Insomnia: here is the secret to falling asleep in 1 minute

13/02/2017 - 9:23 39 Views

To fall asleep in less than a minute is possible: the secret is in the formation of the brain and in knowing how to teach it to do so.

This is what Dr. Andrew Weil, who has conceived and experienced on himself an infallible method through which he is able to get to sleep within a few tens of seconds: everything depends on a natural aerobic system through which the nerve ganglia are calm and the latent tension, consequently, diminishes.

The arrival of a satisfactory night’s sleep, then, is a matter of a few seconds. If after the infusions of Melissa, Chamomile, Goji Berries, all you have left to induce sleep is a blow to the head, in the first place, you should try to relax and induce sleep using Dr. Weil’s help and advices. Why not try it?

The method to use to achieve this, is a simple one, and can be practiced by anyone: try to believe. We just have to follow 4 very simple steps. Take a look at them >>

4) How it’s done

First, you need to find a comfortable position: no one says you have to be lying down, because you can stand or decide to sit. The only precaution to remember is to keep your back straight. In addition, throughout the exercise, it is necessary to make sure that the tip of the tongue touches the back of the incisor teeth and remains in that position. After that, you can begin to breathe through the nose: you count four seconds of inspiration, you hold your breath for seven. You can then exhale, without haste.


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3) Inhalation

This exercise (inspiration, apnea and exhalation) should be repeated a few more times: by doing a quick calculation, the three cycles end in about a minute. Over time, these mechanisms become automatic reflexes. This technique, studied by Professor Weil, aims to ensure that the person learns to manage its body in a different way compared to the way he has been accustomed to, up to that point, for a complete balance recovery, both physical and psychological. It is, in essence, to find the right harmony with your own body, which in many cases is hampered by the stress of everyday life.


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2) How it works

It remains to understand, however, the principle by which the adjustment of the breathing favors the dream. Basically, anxiety and stress determine the entrance into the blood of a large amount of adrenaline, the hormone that makes us agitated: this, in fact, causes an increase in the heart rate, which becomes faster, with a shorter and more frantic breathing. Dr. Weil’s technique ensures that the respiratory system becomes capable of identifying the correct breathing rate.


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1) The breathing and the sleep

In other words, it’s as if breathing was educated in a certain way so that we are less agitated: in doing so, the body stores a greater amount of oxygen in the course of inhalation and during the retention of breathing. With exhalation, however, a greater amount of carbon dioxide is expelled. As you can guess, the result is a much improved body efficiency, while the heartbeats become slower and the whole body relaxes. Testing this method to reach sleep easily guarantees almost incredible results: all this with the utmost ease, to find the relaxation lost.