Hollywood waves and curls: 7 tips you should use straight away

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The newest trend in haircuts is a long, flowing, full-bodied and curly hair. Gone are the years in which to be cool, hair had to be straight as spaghetti, nowadays fashion wants waves and soft curls to be the frame to our faces.

If this is what the trend wants it’s also true that not all of us so lucky to have naturally curly hair, not to mention the fact that, generally, those who have moderately curly hair, also know what it means to end up with a broom-like frizz.

Those that are not curly, on the other hand, are probably too smooth; in short, it seems impossible to aspire to the beautiful curls seen on the head of our stars. You may not even know it, but getting a VIP hairstyle as if you just left a beauty salon is not so difficult, try to believeHere are the 7 secrets to getting dream curls.

7) Hair straightener

The most famous object for hair styling and you will probably be thinking that it is only used to straighten your hair, but it’s not. In the market there’s straighteners that also heat on the sides, just to be able to obtain curly hair, pure hedgehog style; but also “normal” straighteners with which a curly hair can also be obtained; you only need to start from the top, by inserting a hair lock between the two plates, turn it 180° and while very slowly reaching the bottom, you will find a nice soft curl.

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6) Hair curler

After the evergreen of straight hair, this is the second tool that almost all women have in the house. With the curler you can obtain tighter curls, as well as loose ones; Simply, once you’ve finished curling all the hair, run your hand through the hair while turning your head upside down. Fix everything with some lacquer.

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5) Hair dryer and brush

Being very careful, the use of the hairdryer may be less invasive than the curler or the straightener since the hair is not in direct contact with the heat source. It will require a little more mastery, but the result is guaranteed. Twist a lock around the brush until it reaches the middle of the head, then point the air jet at it and wait a few seconds, turning it to heat all sides; unroll the lock and fix with a little lacquer.

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4) The stocking

You may be wondering what does a sock have to see in all this, but when you see it you’ll drop your jaw. Take a mismatched sock that will not be used again and cut the tip off. Moisten the hair and tie it in a ponytail, then use the sock to curl the hair around itself, from the tip, to the nape; it should look like a messy bun. Tie the ends of the stocking and go to sleep, so at night it will dry. In the morning untie it.

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3) The curlers

They were probably very fashionable in years gone by, since it’s a fairly time sucking technique, but it’s certainly very effective. To get waves you will have to get them wide enough, divide the hair into sections, entangle them to the curlers, from the tips to the roots, fix them with tweezers and dry them with a diffuser-equipped dryer. When you’re be sure that they are completely dry, untangle them.

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2) Headband

If you grew up in the 90s, you shall have a hairbrush in some drawer. You thought that you’d never use it again and yet, in this case it hase an alternative use. Put it on before going to bed at night, fit it well and then divide the hair into tufts and roll them one by one around the band; The more locks you’ll make, the better the curled effect will be. In the morning remove the headband and volume your hair by running your hands through it with your head upside down.

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1) The braid

If we remain on ’90s theme, there’s no one who didn’t want to try the frisé effect, making small braids. The practice is the same, with the difference that the bigger the braid, the wider the curl. You can also just do one or two, one on each side, it also depends a lot on the mass of hair you have. Once again the advice is to keep them all night, so that the wavy effect is guaranteed.

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