JAG Stars: Where Are They Today?

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Long before NCIS arrived on the scene, JAG was the most successful show, with his cast full of stars as Catherine Bell and David James Elliot. Donald Belisario, the inventor of the show, created ten wonderful legal drama series. And now that we have seen the epic breathtaking ending, competing with The Sopranos finale, we decided to give the public an update about the stars that took part in the show. So keep on reading to discover what they are doing now, who married who, who is single and who is still acting and much more!

David James Elliot

After performing the glorious Captain Harmon, or Harm, he starred in a Canadian television movie entitled The Man Who Lost Himself, where we can also find his former costar Nanci Chambers! He later acted in Close to Home, a legal drama and also appeared on CSI . He also starred in the Canadian show The Guard and in Trumbo, playing the part of John Wayne. And all the Don Draper fans, would surely have noticed him as a guest in two episodes of Mad Men.

Chuck Carrington

People were crazy for Petty Officer Jason Tiner! But he lest the show after season nine to go to law school. After starring in the series he played a part in the horror movie The List as Renny Jacobsen, and appeared in other shows and movies too. In recent times he was Dan on Shameless.


Patrick Labyorteaux

He played the role of Captain Bud in the show, but after that he went on working on many other projects. You may also not have seen him on screen, but you surely have heard him: in fact, he is an acclaimed dubbing actor. He dubbed many animated works, as Spider-Man: The Animated Series. He also produced with his wife Tina Albanese, an acclaimed TV producer, the show See Dad, forecasted during the Nick at Nite. He didn’t completely abandoned the screen, he appeared twice in NCIS as Bud.

John M. Jackson

It was absolutely painful to say goodbye to the loyal A.J., but we saw him back in a spin off, as many other characters. He played a role in NCIS: Los Angeles and kept on acting. He recently appeared in Gifted, together with the stunning Jenny Slate and with Chris Evans.

Karri Turner

Karri Turner is so much more than Lieutenant Harriet! Nowadays she’s a traveling comedian. She made spectacle for USA troops, acting with stars like Kathy Griffin and Michael McDonald. She thoroughly did 13 USO tours in 2012, and also worked for the National Guard young challenge program and also cooperated with the American Freedom Foundation. She also continues to be an actress, she appeared in the movie Hurricane in the Rose Garden, and starred in two Heroes episodes.

Scott Lawrence

He started acting as Commander Sturgis in the series and never stopped to be an actor: he performed Maurice in The Social Network and a crew chief in the most famous Avatar. He played a little part in season eight of NCIS, in Star Trek: Into Darkness and in Star Trek: Voyager too.

Zoe McLellan

She promptly found another TV role when she was playing the part of Petty Officer Jen. She appeared in the whole two seasons of Dirty Sexy Money on ABC and, like others former colleagues, she acted in a spin-off, NCIS: New Orleans where she was Meredith Brody. She starred in many shows, like The Mentalist and House. She also performed in season two of Designated Survivor, together with Kiefer Sutherland. She has a son with her ex-husband J. P. Gillain.

Randy Vasquez

He is not anymore our beloved Gunnery Sergeant Victor, but Vasquez kept on working actively in the entertainment industry. He continued to be an actor, he performed in CSI: Miami and as Lou Escobar in Bosch, but he directed some comedy too, as the comedy drama Perceptions (2005).

Trevor Goddard

We have to remember the character of Lt. Commander Michael Brumby, or “Mic”, but also the actor himself, as he tragically died in June 2003 because of an overdose. His last appearance in the screen was in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Steven Culp

After playing the mysterious Clayton Webb he appeared in some shows like The West Wing24 and in NCIS. The second role for importance he had in his career until now is in Desperate Housewives, where he played the role of Rex Van de Kamp. He married Barbara Ayers with whom he had two kids. The sad side of the story is about Culp’s half sister and her family brutal murder in 2006. The two men has been convicted responsible for that and many others murder.

Nanci Chambers

And now it’s time for Lt Loren Singer! It is already widely known that she started dating and then married her colleague David James Elliott in 1992. She played a role both in The Stranger I Married and Save our Souls.

Paul Collins

Do you know Sec. of the Navy Alexander Nelson? Paul Collins never stopped acting since then. It is possible that you noticed him in various film or TV shows, such as Boston LegalThe West Wing and Sons of Anarchy.

