The Last Photos of Celebrities Before They Died

21/03/2016 - 11:16 970 Views


Sometimes, seeing the last moments of someone, even if it’s just through a photograph, can be very upsetting, or very fascinating if you start to think about what they’ve accomplished up until that very last moment of theirs. It can be inspiring in some way, since some of these were summoned on the other side when they were still very young, it kind of makes you feel like you should be moving your butt and start living. For real.

1) Steve Jobs

Here is Steve Jobs a few days before his death. You can see how he looked like a ghost in those moments, while he even needed to be sit in the car.


2) Whitney Houston

This photo was taken the night Whitney died. As you can see, she was completely wasted, and she was about to hit the city for some fun! It didn’t go too well for her.


3) Paul Walker

Unluckily, the end of the Fast & Furious saga came when his star burned alive in a tragic car crash where he and a friend of his were coming back from a party. In this picture they are seen leaving said party.


4) John Lennon

In this picture, the first Beatle to leave us, is seen signing a copy of Double Fantasy for Mark David Chapman, the man who’d walk to him 3 or 4 hours later and shoot him dead.


5) Amy Winehouse

Amy looks absolutely glorious in this last photograph of her. Three days later she was found dead in her London apartment. The cause: alcohol poisoning.


6) Robin Williams

This picture looks anonymous, but it’s the last immortalization of Robin Williams, photographed at the opening of an art gallery in San Fran the day before he committed suicide for depression and anxiety.


7) Jim Morrison

Here we can see the late Doors frontman just 3 days before he died. He was in France with his girlfriend and looked pretty healthy and sane. Apparently not much since he apparently died of heroin overdose combined with ethylic coma.


8) Bob Marley

After being diagnosticated with cancer Bob Marley arrived at the point where he just weighed 77 lbs. He died a couple days after this photo was taken.


9) Tupac Shakur

In the September of 1996, after starting a mass brawl at the Seldon vs. Tyson boxe match, Tupac got killed in a drive by at a traffic light. He struggled a few dies in hospital and then he passed away for the too serious injuries.


10) Heath Ledger

Here we can see him giving one of the last smiles of his life. Here on the set of The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, the movie during which he accidentally overdosed on medications.


11) Biggie Smalls (Notorious B.I.G.)

This is a picture with P Diddy the same night of his assassination relative to the feud between West and East coast that already resulted in Tupac Shakur being killed.


12) Ryan Dunn

The BMX champion turned Jackass star died in 2011 following an awful car accident. This picture was taken just an hour earlier, when he can be seen drinking right before getting into his car to drive home.