The funniest broadcast fails and bloopers of all time

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Most of the times, when you are a respected anchorman or woman, the last thing you want is for an unexpected accident to happen while on-air, because when it happens there’s nothing to take the shame and embarrassment in your place. Whether it’s the weather’s fault (no pun intended) or an intruder seeking for his 15 seconds of fame, sometimes the “videobomb” is inevitable. This is a collection of some of the best moments we could find; moments that turned the news into a comedy segment, a guaranteed laugh in an unexpected moment. Explore the gallery and have a laugh at these embarrassing moments>>

I said “GO AWAY”

Personally, I think that this is a great way to deal with someone invading my personal space, whether it’s a reporter, Jehovah’s Witnesses, washing machine salesmen,  there’s no difference. If I say: “go away from my property”, I’m not going to repeat it a second time, so you better just go…

Too many work hours for Spidey

This is what happens when you take your “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” and you make work excessive hours. The poor guy goes to Uni, has to work until evening, when he has to go out and save New Yorkers. Give the guy a holiday, come on…

A woman in every port

Like every respected pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow also needs to find a concubine in Los Angeles, even though she doesn’t look too happy about it. By the way Cap,  you can find much better.

¡Boom! In yo’ face

If you take a monkey away from its natural habitat; if you take such monkey and dress it; if you take it to a TV set, and make it sit still with lots of powerful lights pointed at it, you can’t have a surprised expression if such monkey decides to bump you in the face. Bamboozled again.

The video editing guy just made himself a new enemy

This is a perfect example of how to mess up on the job, in front of millions of millions of people. I mean, if this hasn’t already generated dozens of memes, i don’t know what could.

Catch me if you can

Why is it always the nerdy looking people who get pranked? I mean, I get they look like they’re not going to defend themselves, but maybe that’s why we should leave them alone?

Professionalism “over 9000”

Doesn’t matter what might be happening behind him, he is NOT going to be distracted by it. A man on a mission, who wouldn’t turn even if John Lennon magically appeared behind him.

Hit and run (almost)

So what’s the biggest threat for reporters? Attention-seeking intervening FHRITP-enthusiasts (if you know what i mean). In this case, the journalist was prepared for an attack, and when the douche arrived he managed to bounce him off with no effort.

Oops, need a napkin?

Nice detail, lady. It’s still a mistery how she couldn’t feel what was going on… or maybe she thought she could avoid it. In any case this is one of the best pieces of trash television I had seen in a while.

Pushing Erykah Badu aside

I mean… it must be the highlight of a career, right? From one side it must be refreshing for Erykah to be treated like  a “common peasant” like the rest of us, but on the other hand, the reporter must’ve facepalmed so hard after realizing what he’d done.

Here, have this caress

The new hero of this gallery, this kid. The defiance towards authority that can be seen in the kid’s eyes is daring and innocent at the same time. Such a beautiful mix… The guy doesn’t even look like he cared though.

Here, no there, wait… oh hi !

Just like a turtle with their shell, this guy looks like he’s sneaking out of a backpack that would be placed on the reporter’s back. He only missed to make some strange noises, otherwise it would’ve been perfectly imitated.

Ouch !!!

When it comes to TV programs, everybody likes a beautiful girl who know what she’s saying. Except for this: the destabilizing element  of the picture. A drunk dude trying to make an entrance with his bike but smashing his head on the curb instead. American History X style.

Some like the snow, some don’t… anymore

Some people just want to be mean to others, right? I mean, I’m not going to believe ANYONE who says he didn’t see him. It’s a black, moving, humanoid-shaped thing, what else could he be? Oh yeah, wet and cold.


“Are you bus… ooooops”.

In that moment, little Mary knew… she f**ked up, but it was too late anyway, because mom was already on the air with half the country, good job little Mary!

This looks like a fun jogging route

Oh well, Siobhan, since you were already there, it could’ve used a little more detail, don’t you think?

Wow what an incisive move to fix it

Ok everybody is going to look at you and know that you wanted attention tonight. And it’s not because of the cleavage, but the look in her eyes while she pretends to fix it.

A glitch in the Matrix…

It literally looks like half of the screen froze. Paul Ryan must’ve said something really shocking, right? I mean… look at his face.

Never ask this guy for a high five

If you see this guy on the street, celebrating, just cross the road. it’s for your own safety you know? This guy just wanted to celebrate something and he ended up with a black eye.