Michael Angelo Bellisario

The funny thing about this actor is that he’s the son of the show’s creator. He did not only played a role in JAG, but he also was a lab assistant for NCIS and for four Quantum Leap episodes. Bellisario family is quite talented: his half sister, Troian Avery Bellisario, is Spencer in Pretty Little Liars.

Cindy Ambuehl

She played Renee Peterson in the series and then went on starring in many projects. Just a while ago she acted in The Bold and the Beautiful on CBS. She is not longer dating the famous actor Don Diamond but just because…she married him! And they also had two children.

Harrison Page

In the series he was Rear Admiral Stiles Morris. He kept on acting for the television, he played a role in Players at the Poker Palace and in shows such as Grey’s Anatomy. He married Christina Giles and they had one kid.

Jennifer Savidge

She is famous for being Commander Amy Helfman and for being the wife of the former star of Westerns Robert Fuller. She also played the role of Ruth in American Crime on ABC.

Tracey Needham

Unfortunately Megan Austin, or Meg, appeared only in the first season. Later she played the role of Inspector Candace in The Division and also in Veronica Mars. She married the actor Tommy Hinkley and they have a daughter.

Anne-Marie Johnson

And now it’s time to speak about Bobbi, or Congresswoman Roberta Latham. She has been the first ever National VP of the Screen Actors Guild ever, in 2005. She lately appeared in NCIS, and also in Pretty Little LiarsGrey’s Anatomy and Boston Legal. She recurred on Disney’s That’s so Raven too. Her latest roles were in TNT’s Murder in the First and in the new show Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later.

Isabella Hofmann

We could see her character, Professor Meredith Cavanaugh only in the last few seasons. But she played a part in NCIS, she was Clarissa Stein in three episodes of The Flash and also starred in two episodes of Legends of Tomorrow. She is dating Daniel Baldwin since the nineties and they have one son.

David Andrews

He was Biff or Major General Gordon Cresswell, but after that he played many other roles: he appeared in shows like Crisis and Brothers & Sisters, he was Secretary Frommer in The Whispers and also starred in an episode of How to Get Away with Murder.

Hallee Hirsh

It is possible that you have forgotten that she was Mattie Grace Johnson in JAG, but just because after that she became famous for being Rachel in ER. She surely had a successful acting career!

W.K. Stratton

He is one of the few actor of the cast that didn’t kept on acting, after playing the role of commander Ted Lindsey. He lent his voice to Walla in the animated series Transformers: The Game. He dated and married Maureen Denise Lacoste.

Zuhair Haddad

After being Anwar Sahaj in the series, he became a dubbing actor: he performed in Assassin’s Creed and in the show American Dad!. Then he starred in both The Hangover Part III and The Pursuit of Happyness.

Rif Hutton

His acting career has become great, after playing Lieutenant Commander Alan Mattoni. He played so many roles that it would be impossible to list all of them. Some of the shows he appears in are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cold Case, That’s So RavenCSI and Criminal Minds.

John DeMita

Just like some of other colleagues from JAG, he became a dubbing actor after being Colonel Clifford Blakely. He worked for JoJo’s Bizarre AdventureHunter x HunterDragon Ball Super and Naruto. He’s married to Julia Fletcher and they have two children.

Matt Sigloch

You will surely remember him for his role as Master Sergeant Tom Androvich and do not know that he had another important role in the show: he was Military Technical Advisor, thanks to his military background, infact later on he started a company called Sigloch Military-Tactical. For this reason he worked on shows like American Horror StoryScandalCriminal Minds and Rosewood.

Jeff MacKay

The saddest information is that MacKay has died in 2008. The last time we saw him on the big screen was on the movie December, where he played Larry Carter. R.I.P. Jeff.

Jade Carter

He played the role of Sergei Zhukov, but after that he starred in several other shows like NCISPassionsCastle or Solo: The Series. Not long ago, he was Brent in Love or War (2017).

Dean Stockwell

He played the role of Senator Edward Sheffield and then kept on acting. It is possible to say that his acting career has lasted more than 70 years! He also starred in Deep in the DarknessEntertainmentand Battlestar Galactica.

John D’Aquino

He was Stuart Dunston in the show. After that he starred in  Disney’s Hannah Montana, in NCIS and in Dexter. One great role was the one of President Richard Martinez in Cory in the House, broadcasted on Disney Channel. In recent time he played the part of Harris Smith in In Sanity, Florida.

