12 Extravagant Objects That Were Bought By Celebrities

21/03/2016 - 2:21 135 Views


When you got so much money you don’t know how to spend it, you should give it to me. Jokes apart, we are used to see and hear all kind of extravagances that the celebrity do, and buy, and brag. Golden trousers, diamond teeth, towns. I mean, there’s no limit when you talk in millions of dollars. But there are a few who really got over the line of morality by doing so. Let’s go find out who they are… Probably you’ll expect half of them.

1) Beyoncé

Bey got these 24k gold leggings at the BET Awards in 2007. They were made specifically for her by Balenciaga who charged her a good tenth of a million for the privilege. Let’s just hope they weren’t a one-timer because they don’t fit now.


2) Nicholas Cage

The Hollywood star, famous for his eccentric tastes and appearances, managed to beat Leo in an auction that saw him spend a whopping 275.000$ to secure himself the skull of a Tyrannosaurus bataar, a slightly smaller version of the rex. Good on ye, Nic!


3) Brangelina

The magnificent Angelina Jolie gets to pose herself a very difficult question, every year: “What do I buy for a man that can have all that he wants?” Seems like last year, the answer was a $1.6 million dollar helicopter. We hope he liked the colour.


4) Daniel Radcliffe

Everyone’s favourite magician decided that, if you have to sleep every night, you better set yourself in the most comfortable way possible. If that means a Three-in-One, multi-layered stuffed mattress… how could we say no? The thing is that it costs $17.000 dollars. Yep, like that car that you’ll only be able to buy when you’re 50.


5) Paris Hilton

What do you do when you really love your pair of doggies? You build a kid-sized replica of your house for them. That includes heating, AC, pool, automatic food dispenser and an elevator. The thing is that it cost $325.000 to build. She also filled it with REAL furniture, in a very small size. But… WHY?


6) Bey – Z

America’s favorite couple knows how to get around in style. This Mercedes van has completely (and more) restyled, upgraded, furnished. Basically, they pimped the s**t out of it. The audio system only was $150 grand, and it has a steam shower in it. Total cost: $1 million.


7) Michael Vick

What do you do when society finds out that you’re ruining dogs lives by training them to fight and killing them when they get weak, and as a consequence you lose your job? You build a $85.000 dollar fish pond in your mansion. Obviously this twisted society doesn’t see that you were a dog fight promoter, so he’s back in the NFL with a 3 year deal for a total of $100 million. Fair’s fair right?


8) Donald Trump

The President bought a $100 million dollars Boeing 757, that can host 230 people in comfortable sofas, flatscreens all over the place and everything is promiscuous as it should when we’re talking of this man.


9) Chad Ochocinco

For his birthday, the NFL star got himself a super truck built on his specific instructions. This is

Really an over-the-top kind of personalization, with his name carved in the front and his number carved in the back. It cost $100.000 and it runs at about 6 miles per gallon.


10) Bono Vox

When Bono let for Italy to join “Pavarotti & Friends” he forgot his favourite trilby at home so, instead of shipping it normally or urgently, he bought a $1.700 first class plane ticket to have it flown over on the next flight. Fair enough, right? No.


11) Kanye West

I bet you were starting to think I wouldn’t put Kanye in my list, but he’s so funny and tender with all his rants that I had to pay homage to his diamond encrusted lower central teeth. What do you think? He does look shinier than usual.


12) Drake

Drake literally made money rain, when he last paid visit to a strip club in North Carolina. He literally got in with 50k and got out with none. There are real pictures of him throwing it in the air. Really? Drake, really?