Famous ’90s women: how do they look today?

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It’s almost impossible to think that the 90’s started pretty much 30 years ago. Those crazy childhood dreams don’t feel like they were long ago, so why are they?

That garage-y decade allowed people all around the States to get loose and maybe a little bit more free, thanks also to pretty ridiculous (but awesome too) fashion trends, as well as the birth of the showbiz intended as showbiz.

So many personalities came out of those years, the American pop culture really started influencing the world. The thing is that now almost 30 years have passed, but these women are still here!

So brace yourselves because we’re about to embark on a nostalgic trip around the 90’2 to see how the famous women from that decade are doing today:

THEN AND NOW: Jenny Garth

Do you remember the beautiful Kelly Taylor from Beverly Hills 90210? Played by a young Jenny Garth, in those days thousands of Americans fell in love with her… After the famous show, her carrier went on and she continued playing other roles in TV shows and movies. She is also known for starring as Valerie Tyler on the sitcom What I Like About you.

THEN: Alyssa Milano

Do you guys remember the show Who’s The Boss ? Alyssa used to play Tony Danza’s beautiful daughter. She already gave out signs of a promising career, but when she landed the role of the youngest of the Halliwell sisters in Charmed, is when we all noticed how mature an actress she’d become. Her ever-changing character always knew how to keep all of us hooked to her performances and presence in general.

NOW: Alyssa Milano

Nowadays, even though she is a very busy mother-of-two, born from the marriage to advertising agent David Bugliari, whom she married in 2009. Aside from juggling herself between TV shows and movie roles, she managed to publish her very own comic book, crazy, isn’t it? At the moment she is a recurring presence in Mistresses,even though her biggest role, as she says, is being a mother.

THEN: Lucy Lawless

After growing up with her, we can affirm that nobody could’ve ever played Xena Warrior Princess better then how Lucy did. The battle cry, the outfit, the “war frisbee” (called chakram) are all things that left their mark on pup culture all around the world.

NOW: Lucy Lawless

To us she’ll always be Xena, obviously, but we also have to recognize the work that she’s been doing after the show’s end. She appeared on Spartacus, Parks and Recreation, Agents of Shield, Ash vs the Evil Dead, etc… The looks an the appeal that she had on-screen are still there. In 1998, she married the producer of Xena, from whom she had two sons, in addition to the one she had from her previous marriage.

THEN: Jessica Biel

In the 90’s, Jessica used to be the well-behaved and religious daughter of a Protestant pastor on “7th Heaven”, the show that aired on The CW. In 1997 she also appeared in the movie Ulee’s gold, that also gained her a Young Artist Award thanks to her performance.

NOW: Jessica Biel

She’s also been doing great since those moments. She got to marry Justin Timberlake, one of the most desired and sought after men on the planet, became a mom, starred in some Hollywood superproductions such as Blade: Trinity, Stealth, The A-Team, Total Recall and others.

THEN: Alicia Silverstone

Before her breakout role as Cher, a rich high school student in the teenage film Clueless, she starred in three Aerosmith movies. Considering her looks, it comes to no surprise to know that she was chosen to be the star of hard rock band, broken jeans and all.

NOW: Alicia Silverstone

After Clueless she’s been bouncing around TV shows, movies and Broadway, where she was cast for Time Stands Still as Mandy Bloom. She’s a convinced vegan, who also happens to have written a book about how best it is to not eat meat or wear animal products.

THEN: Tiffani Thissen

 It looks like that all the teen (more or less) actors from the 90’s managed to lead their careers jumping from success to success, form hit show to hit show. Like Tiffani, who jumped from Beverly Hills 90210 to Saved By The Bell

NOW: Tiffani Thissen

Advancing in her career (and age) her target has obviously changed, and now she holds a cooking show on the Cooking Channel: Cooking at Tiffani’s. Not only she hosts the show, she is also an executive producer.

THEN: Keri Russell

When she was just a young teenager, Keri took part with the cast of the Mickey Mouse Club before hitting it big time with her part in Honey I Shrunk the Kids, and right after that she was in Malibu Shores in 1996.

NOW: Keri Russell

In more recent years, she has a leading role in the show The Americans, together with her real life partner, Matthew Rhys. She’s also starred as lead in movies like Waitress, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Free State of Jones and many more…

THEN: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I mean, whoever doesn’t didn’t really live in the 90’s. It was a legendary show, fit for everyone and every age, juggling between romance, action and horror with incredible plot twists. Sarah was the big star of the show.

NOW: Sarah Michelle Gellar

At the present day, Sarah is still married to Freddie Prinze, the actor she wed in 2000. Apparently they’re envied throughout the whole Hollywood for the strength of their relationship. Sarah put the major acting roles on pause for a while and now she’s more interested in philanthropy and charity.

