fighting to reach an equality between men and women, but there are many things that are obviously going to differ. Always. Men and women cannot be regarded as the same… Maybe in civilly speaking, but physical and mental differences are there, and are evident. Now let’s go and see the Main 15 Differences Between Men And Women:

1. Differences can be perceived from early in the morning.

As to waking up every day, get ready and go to work, study or whatever. Men do not delay, but the ladies can take an eternity.

2 - desktop

2. Lady’s desktop vs Man’s desktop.

Those of you who work in an office, or with other groups of people anyway, will be tremendously familiar with this image. We want our gizmos in order, the same way girls would do their shoes or clothes.

3 - colours

3. Color range interpretation.

This is good fun. While they only see one basic colour, they see other nuances, but in the end, it’s all the same!

4 - facebook

4. Social interaction.

We do not know where so many notifications come from, but ultimately a lady’s social life seems to be more active. At least on Facebook. While men’s activity, well… Let’s just say that notification is there because someone commented on a photo where he was tagged.¬†

5 - vestiti

5. Clothes and fashion.

He can use the exact same set for different occasions, but girls can’t. They need to have a dress for every occasion, which has to be duly combined with the underwear, even if nobody sees it. That’s also different for each time.

6 - capelli

6. Hairdressing.

Need I say more? This has become a greatly used stereotype, and that’s because… Well, it’s true! How come women always have to go to the most delicate, “frenchiest”, fanciest place in town? I mean, if they only need to retouch it, why not go to a simple barber man.

7 - tv1

7. TV

Everybody knows that once men get accustomed to something, they struggle to leave it because they only stick to things they will like forever, whilst girls change tastes all the time…

8 - malattia

8. Being ill.

They should invent a thermometer just for men, that automatically calls 911 when it hits 99 degrees. Seriously, that’s how men handle a flu.

9 - genitorama

9. Taking walks with their children: Women vs. Men

It’s no secret that men are a little bit more “beastly” than us when it comes to handling baby humans. They think they’re indestructible and that they gotta learn how the world is, whilst mums tend to be hyper protective at all times.

10 - bathrooms

10 - bathrooms-1

10. Public Restrooms.

Many people think it’s unfair for man to have al the privileges in this area. Whilst a lady must patiently wait for her turn in a cue, a guy can do that OR, just go somewhere out of sight for a second, slip it out, and do it wherever he wants to. Talk about a commodity…