Terry O’Quinn

JAG may be considered the turning point in his career towards Hollywood. After performing Admiral Thomas Boone, he made his popularity grow through playing John Locke on the hit show Lost, for being General Nicholas Alexander on The West Wing, interpreting Joe White in Hawaii Five-O and Howard Hargrave in The Blacklist: Redemption. Ok, we all can say that he’s absolutely living a brilliant acting career!

Kevin Fry

He had a small role as Commander Morton, but after that he flied to success too: he appeared in three episode of Scandal, and acted in seasons three and seven of 24. Moreover, he played a role in 300: Rise of an EmpireSons of Anarchy and was the bodyguard in Taken 3.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

He was Wally, the CIA technician. He then appeared in thousands of other shows, no big things but however good things: he performed John Winchester on Supernatural and Denny in  Grey’s Anatomy, where he performed the sweetest love for Katherine Heigl’s. Today he’s Negan from The Walking Dead.

Dana Sparks

She played the role of Lieutenant Commander Carolyn Imes. Since then she performed Grace Bennett in Passions and played a little role in Atlas Shrugged II: The Strike. Formerly, she worked as Executive Director of Regenerate Films, of which she is now a member and a producer!

A.J. Tannen

She was Lt. Alfred Aldridge in the show. Later on she decided to become a producer as well. He performed in an episode of New Girl, as and in one episode of Transparent. He also starred in the 2016 movie The Darkness.

Cynthia Sikes

She started being Dr. Sidney Walden on JAG, but then she acted in The Young and the Restless  as Zara Costelana. She played the role of Betty Goodale in Aquarius too. And she’s not only talented with acting, she also worked as a producer for Blade Runner 2049(2017).

Corbin Bernsen

He was Captain Owen in the show. His acting career grew and he performed Harlan Dexter for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, later he was John Durant in General Hospital and then played a role in both The Young and the Restless and Psych. He also started a production company entitled Team Cherokee Productions. Furthermore, he is also good at writing, producing and directing.

Chris Beetem

He played the role of Lt. Gregory Vukovic. He started as an actor and become a director too. He performed the role of Dan in the movie Emelie. And it’s not possible to say that he’s not a funny guy! He regularly performed on Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer.

Mae Whitman

She played the role of Chloe Madison in the show and then got the role of Anne in Arrested Development. And her…Egg? If you’ve seen her there, you would understand the reference! She performed Rosie Weston in In Treatment, Mary Elizabeth in The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Amber Holt in Parenthood. And she also dubbed a part in Family Guy!

Matthew Josten

Nobody could ever forget little A.J. Roberts. He played that role so many years ago! He now acts, produces and is a dubbing actor for animated productions too. He voiced the Alien named Kirby in Chicken Little. He played Bo Hamilton in Rodney as and also Nick Hope in White River Tales.

Susan Haskell

She was Jordie, or Lt. Commander Jordan. When the show ended she kept on acting, she performed various small roles. You may have seen her as Dr. Marty Saybrooke in One Life to Live  or in The Good Shepherd.

Andrea Thompson

After interpreting Commander Alison Krennick, she starred in the famous show 24: if you watched it, for sure you will have recognized her in the character of DR. Nicole Duncan in the third season. After that she played a lot of other television roles, as for example the one she had in Heroes:Destiny.

Scott Paulin

He performed Captain Johnson. He married the actress Wendy Phillips in 1981, and the have one kid now. After JAG, he appeared in many other shows as Boston LegalLostCSI and NCIS. Not long time ago he was Jim Beckett in Castle and Dr. Botnik in The Young and the Restless too.

Tamlyn Tomita

Everybody would remember she was Lt. Commander Tracy Manetti. Afterwards she starred in the second season of 24  and in The Day After Tomorrow, interpreting the character of Janet Tokada. She also had a role in General Hospital, where she was Giselle, and also in the MTV’s Teen Wolf where she was Noshiko Yukimura.

Alex Kuznetsov

In JAG  he was Captain Alex Volkonov, or Alexander. Subsequently, he kept on acting and started dubbing too. He voiced Call of Duty: Finest Hour and appear in the fifth season of 24, where he performed the terrorist Ostroff, that was working for Vladimir Bierko when he realized nerve gas attack on the CTU. Furthermore, he was Oleg in Insomnia, a new TV series.