THEN: Tia and Tamera Mowrey

Everybody has a memory of the IDENTICAL, sassy twins form the show Sister, Sister. The teenage hit show was about this sisters who got separated at birth and re-encounter themselves at school, and always wear the same outfit.

NOW: Tia and Tamera Mowrey

To this day, the amazing twins still work for Nickelodeon; yeah it kinda looks like a gratitude job, since it’s the channel that made famous and wealthy. One has a cooking show and just published a book of parenting advices. 

THEN: Angie Harmon

Back in the 90’s, Angie had one of the most recognizable faces in the business, and that’s because she was part of the main cast for the immensely popular show Baywatch, with David Hasselhoof, who was actually the one who discovered her. After that she got hired as Abbie Carmichael in the crime show Law & Order.

NOW: Angie Harmon

To the present day she’s still an actress, but the main and only role she has recently played is Jane Rizzoli on Rizzoli & Isles. After that she decided to take a break and focus her attention on the family and the kids.

THEN: Jennie Garth

Before becoming one of the stars of Beverly Hills 90210, interpreting Kelly Taylor, she had already appeared on another major TV role. Ever heard of the hit show Growing Pains from the early 90’s?

NOW: Jennie Garth

Even though she was a successful actress, she had trouble finding her soul mate, so she decided to recur to what the younger generations tendo to, these days. She went on a blind date! Not in the style of Tinder, but still very impressive right? That’s how she met actor David Abrams, and they’re still married and in love to the date.

THEN: Mandy Moore

This actress actually started her career as a singer, who also became very popular in the 90’s thanks to her debut album“So Real”. After that she started landing smaller roles in love comedies and and teen dramas, who made her a fix presence on the radar.

NOW: Mandy Moore

Mandy is having a marvelous career, both in singing and acting. Not only she was listed on VH1’s Greatest Women in History, but she even appeared in some really important movies and did a great job. More recently she’s been working on her role in This is Us, where she’s doing an amazing job, apparently.

THEN: Tatyana Ali

Everybody knows her as Ashley, Will Smith’s cousin in Fresh Prince of Bel Air. She appeared in almost every episode, and the fans loved her because of her witty personality, who managed to keep things funny, even in the more serious moments.

NOW: Tatyana Ali

After the show had ended, Tatyana decided to have a go at the music career, which didn’t las long, unluckily for her. More recently, she got back to acting, landing a recurring role in the soap opera The young and the Restless.

THEN: Amy Jo Johnson

Everybody remembers the Power Rangers, right? Well she was the pink one. Looking at it right now, the show looks pretty “cringey”, but at the time, kids all over the world were waitinmg for the 4 pm show like it was the most important thing in the world.

NOW: Amy Jo Johnson

After tying the knot with her husband Olivier Giner, and give birth to a beautiful baby girl, she decided to renovate herself and became a director, a role that she appears to enjoy much more then the acting part. Her most recent works are 2014’s ‘Lines’ and 2017’s ‘The Space Between’.

THEN: Janet Jackson

When she came out with her two first albums (“Janet” and “The Velvet Rope”), she managed to have her own rise to fame, even though her brother was much, much more famous. Those albums were actually hits!!

NOW: Janet Jackson

Today, Janet has passed the 50 mark from a couple years but still looks amazing, even though her career has kind of dropped. She just gave birth to the first son with her new husband Wissam Al Mana, the man she had to convert to Islam for, in order to marry him.

THEN: Jenny McCarthy

At the beginning of her career, Jenny McCarthy reached the spotlight in the “usual” outrageous way. Using her body image to land herself a Playboy cover in 1993, when she also won the prize as ‘Playmate of the Year’, that wasn’t very appreciated by her very religious family.

NOW: Jenny McCarthy

Other than landing film roles in comedies such as Scary Movie 3 and television appearances on Two and a Half Men, Jenny has written books on parenting. She recently caused further controversy when she spoke out against children’s vaccinations.

THEN: Liv Tyler

She started her career when she was 14 years old as a model, but 2 years later she made her debut on the screen as the star of her father band’s videos. Aerosmith, ever heard of them? After that she started landing TV and cinema roles.

NOW: Liv Tyler

As of today, the actress who played Arwen in the Lord of the Rings trilogy is  proud mother of  three beautiful kids. Between a pregnancy and the next one, she was recently cast in movies like Jersey Girl, The Strangers, The Ledge, Space Station 76, and others…

THEN: Christina Applegate

Christina got her celebrity thanks to her recurring role as the ditzy blonde daughter on Married with Children, the american soap-opera in which she portrayed the daughter. Lucky for everyone, she isn’t like that in real life.

NOW: Christina Applegate

Christina’s personal life took a major tumble when she found out that she had breast cancer in 2008. She has since undergone a full mastectomy as she was told she had the BRCA1 gene, which triggers breast cancer. She officially has a clean bill of health these days. Yay!