Emergency Hairstyles: 5 Ideas to Save Your Night Out

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Who has never had to leave home, having to prepare to attend a party or, worse, the first date with a boy and had no time to do their hair? It is important to be prepared.

So what can we come up with if instead of hair we have a bird’s nest? Or if the roots have the obvious need for a wash? A remedy can always be found and in this case there is also a few solutions. You’ll be able to leave the house without worrying that someone will notice that your hair is not very clean.

And don’t you think that these are too elaborate or sophisticated hairstyles, which you won’t be able to replicate. They are really very simple tricks that you will always be able to craft on your own.

With these quick tips you will be able to delay the shampoo to the next day, without the worry of having to hide yourself in a shame. And you won’t even have to wear ribbons or hats!

Let’s look, then, at these 5 emergency hairstyles to save your night out>>

5) The messy bun

Choosing this hairstyle will not only allow you to hide your dirty hair, it’s also fashionable. Yes because, lately, the so called “messy bun” is a very popular hairstyle among girls. Unlike the classic bun, which should never have a single hair out of place, this can be made without too many details. If you have curly hair, you just have to create a simple bun with a rubber band and pull some strands of hair out here and there. In case you have smooth or straight hair, you can choose to use a special thread to make a proper bun.

1 messy-bun

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4) High ponytail

It is likely to be a natural reflex when you have dirty hair, to tie them up instead of keeping them loose. The high ponytail is a good hairstyle, which will give you a sophisticated and provocative look. You will have to pull your hair well by combing it, so that there are no knots and rebel hairs. Tie them just below the top of the head and abound with lacquer to keep firm.

2 coda-alta

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3) Hairband

This hairstyle is very bon ton, maybe a little ’70s style. You only need a simple ribbon or a wide rubber band and some forks. Holding your hair loose, pass the end, as if it were a crown, letting it hold itself just above the forehead. Then divide the hair into tufts, begin to rotate them and insert them under the girdle. Hold your hair with hair forks and, if needed, with a little spray of lacquer.

3 capelli-nella-fascetta

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2) Partially tied up

This hairstyle will be perfect if you have dirty roots but clean hair. Leave your hair loose and separate it in two, take only the hair around your face. Wind it up a little on itself and comb it back until it’s in the middle of the head and fix it with a forceps or a few hair forks. If you like flowers, you can add a little decoration, to give a little hippy inspiration to your look.

4 semi-raccolto

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1) Braids

And we conclude with a queen of hairstyles. Braids. Once they were only made on girls, so that they were similar to dolls, but nowadays they have become fashionable and are made almost of any type. Maybe this is, if you are not practical, the only hairstyle that can give you problems. If necessary, ask your mother, or someone at home, to help you do so. The effect will be impressive.

5 trecce