Kit Harrington Claims To Know Everything About GOT Finale

20/11/2017 - 2:01 262 Views

It comes to everybody’s surprise but… Jon Snow actually does know something!

Even though we still have a long way before ‘Games of Thrones’, Kit Harrington aka Jon Snow is already getting emotional since he got to know the details of his final goodbye to the show. We, the public, are not going to know anything about the 8th and final season before mid 2019, when the two final episodes will be aired.

During his interview on BBC’s The One Show, which aired on Friday, the 30 year old British actor revealed that not only does he know everything about the show’s finale, but he talked about some meaty details in between, strictly without spoilers, that are going to kick up the series’ swan song. He also said he came to know everything after the entire cast went through a preliminary read through, a few days ago.

He also declared that he felt very emotional while reading HBO’s wrap-up lines, because it represents a written, definitive end to an institution that he entered when he was only 22 years old. “It’s the longest I’ve ever been a part of an institution” so it’s obvious it must be hard for him to forcibly accepting that it’s coming to an end.

“I cried, while reading the final lines” said the now 30-year-old, “you have to understand that no one cares about it more than we do. I still get teary talking about it because it’s going to be a strange last year, saying goodbyes and having last scenes with this and that person”.