History in photos: over 40 rare pictures

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1. Never seen before

Here are some famous people and historical events depicted as you have never seen them before. These rare pictures show familiar situations and individuals in a brand new light. Be it disturbing, funny or sad, the photos will make you consider historical events from a different point of view.

As a beautiful and talented actress, Jane Fonda has had a long and successful career. But she has been much more than a movie star: writer, fashion model, personal trainer and a political activist.

Have you ever watched “Barbarella”? In this movie shot in 1968 Jane Fonda plays a space traveller named (guess what?) Barbarella. This science fiction film, based upon a comic book series, surely deserves a remake.

2. Call me Blonde Bombshell

According to many people, the term “blonde bombshell” was first used after Robyn Hilton made her appearance in Tonight Show in 1974. This photo that shows her, in a sexy outfit, talking with broadcaster Johnny Carson, can easily explain where the nickname comes from.

3. Jamie Lee Curtis in a perfect role

Despite the ambitious title, the 1985 movie “Perfect” was not well received by critics. However, once you watch it, it is hard to forget Jamie Lee Curtis playing a sexy aerobics teacher. And the class was pretty intense, as you can tell from this picture depicting the beautiful and charismatic actress.

4. First shot on the moon

This picture was taken in 1969 by Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon’s surface. One small picture for a man… one giant leap for mankind.

5. Heather Locklear, 1981 Dynasty

It was definitely one of the most successful shows in the 80’s. Dynasty was on TV from 1981 to 1989 and launched Heather Locklear, pictured here in all her beauty. By playing Sammy Jo Carrington she became a mainstream actress. Married twice, to Tommy Lee until 90’s, then to Richie Sambora. Not many people know that she attended UCLA and was one of the producers for Melrose Place and LAX.

6. Jane Fonda, 1982

As many of you might remember, actress Jane Fonda was also a fitness guru in the ’80s. Today we would call her a fitness influencer, if you consider the amount of people she got involved in aerobics. She shot a long series of videos, 22 to be precise, in which she were doing workout and aerobics. Over 17 million copies were sold. Actress, activist and fitness trainer: unstoppable Jane Fonda.

7. Transcontinental Railroad, 1868

The transcontinental railroad was completed in 1869. This picture, taken in Nevada, shows a native American man observing the track from the top of a hill.

8. First Selfie, 1900

This picture, shot in 1900, might be the first selfie ever taken. The woman, standing in front of the mirror, takes a photograph of herself with her handheld camera.

9. SAS Airlines Uniform Check

Have you ever seen a stewardess wearing a sexy uniform such as this one? In this picture, shot in 1959, a Scandinavian Airlines employee is checking the skirt length of a member of crew. Will she pass the test?

10. Thousand Yard Stare, 1944

Arguably one of the most intense shots from the Second World War. This American marine had been fighting for 2 days in the Battle of Eniwetok (1944), when this picture was taken.

11. Man on Submarine

Very little is known about this picture which is a powerful shot portraying a man on a moving submarine. Military training or fatal mistake?

12. Einstein, 1932

Here is one of the numerous pictures depicting Albert Einstein in an unusual pose. In this photo, taken in Palm Springs, California, the scientist is relaxing on a chair while smoking a pipe

13. S.S Enterprise model

If you are a Star Trek fan you have already recognised this model. It is the first picture of the U.S.S. Enterprise and it was shot in California in 1965.

14. Hitler and Hanna Reitsch, 1937

In this photo taken in 1937, Adolph Hitler is having a cup of tea with a smiling lady. Her name is Hanna Reitsch and she was the most famous aviator in Germany at that time. She mainly worked as a test pilot for the new Nazis’ aircraft, holding over forty flight altitude and gliding endurance records.

15. Neil Armstrong, 1969

Let’s have a bite before going to the moon! In this picture Neil Armstrong is having  breakfast in 1969, before embarking on his historical space trip.

16. Pearl Harbor, 1941

This spectacular shot of the bomb attack during Pearl Harbor on December 1941 catches the moment when the USS Shaw is exploding.

17. Paris, 1910

You might think this is the river Seine, but it is actually a busy street in Paris,  transformed into a river full of boats, during the Great Flood in 1910.

18. Test on the sea

This picture catches the spectacular test of USS Gerald Ford, whose value was about 13 billion dollar. Weeks later the war machine was commissioned, in July 2017.

19. Abraham Lincoln, 1840

As far as we know, this is the oldest picture of Abraham Lincoln ever shot: it was taken around 1940.

