13 Human Beings That Are “Weirdly” Unique

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1 - Rolf Bucholz

The world is a strange place, by now even the eldest generation principle-holders have realized it. It’s impossible and useless to try to normalize and tame people’s weirdness. The thing is, if big communities (and by big, I mean 500 or more people) are always responsible for minor or major social psychosis, just imagine those agglomerates where the population is counted by the millions. It’s just an impossible thing to desire. We gathered 13 of the most “Special” people on the planet, just to show what we’re talking about:

1. Rolf Buchholz.

This is Rolf, a man from Dortmund, Germany. He’s not just a man, he’s the MOST PIERCED man on Earth, according to Guinness World Records. His record stands at 453 piercings, 278 of which are in his genitals area, and another 153 are around his lips. If that wasn’t enough, more than half his body is covered in tattoos and he got 2 silicon implants to give himself a pair of horns.

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2 - Paul Karason

2. Paul Karason.

When Paul decided to self medicate his case of dermatitis with silver treatments (known for fighting infections being  a strong antibacterial), he’d never think that his skin was going to turn blue. But, following the same process we use to render color in photographs, he contracted argyria, a condition in which your pigmentation gets bluer and bluer, with no chance of reversal even though it’s not dangerous for human life, he died for other causes at the age of 62.

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3 - Valeria Lukyanova

3. Valeria Lukyanova.

This 30-year-old Ukrainian model hit the headers a few months ago, because she claimed to be a human barbie doll. Considering that she also affirms that her only plastic surgeries where to inflate her breasts, it’s pretty impressive. With a waist that doesn’t reach 18″ and a face that looks made out of porcelain, she definitely looked like Barbie.

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4 - Yu Zhenhuan

4. Yu Zhenhuan.

Due to a rare genetic condition, 96% of Yu’s body is covered with hair since the age of 2. You can imagine how, during his whole life, he’s had a whole lotta fingers pointing at him, but in a very nice twist of things he managed to get accustomed to everybody noticing him, and now wants to be a popstar. And he’s slowly making it, already living from medium/small gigs around the country. Well done, Yu.

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5 - Mayra Hills

5. Mayra Hills.

When she was still an A-cup, an insecure Mayra decided that it was time to see how far human skin could stretch. Can you imagine if all that suddenly blasted? It’d look like the Colour Run, right? Anyways, if she’s happy so are we, and at least now we know she won’t die in a car accident.

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6 - Julia Gnuse

6. Julia Gnuse.

With 95% of her body covered in ink, Julia is the world’s most tattooed woman according to the Guinness World Records committee. With a whopping $100k spent in ink and agile hands, it’s a price that’s well deserved.

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7 - Lucky Diamond Rich

7. Lucky Diamond Rich.

If Julia is already a big player in the tattoo thing, Lucky is the “Maestro of Maestros”. He managed to tattoo the 100% of his body surface (internal eyelids, foreskin, gums, etc…), with TWO layers of black, before starting the designs. He’s a famous sword swallower and juggler, performing arts that are how he maintains himself.

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8 - Mohammed Kaleem

8. Mohammed Kaleem.

Little Moha has this very rare condition called Macrodactyly, a form of gigantism, but focused only on the hands. At first he was rejected by the very superstitious community he and his parents lived in, but great media coverage allowed him to be considered as the symbol of the poor class and their struggles with health and sanity.

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9 - Women Kayan Tribe

9. Women of the Kayan Tribe.

In this tibetan-oriented community in Myanmar, it is tradition for women to start wearing brass rings around their neck at a very young age. It’s not inhuman, it’s just that in some areas of the world, where the contact with the West is still, fortunately, very light, there are traditions that can be dragged on and on for centuries. Well this is one of those traditions.

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10 - Sultan Kosen

10. Sultan Kösen.

The tallest man on Earth. What else is there to say? He’s a 2.51 meters tall (8ft 3″), 168 Kg (370 pounds) Turkish man.

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11 - Chandra Bahadur Dangi

11. Chandra Bahadur Dangi.

… and yes. He’s the shortest, or was, since he died a few months back. 54.5cm  (22″ inches) of nice, tender, sweet amusing joyness. The amazing thing is that Chandra’s greatest desire was to be a roamer of the world and he managed to do that! Being the shortest man on Earth  gave him the coverage, and hence the money, to travel around the globe… As a matter of fact he passed away in American Samoa (!!!)

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12 - jocelyn Wildenstein

12. Jocelyn Wildenstein.

How fun was the Wildenstein divorce? Yeah, I know. But let’s talk about Jocelyn’s plastic surgeries… She underwent dozens of operations trying to achieve a feline look from the moment her husband expressed his appreciation of big cats. How crazy is that?

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13 - Abigail-Brittany Hansel

13. Abigail and Brittany Hensel.

These siamese twins were not given more than a few weeks of life when they were born, but incredibly they still are, and very healthy as well. They are “equipped” with two hearts, four lungs, two stomachs, one liver and one reproductive system. I know what y’all are wondering, but I’m not even going to express the question.