Larry Poindexter

He started his acting career being Dalton Lowne in JAG, but he soon became worldwide famous with his role as Dr. Asher Thomas in General Hospital. Soon he got a role in Blade: The Series, where he performed Agent Ray Collins. He also played the role of Dean in 17 Again, the film with Zac Efron. And if you watched The Hard Times of RJ Berger you may have recognized him in the character of Rick Berger! Moreover, he was Father Louis in Days Of Our Lives. We can definitely say he had success! 

Peter Murnik

He played the role of Clark Palmer. After JAG he acted in the show Justified, where he was Trooper Tom Bergen. He also acted in a TV series that was about the Cold War entitled Granite Flats where he played the role of Hershel Jenkins. More recently, he played Mike Coperland in The Mist and appeared as Detective Carver in Mindhunter.

Trisha Yearwood

She was Lt. Commander Teresa Coulter. After that, she moved for a while in the music world, she also married in 2005 the singer and songwriter Garth Brooks. But she continued acting too, she played the role of Mary in the television movie entitled The Passion. She also produced a show: six episodes of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen.

Richard McGonagle

He has a lot of success: he started playing Captain Richard Carey and arrived to to voice General Grievous in Star Wars: Clone Wars. He became a very good dubbing actor, he worked for Ben 10 series, The Regular Show and also for Avatar: The Last Airbender. In addition, he was the one who lent his voice to the narrator of the great movie 500 Days of Summer.

Francesco Quinn

He played the role of Kabir Atef. He is the son of Anthony Quinn the famous actor who won an Oscar. As many other costars he the appeared in 24 playing the role of the terrorist Syed Ali, during the second season. He performed in Tarantino’s film Hell Ride and also voiced lots of video games. Unfortunately Francesco Quinn died in August 2011, because of a heart failure.

Andrea Parker

She played the role of Lt. Caitlin Pike, or Kate, and she looked so talented! Afterwards she performed Lydia Weston in Less Than Perfect. Later she played the role of Jane Carlson in the famous show Desperate Housewives. In addition, she appeared in the ABC show Pretty Little Liars, playing Jessica DiLaurentis and Mary Drake.

Bernard White

He was Sadik Fahd in JAG. But it is possible that someone recognize him as Agha Babur in American Dreamz. Moreover, he performed Rama-Kandra in The Matrix Reloaded and in Matrix Revolutions too. Not long ago he appeared in the show Silicon Valley.

Glenn Morshower

He was Chief Petty officer Ned Bannon in JAG, but everybody reminds him first for being the acclaimed Aaron Pierce in 24. Furthermore, he performed Mike Chysler in The West Wing. He also played the role of Chad Clarke in the memorable show Friday Night Lights and appeared as General Sam Lane in em>Supergirl and as Warren Hobbs in I’m Dying Up Here.

Dylan Neal

He played the role of Lt. Dalton Jonas aka Boomer in JAG, and it was the beginning of the luck for him. Later he performed Aaron Jacobs in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and Doug Witter on Dawson’s Creek. In recent times he played the role of Jack Griffith on the show Cedar Cove and he was Dr. Anthony Ivo on the brilliant series Arrow.

Sam Hennings

It seems that it has passed such a long time since he was Captain Huddleston in the show. It is possible that you saw him in another number of shows in which he appeared later on, as CastleEleventh Hour, em>Cold Case or ER. He also performed Charlie White, or Whitehead in the show Memphis Beat.

Will Rothhaar

He was so young and he played the role of  adorable Josh Pendry. But he has grown and become a professional actor, he was Dennis in Jack Frost and has appeared in shows like Memphis BeatCSI and Castle. He also performed in some TV show like Workshop, where he was Junior Agent, and in Last Resort, where he played the role of Josh Brannan. In 2013 he was chosen to interpret the part of Lee Harvey Oswald in the TV movie Killing Kennedy.

Shashawnee Hall

After interpreting Agent Marvin Novack he has become an acclaimed actor and producer, he appeared as a guest in NCIS and in other shows such as Lie to MeThe Closer and Medium. Moreover, he played the role of Paul Bodner in Life, and performed in both Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty.

Ned Vaughn

He played the role of Lt. Carl Barrett in the show, but he turned famous thanks to his role in the fourth season of 24, where he performed the character of Mitch Anderson, the ex- Air Force officer that then turns into a mercenary. After that, he appeared in various shows like Cane and Commander in Chief.

Montel Williams

The one who comes next is… Lt. Curtis Rivers! It is possible that you don’t even remember him, as he became really famous thanks to his show The Montel Williams Show, that was a turning point in his career.