20. Unfit for work

This photo shows a plane accident: this Boeing 747-368 was moving slowly, when it experienced a technical issue. After leaving the maintenance area, it was leasing to the passenger loading terminal, but it ended up over a ditch, with its nose into the ground. The accident took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

21. Stalin Family, 1935

In this rare picture, shot in 1935, Russian dictator Joseph Stalin is posing with son Vasily and daughter Svetlana.

22. Kim Jong Un on Horseback

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is riding a horse while checking the training session of the Korean People’s Army. One of the rare official photos of the Asian dictator.

23. The Avengers

This group portrait shows the team of Jewish assassins also known as “The Avengers”. At the end of World War 2 the Avengers tracked and killed several Nazi officers who went into hiding.

24. XB-70 Valkyrie

This powerful American aircraft was never produced, despite being an advanced technological war machine. This rare picture shows the prototype of the 6-engine Valkyrie. The United States Air Force Strategic Air Command had planned to use it as a nuclear-armed and strategic bomber. Eventually the production was stopped and the XB-70 Valkyrie was retired in 1969.

25. Cologne Highwire Artist, 1946

A few months after the end of World War II, this artist walks a wire in Germany. Below her is the destroyed city of Heumarkt in Cologne.

26. Pearl Harbor Aftermath, 1941

This is what was left of the American naval forces after the Japanese air attack in Pearl Harbor. The picture was shot in December 1941.

27. Gandhi, 1946

(Photo by Margaret Bourke-White/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

In this highly symbolic picture Indian leader Gandhi is sitting on the floor and reading. In the foreground a spinning wheel catches our attention as a symbol of the whole country fighting for independence.

28. Grand Central Station, 1929

Spectacular rays of lights shine through the windows in this picture taken inside the Grand Central Terminal in New York. This beautiful scene cannot be see nowadays as tall buildings surround the station.

29. Louis Armstrong, 1950s

Louis Armstrong plays trumpet right under the enigmatic Sphinx of Ghiza. In the foreground a man takes a picture of him.

30. Hitler Declares War on US, 1941

This photograph catches the moment when the German dictator declared war on the United States in 1941. The picture was later colourized by Mads Madsen.

31. Statue of Liberty

As the Statue of Liberty arrives in New York from France, these men start working to place the landmark in his place.

32. Jackie Chan, 1996

Well known for his stunts, in this picture taken in 1996, Jackie Chan is getting ready to cling the Hollywood sign.

33. Franz Ferdinand

This picture of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria has been recently colourized. The assassination of Ferdinand caused the start of the First World War.

34. Soldiers in Ypres, 1917

From a war scene comes this rare picture shot in Belgium in 1917. Surrounded by the debris, soldiers of the Australian 4th Division field artillery cross a track during First World War.

35. British Soldier Football Team, 1916

In this unusual team picture, British soldiers pose wearing gas masks before playing a football match. It was shot in 1916, while the British forces were somewhere in Northern France.

36. Young mine workers

Very young mine workers pose for this picture at the entrance of a coal mine. This photograph, taken in 1911, should be a reminder of how cruel is to use children as workers.

37. Riding waves

In this funny picture elephant Queenie shows off her strong skills in water surfing. It was the only animal in the 50’s who was able to riding waves.

38. Two historical giants

Malcolm X is having a chat with Cassius Clay, a.k.a Muhammad Ali, in Miami after the boxer’s victory over Sonny Liston.

39. Fidel Castro, 1972

I bet you have never seen Fidel Castro playing basketball before. This picture was taken in June 1972 in Krakow, when the Cuban leader was visiting Poland for the first time. At that time Castro was much more popular in Europe rather than in America.

40. The Romanovs, 1913

In this beautiful family portrait tzar Nicholas II is sitting surrounded by his wife Alexandra and their daughters Ol’ga, Tat’jana, Marija e Anastasia and Aleksej.

41. Soldiers in WWII

A funny joke between two American soldiers during the Second World War. This natural and spontaneous photo catches a moment of levity, a break from the worries of military life.

42. Castro and Che Fishing, 1960

Another shot of Fidel Castro, this time sitting in a fishing boat with friend Ernesto Che Guevara in 1960.

43. A Samurai in 1870

In this beautiful picture a Japanese samurai shows off his armour. The picture was taken by Felice Beato around 1870.

44. The Beatles Wait To Cross Abbey Road, 1969

Everybody remembers the unforgettable picture of the Beatles crossing Abbey Road, which became one of the most famous album covers ever. This photo, shot just few minutes before, while the band was getting ready for the picture, was taken on 8 August 1969.

45. Al Capone, 1931

Al Capone is here depicted as a football supporter, while he attends a game which sees Notre Dame competing versus Northwestern. The match took place in Evanstone, Illinois, on 10 October 1931.