Everyone deserves their 15 seconds of fame

Either this guy didn’t know what was going on, or he  thought they were snapping a picture and not a video.

Easy man, nobody’s seen you

This guy thought he could pull this off? I mean, if he works there, he should know what the frame was going to include, right?

They called her Lionheart

Yeah, exactly, jump on the side of the boat, such a mature reaction. The guy tries to laugh it out because he’s on TV but he probably hurt himself so bad falling like that.

Sync ya moves

Even if that seems impossible, it must’ve been a pretty boring day at the office, if they ended up synchronizing their moves.

Balloon on the face

What better way to celebrate New Years Eve than receiving a giant red balloon on the face? Plus, with a cold nose it must really hurt.

Almost, almost!

I honestly and truly believe that the guy could’ve grabbed her if he wanted to, but he didn’t want millions of us missing the show: thanks man, we owe you a laugh.

Nomm Nomm

Ok, so. To do this in a political reunion is already dangerous enough, as a camera might spot you. But if you do it when your colleague is speaking you should KNOW that the cameras are on you. Come on man,it’s gross.

A peaceful debate

This GIF could be a perfect metafore to describe how fake modern television can be. I wouldn’t be surprised if this fight was actually staged, in any case the studio needs a new carpenter.

Wait for it

This guy doesn’t look like the lucky tipe. I mean, that’s the typical thing that would happen in the movies, right?

Right on and in

It’s of my understanding that, in a TV Network’s set, EVERYTHING revolves around what time the show is going to start and being ready for it. But not this guy, a true rebel.

Interrupting President Obama

“Sorry Mr. President, I honestly don’t know where I am”. But we’re sure that when (and if) Obama saw the movie, he must’ve laughed about it with his bodyguards.

Disappearing into the earth

Wow, what an ineffective maneuver. She tried to have the earth swallow her up, but the hairdo actually kept her in sight all the time she spent down there.

OK Corral News Channel

Hey lady, i think you should wait for the production’s “end of broadcast” signal, before you go on and “shoot” all of your viewers.

When you said “we’re on air” you meant NOW?

Well, no big harm, it was just the weather center. Everybody knows the weather guys are never taken seriously, no big deal.

Trying to find a new balance

… and failing miserably. But ultimately, it’s the production’s fault. I mean… who puts a screen in the middle of the office and pretends it’s a set? Looks like “The Newsroom” office by the way.

Latino news are the best news

Right? I mean look at the presence of this anchorwoman, she is so RIGHT THERE. She compressed her breast in such a tiny space that I wouldn’t be surprised if her jacket exploded, making headlines of her own.

Better to be a professional than helping others

And it’s not like he didn’t see it, he just couldn’t care less, but hey Live news are sacred, and the show must always go on.

Shake it like there’s no tomorrow

Nothing better than a dancing kid to distract us from the boring stuff NBC Chicago’s trying to tell us. WHY is this not a meme yet?


Despite the bad weather, the wind and the rain, these english guys decided this was their big chance to get admitted in “Dance Off”. Hey, I think they should.


This little fella doesn’t care that the CNN showed up at his school to make a news report, he just needed to express his malcontent to all of the United States.

OMG he just appeared

Golden rule, DO NOT sneak up on people while they’re focusing on their job. Especially if “people” means a blond woman in her 50’s trying her best to look sophisticated. This guy seemed spooked himself.


But the guy doesn’t seem too bothered by it (I bet he could cause panic for a few minutes).

Wow, that’s confident

Did she really think that the cable was going to hold her up? In any case… how did that happen altogether? She was fine just one second earlier.

Flying skateboard is not funny

Standing in the danger zone can cause you to need several stitches. If you don’t expect it it’s even worse because you can’t even try to be alert in case it happens. Ouch!!!

Wait, what’s there?

Is she hiding something down there? Anyway, it’s funny because she knew she screwed up.

Sometimes the best photo has a… wet price.

Sometimes it’s dangerous to make the extra step that’s needed to make your picture more beautiful. Next time, crop it out my man.

Fox News, now I get how you keep your views up

Hey hey hey, it’s easy to win the viewers attention like this, uh? His colleague doesn’t seem impressed, though. Maybe he ‘knows’ something that we don’t?

Always look where you put your…

…feet! Wow, that must’ve hurt.