Meta Golding

She played the role of Lt. Tali Mayfield, and then appeared in Criminal Minds, performing Jordan Todd, and in CSI where she was Tina Brewster. She also starred in Day Break and Dark Blue and more recently in Colony, where she was Noa.

Patrick St. Esprit

He played the role of Colonel Bootney, but it’s difficult that you remember of him. He then had some quite big roles, he appeared in almost all HBO’s shows: Ballers and Sons of Anarchy are some examples. He also appeared in the acclaimed films The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and The Fate of the Furious. He also starred in Narcos, where he was Major Wysession.

John Prosky

He started his career with being Jon Barrow on JAG, but then he has become worldwide known thanks to his appearance as David Finch in HBO’s True Blood. He also was Tom Van Dyke in the show Medium. He kept on acting and gaining success, he has recently played the role of Senator Gibson on Shonda Rhimes’Scandal.

Mark Costello

He played the role of Commander Onclay in the show, and as many other colleagues he continued to act. He had a role in General Hospital and he appeared as a guest in lots of shows such as Criminal MindsThe West Wing and Everybody Hates Chris.

Bill Cobbs

He performed the character of Chaplain Matthew Turner until the show has come to an end. Since then he played the role of Tony on The Drew Carey Show and had many other roles as a guest. Oh, and he played Reginald in the movie Night at the Museum with Ben Stiller. In more recent times he is performing in the new series Fly, he is Vernon Wyatt, aka Pop.

Chas Floyd Johnson

He played Dr. Bruce Gasden, and co-produced too some episodes of the show. Then he turned into an executive producer for NCIS. Now he is married and has a kid.

John Eric Bentley

He played Cayuga Weps in the show, but he became famous for his roles in The Last of UsResident Evil: Extinction and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. He also did dubbing and lent his voice to Call of Duty: Black Ops II and other video games. And he appeared, just like his former colleagues, in season eight of 24.

Tim Lounibos

The role he performed when he was Lt. Peter Yuen hasn’t been his last one. In recent times he starred in The West WingGeneral Hospital and in Passions too.

Mary Page Keller

She played the role of Beth O’Neill, and it took luck to the pretty actress. She then appeared in shows like Chasing LifeBoschNYPD Blue and Commander in Chief. And she starred in Pretty Little Liars too!

Rex Linn

How to forget Falcon or Major Mark Sokol? This role increased Rex’s popularity and improved his Hollywood career. He played the role of Karl Vasick in The Fugitive, and also appeared in Cheaper by the Dozen  where he played Coach Bricker, in the same cast with Steve Martin. Moreover, he acted in CSI: Miami from 2003 to 2012, in the role of Frank Tripp. Furthermore, he played Tennessee Harry in Django Unchained. Not bad!

Cliff De Young

In JAG, he was Chuck DePalma. He kept on acting both for TV and movies as Getting Away with Murder: The JonBenet Ramsey Mystery  where he played John Ramsey and  The Young and the Restless where he was Agent John Bonacheck. In recent imes he appeared comedy Reality Queen!  together with Denise Richards and Mike Tyson.

Dan Lauria

He certainly played the role of Allen Balisdell on the show. But now he’s got a lot of roles in his experience: he was Richard Vessey in the show Ed and appeared as a guest in shows like Grey’s AnatomyCriminal Minds and How I Met Your Mother. He his best known for his role in Sullivan & Sons where he was Jack Sullivan and for playing Al Luongo in Pitch. He is also starring in the fresh show Fly as CFO Clayton Millbanks.

Daphne Ashbrook

After she was Annie Pendry in the JAG, she appeared in several shows and TV movies. If you watched  The O.C you will surely remember she was Dawn Atwood. She recently played Jackie Kowalski in Hollywood Heights.

Michael SaadHe became fampus for playing General Hasan Abdullah in JAG and also because he starred in Road to Red (2016) where he was Sheriff Joe. He appeared for a while in season two of 24 and in the show Las Vegas.

Tony Denison

He played the role of Commander Stefan Stefanopoulos, and after that his had a lot of success! He performed Aldo Burrows in Prison Break  and appeared in some TV movies, but he became best known for playing Andy Flynn on The Closer. In recent times he took back the role of Andy Flynn on Major Crimes.

