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Nowadays, even the most renowned artists often agree on the fact that cars just might be the most evolved and most unique form of art. Even though they are meant for sheer transport, the customizing era began a few decades ago and thus, these road roamers became a status symbol for the rich and powerful.

We’ve seen many awe-inspiring rides over the years, but these people have truly broken the boundaries and set a new standard for awesomeness in the automotive department of our lives. Enjoy and secure your jaw before starting!

Paris Hilton – Bentley GT Continental, Estimated $285K

A rich heiress and a constant presence in the headlines, it’s only fitting that she insisted on making her already majestic Bentley even more outrageous. Pink, slick and strange – just like the lady that often drives it!

Jay Leno – 1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing Coupe, Estimated $1.8 Million

The legendary talk show host is an icon, and what better way to manifest good taste than cruising the streets with a true beauty? Just like Jay, his vintage Mercedes is the epitome of class, strength, and immunity to the hands of time.

Kim Kardashian – Ferrari 458 Italia, Estimated $325K

Mrs. West is very much used to lavish life, to the extent that she has herself a spacious garage that houses eight cars. Out of all the rare models Kim’s biggest pride is her imposing Ferrari 458 Italia. Although her actions might be disputed from time to time, the notion that her taste in cars is anything less than impeccable cannot.

P. Diddy – Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, Estimated $440K

Although hip hop stars are far from modest, Mr. Sean Combs has always kept it low key and chose to invest in real estate and business, rather than flashy accessories. What he cannot hide, however, is his unparalleled love for luxury cars. Nothing fits a rap mogul more than a sleek Phantom Coupe and Diddy and his silver one is a match made in heaven.

Nicolas Cage – 1958 Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina, Estimated $3.6 Million

If a Ferrari is considered as recognition of great power and wealth, then a vintage Ferrari GT should be reserved for the highest of echelons. Nicolas Cage is within that group, and he made a very wise decision to invest in a vast collection of luxury vintage cars. The black Italian stallion is the crown jewel of his entire garage.

Jerry Seinfeld – Porsche 959, Estimated $1.8 Million

You may ask yourself – okay, a Porsche is pretty expensive, but why is this one so special. Well, Seinfeld has a special love for all things Porsche, and especially this ultra rare 959, of which only 337 have been made. If that is not enough to impress you, maybe acknowledging the fact that the rest of his 47 cars are all Porsche. Talk about an avid fan!

Kanye West – Mercedes SLR, Estimated $850K

Although he and Kim often exchange rides, ever since the beginning of his rap career, Kanye has always leaned towards the power of German cars. In fact, that love is so astounding that he chose to armor plate and customize his SLR, both for style and protection. Mr. West, we applaud you for pulling off an excellent mix of style and smart use!

Simon Cowell – Bugatti Veyron, Estimated $1.7 Million

Spending a combined $15 million on all of your beloved cars should be a problem for a man as eccentric and rich as Simon Cowell. The mothership of his horsepower fueled fleet is, of course, the lightning fast Bugatti Veyron. When you see him driving down the UK you can bet that he is all smiling while the Italian engine roars down the highway.

David Beckham – Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, Estimated $400K

Not being satisfied with a Hall of Fame-worthy career in soccer, David Beckham chose to up his style to new heights and impress the entire world. A key part of that is his customized Phantom Coupe. As if his clothing wasn’t as stylish and impressive, his formidable ride is another reason to divert your eyes to Mr. Beckham.

Jay Z – Maybach Exelero, Estimated $8.8 Million

“I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.” You said it, Shawn. Because he is one of the most recognizable faces on the planet. Jay Z is also determined that you don’t forget his stellar ride. And how can you ever erase a $9 million Maybach Exelero from your memory, I wonder?

50 Cent – Lamborghini Murcielago, Estimated $2 Million

50 cent is famous for his extravagant lifestyle and recognizable swagger. A man with a personality that big and imposing surely requires a car to match his style and force. There is no better synonym for those two terms than a bright blue Lamborghini Murcielago. Nothing is left unsaid when the blue coupe roars down the street.

The Game – Bugatti Veyron, Estimated $2.2 Million

Even though they aren’t so close anymore, The Game and 50 Cent has always shared the same tastes in swagger and cars. The West Coast legend is not ashamed to cause a distraction in broad daylight, using his peculiar yellow and metallic black Bugatti Veyron. A truly beautiful mechanical beast worthy of a hip hop legend.

Flo Rida – Bugatti Veyron, Estimated $2.7 Million

As soon as Bugatti officially announced the new Veyron model, orders from the world’s elite came flying in. Among them was, of course, a proud member of hip hop royalty, Flo Rida. If you thought the game was extravagant with his black and yellow combination, Flo blew him out with a stunning gold frame that is truly a sight to behold.

