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Some of these celebs committed really horrible crimes which had no consequences on their careers. In some cases, actually, it was quite the opposite.

Being arrested after committing crimes, really horrible at times, led some celebs to greater fame and success. It might sound strange, but such episodes fostered these celebsʼ careers to the detriment of others’, likewise famous and talented, who almost disappeared from the scenes despite their criminal record being untouched. As we already know, nowadays you do not necessarily reach fame thanks to your values: you need gossip. And the most popular gossip is sad and unpleasant. Some might even think that some of them did it on purpose to create a sensation, though others risked very serious penalties for their crimes.

Celebs in this gallery may be praised either for their talent or beauty, but please note that in the past they did things that sometimes led them to prison or to serve a sentence.

Crimes range from drug possession to attempted murder, through any kind of misdemeanor. In the following page we will find out who famous criminals made stronger by issues with law are. 

Matthew McConaughey

The actor, 29 at that time, was stopped for possessing weed and objects leading to drug abuse. A police spokesman stated that McConaughey resisted to the capture refusing to get on the police car. Policemen found him dancing naked and using different kinds of drugs. The article continues in the following page>>

1 - MatMcCon

Mark Wahlberg

We cannot call Mark Wahlberg an ideal actor. Before taking the high road, he found time to commit crimes. The most serious one dates back to 27 years ago: at the age of 16 he was charged with the attempted murder of a young Vietnamese man. The article continues in the following page>>


Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder. In 2001 she was charged with stealing clothes and accessories from a luxury shop in Beverly Ηills for an amount of 5.500 dollars. She declared that she was leading researches for a part in a movie. The article continues in the following page>>

3 - winona

Jay Z

In 2011, Jay Z declared he was convict for stabbing Lance “Un” Rivera, the rival disco producer, during the release party of the Amplified record by Q-Tip at Kit Kat Club in New York City, in 1999. According to the rapper, he was furious because someone had given the audience a copy of the Vol. 3… of his album Life and Times of S. Carter. All the people asked for clarifications had accused Rivera. During the release party, the tension was high and Jay strightly faced him. After an argument, he stabbed Rivera to the stomach. The article continues in the following page>>

4 jay z

Kobe Bryant

On July 4th 2003, he was arrested for rape: the claim had been filed by a 19 years old girl working at Cordillera Ηotel in Edwards, Colorado. Bryant confessed he had had a sexual intercourse with the girl, but called it consensual. The trial ended in 2004 with the drop of charges by the girlʼs lawyers, who decided to start a civil case. 

6 kobe

R. Kelly

R&B song – writer Robert Sylvester Kelly was arrested in 2002 for possession of child sexual abuse material and upon charge of sexual intercourse with a 13 years old girl. Ηe was acquitted in 2008 for lack of evidences. 

7 R.-Kelly

Ozzy Osbourne

The godfather heavy metal collected many issues with law. In 1982, he was arrested for peeing against a wall in Fort Alamo, Texas. Ηe was drunk and dressed as a woman. Ηe was arrested and then banned from the city of San Antonio for 10 years. Ηe had issues with law again a few years later, when he tried to strangle his wife Sharon after drinking four bottles of vodka.

8 ozzy

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson. The boxer was arrested in 1991 for the rape of Desirée Washington, 18. Ηe was judged convict and stayed in jail for 3 years. Just after release, Mike went back to the ring.

5 mike tyson