Steve Rankin

He played the role of Admiral Mark Tucci. Later on, he appeared in Malcom in The Middle where he was Sgt. Hendrix, he performed Lloyd Blankenship on Veronica Mars, and other. When he become famous for playing Tucci, he become worldwide known for playing Rafe’s father in Pearl Harbor. He also starred as a detective in Jersey Boys and he is still acting.

Allan Kolman

He performed a small part, he was Alexei in the show. But he was quite active in Hollywood, where he keep on appearing in films and shows. He starred in The West WingEntourageScandal and he recently appeared in The Mentalist. But we don’t see him on the screen since 2012.

Aysia Polk

She played the role of Dar-Lin Lewis, but after that she almost disappeared from the screens. She retired after appearing in Six Feet Under as Taylor and in American Dreams as Angela Walker.

Joan Pringle

In the show she was Agent Mary Holland. But she become well known for being Sara in the film Original Sin. Though, she didn’t had many roles after that, she appeared in the show One on One  where she was Eunice Barnes and in Girlfriends where she was Carol Hart. Her last appearance was in Being Mary Jane in 2014.

Craig Kirkwood

It is possible that you don’t remember him for being Sean Stiles on JAG, but you will surely remember him as Jerry Harris or Rev in Remember the Titans. In the nineties he made a lot of success, starred on shows like Family MattersThe Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Sister, Sister too. In 2006 he decided to quit his acting career in order to pursue a law degree and nowadays he is working as a criminal defense attorney in LA.

Adria Tennor

She played the role of Laurie June on the show and then kept on acting. She appeared in shows like ScandalMulaney and The Mindy Project and also got the role of Joyce Darling for a few episodes of Mad Men. She starred in the shoe Greek  where she was Professor Clarissa Hawn. She also obtained some parts in movies like, You Don’t Mess With The Zohan and The Artist. In recent times she worked in the post production of some shorts and films.

Larry Manetti

He had just some small roles in JAG, but after that he appeared in some other shows and TV films. In addition, he played the role of Nicky Demarco aka Nicky The Kid in Hawaii Five-O from 2013 to 2016.

Christina Pickles

She was Trish Burnett on JAG and then turned into Judy Geller on Friends. She is a successful actress and dubbing actress too, she voiced various games and shows. Not long ago she voiced for Family Guy!

Ned Schmidtke

He played the small role of Congressman Harold Fetzer ant then had many roles in shows and film: for example he played the part of Frank Meyers in the Wedding Crashers and he was Terry Cavanaugh in Medium. You may remember him as Bishop White if you watched the Days of Our Lives.

Vicellous Shannon

He played the role of Midshipman Kevin Dupree. Before JAG he performed Keith Palmer on season two of 24. After that, he got the role of Aaron James on CSI and also starred on shows like Sons of Anarchy and Bones.

Jordana Spiro

This actress and producer was Catherine Graves for a short period of time, then she became best famous for being P.J. Franklin on My Boys. In addition, she played the role of Rachael Miller on Harry’s Law and Detective Jenna Villette on The Good Wife. In recent times she was Sarah Weller on Blindspot and Rachel in Ozark.

Michele Dalcin

She played various roles on JAG: she was Court Clerk, Rebecca and Jane Blakely. After the show has ended she just had few roles before quitting the acting career. She performed Mary Engel/Mary Johnson in Grosse Pointe, Sally Fortner in Redemption of the Ghost and Miriam in The Long Ride Home.

Crystal Carson

She spent three weeks on JAG as Commander Carpenter, but she became famous for her role in General Hospital, where she was Juliet Barrett and for being Lydia on Club 5150. Nowadays, she is an acting coach and among her clients we can find stars like Paula Abdul and Jennifer Beals.

Marcy Kaplan

She played Millie on JAG. Short before that, she played the role of Marlo Ungerschtemer on Days Of Our Lives. Then she almost disappeared from the screens: she played roles in Strong MedicineStrange Hearts and in The Pre Nup, where she was Marnie Lapper.

Shaw Jones

He had various roles on JAG, where he was Trestman, Watson and a Marine Sergeant, but he became famous for other appearances: he was Leo In The Heist, and he was Sam in The Letter. We are sure he is preparing something for this year so…stay tuned!

Catherine Bell

She had a great success with her role of  “Mac” or Lt. Colonel Sarah MacKenzie, so she easily found other roles when the show has finished. It is possible that you have noticed her on the Hallmark show and movie The Good Witch as Cassie. Or probably as Denise Sherwood on Army Wives.