Floyd Mayweather – Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, Estimated $4.8 Million

The man they call ‘Money’ is never afraid to prove the basis of his nickname. Among the 100+ cars he bought from the same dealership and almost always with cash, Floyd is most proud of his Swedish sports car – Koenigsegg. It wouldn’t be wise to count out the other hundred rides, but this is the most imposing.

Chris Brown – Lamborghini Aventador, Estimated $450K

Chris doesn’t just like cars, he adores them with all of his heart. Along those colorful, custom painted Chevys and Porsches, the most amazing one is the elegant Lambo Aventador is matte black. For a man that makes hearts crack and photographers and fans flock wherever he goes, it’s a very fitting ride indeed.

Drake – Bugatti Veyron, Estimated $2.5 Million

Another successful musician, another Bugatti Veyron. With the continuing of this lovely trend, Drake is proud of what he’s accomplished and the pitch black Italian sports car is a testament to how far this man has come. Even now, you can truly see a child-like smile when he enters one of his bad boys to go for a ride around his hometown.

Nicki Minaj – Lamborghini Aventador, Estimated $400K

It’s only right that the princess of hip hop drives in something worthy of an actual member of royalty. Aside from the characteristic roar of the Lamborghini, the thing that stands out is the captivating bubblegum pink color that graces the exterior part of the ride. Not only does she rap with style, she also rides with the same flair.

Blac Chyna – Rolls-Royce Wraith, Estimated $400K

The former dancer really started from the bottom and hustled her way to fame and fortune. She wasn’t hesitant when deciding to show her new found bank account. The tool she chose for that is elegant but commanding: white Rolls-Royce Wraith, worthy of James Bond himself when preparing for a showdown with an arch nemesis.

Lil’ Wayne – Bugatti Veyron, Estimated $2.5 Million

A man that loves his rides as much as Wayne does, shouldn’t be left unmentioned. Not afraid to name drop his formidable collection of cars in his song lyrics, his biggest joy and pride is a customized black Bugatti Veyron. Having a ride of such proportions and jaw-dropping mechanics is always bound to turn some heads, wherever he goes. We see you, Weezy!

Tom Brady – Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, Estimated $3 Million

I think we can all agree that the best deserve the very best. Mr. Brady is no exception, as the Patriots legendary quarterback decided to invest his money in the brand new Veyron Super Sport. Although it might not be so useful now that he has his own private jet, we’re sure Tom sets the roads ablaze every once in a while.

T-Pain – Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, Estimated $2.5 Million

I think we can all agree that the best deserve the very best. Mr. Brady is no exception, as the Patriots legendary quarterback decided to invest his money in the brand new Veyron Super Sport. Although it might not be so useful now that he has his own private jet, we’re sure Tom sets the roads ablaze every once in a while.

Amber Rose – Pink Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, Estimated $150K

Nothing screams Amber Rose as much as the bright pink Wrangler. This lady has made her name by not giving a damn about what other people say and she is very happy to be turning heads with her ride. Let’s hope her driving skills are better than her dating choices, for sure.

Birdman – Maybach Exelero, Estimated $8.8 Million

If you like a certain rapper, it’s a safe bet to assume Birdman signed him first and made him famous. One of the world’s biggest moguls and the foundation of modern rap culture, Birdman sees it fit to be seen in only the best possible rides. The $9 million Maybach Exelero is a car that can fall into that category, isn’t it?

Cristiano Ronaldo – Bugatti Veyron, Estimated $2.5 Million

Ronaldo has become a symbol of soccer and it is only right for this man with a golden smile to show off his success. What better way to turn heads  than breezing in a silent black Bugatti Veyron. Not bad for a guy everybody doubted once.

Justin Bieber – Audi R8, Estimated $250K

Even though the young pop star has a myriad of critics, he refuses to stop carrying himself the way he wants. An important aspect of his extravagant and unusual personality is his taste in cars. Take for instance his leopard-print covered Audi R8. Another excellent example of how power and style should be properly mixed.

Gwen Stefani – Porsche Panamera, Estimated $200K

Sometimes it’s not about which ride has the biggest top speed, more often than not it’s about the mix between impression and comfort. Gwen is already a veteran in the singing business and nothing reflects her style like the modest, but powerful and stylish Panamera. Although she has a full garage of other cars, she holds this one the dearest.

Queen Latifah – Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé, Estimated $370K

Music, acting, journalism, and activism – is there an area of life that this woman doesn’t excel in? We guess not, given how proud she is when driving the beastly Phantom Coupe. It just fits her, as it sends a message not of excess, but of elegance and stability. Sometimes more is less and Latifah’s silver beast is an excellent example of that saying.

Dr. Dre – Cadillac Escalade ESV, Estimated $400K

The legendary rapper and producer has always had a knack for jaw-dropping rides and his customized Cadillac Escalade is no exception. Not only is the exterior straight out of a James Bond movie, but the interior too resembles the inside of private jet of a prince. Money well spent, Andre.

Missy Elliott – Lamborghini Diablo 3, Estimated $300K

Even though there are lots of new models and versions of the iconic Lamborghini, Missy stays true to one of the truly eternal cars – the always relevant Diablo. As it is fitting for a hip hop queen, the ride is all shine with the purple paint. Although other cars are present in her garage, she is almost inseparable from this one.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – Pagani Huayra, Estimated $1.5 Million

Given the fact that he has a lead role in “Ballers” nowadays, Dwayne really decided to become an even bigger one, as he chose the wonderful Pagani Huayra as his daily ride. Synonymous with its owner, the Italian ride is armed to the teeth and always ready to burn roads all around the world. An excellent car for an even better actor.

Lil’ Kim – Rolls Royce Phantom, Estimated $410K

Whatever you may think about her, Lil Kim’s name will forever be etched in stone as one of the first ladies to make it in the rap game. Her talent and success paid off, as the stylish lady is often seen showing off her Phantom. Although some of her cars were confiscated due to tax problems, her Rolls was always by her side.

Will.I.Am–  McLarenMP4-12C, Estimated $300K

If you think of a fancy sports car, chances are that Will.I.Am already owns it. Aside from his massive car collection, the singer is also known for his love of custom paint and unorthodox designs, which is exactly what his McLaren is all about. He has two, one in orange and one in black, just in case, a color change is needed for a certain occasion.

Iggy Azalea – Ferrari 458 Italia, Estimated $225K

As one of the biggest Ferrari fans on the planet, Iggy is always happy to take her all-white 458 Italia model for a quick stroll around the neighborhood. She might not be as rich as some of her colleagues, but she sure doesn’t hold back from investing money in the facet of life she loves the most. We’re eager to see the next engineering wonder that will end up in her garage!

LeBron James – Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, Estimated $400K

Come on, you seriously thought the King wont be included in this prestigious list? Think again. Aside from multiple awe-inspiring luxury rides, the vehicle that amazes us the most is the Nike LeBron XI inspired Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. With a plant motive all over the exterior and an engine to behold, Lebron’s baby is a serious contender for the sexiest car in function.

Trisha Paytas – Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Estimated $140K

Controversial and debated, there is one thing about Trish that can’t be disputed – she rose to the top with lightning speed. As any smart celebrity would do, Trish didn’t wait to treat herself with an automotive wonder. Her ride of choice is the Mercedes G-Wagen with added pink paint and more features that would make even the biggest automotive fan shake his head in disbelief.

Shaquille O’Neal  – Cadillac Escalade, Estimated $150K

Although $150 thousand for a car is just spare change for a man of Shaq’s wealth, he loves his Cadillac for the enormous amount of space it provides. He fell in love with it instantly and customized it to his taste. Nowadays, you can often see a smiling 7’2’’ frame cruising down the road in a stylish Escalade. He has more expensive rides, but the Caddy is the most serviceable of them all.

Beyonce – Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II Convertible, Estimated $1 Million

It would take a multitude of writers and experts to fully analyze the extent and size of Beyonce’s and Jay Z’s car collection. We’re going to keep it brief and point out the sheer insanity of the 1959 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud. Not only is the ride super stylish, it is a super rare model. Nice work, Queen B!

Caitlyn Jenner – Porsche GT3 RS, Estimated $176K

Before advocating for transgender rights and equality amongst all human beings, Caitlyn was busy turning heads in her purple Porsche GT3. It’s still a beauty of a car after all these years and it seems Caitlyn haven’t lost a step when it comes to navigating this monster on the streets of Beverly Hills. Not bad, to be honest.

Kylie Jenner – Ferrari 458 Spider, Estimated $250K

When you hang with Kim, Kanye, and Caitlyn, it’s expected that you will too have an excellent taste in cars. Kylie proves it very well with a Ferrari 458 Spider, which fits her youthful personality almost perfectly. Both the blue color and the custom-made rims are just the surface of all the wonders this Italian masterpiece possesses.

Gigi Hadid – BMW M2, Estimated $65K

Becoming the spokesmodel for BMW has its perks, we’re sure that Gigi herself will confirm the notion. The German automotive giant regularly gifts her with amazing models and colorways, but her pride and joy is the formidable M2. Nothing too flashy, but powerful enough to make a statement and set the onlookers ablaze.