12 Celebrities Who KILLED People

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Celebrities kill people. Nothing new on the horizon right? We are all very used to go to the movies, every now and then. And raise your hand if you haven’t seen at least 20 movies in which a Hollywood star goes and kills someone in the movie. Like Bruce Willis and his Die Hard character (will they ever stop?) have probably killed human beings by the hundreds, so, I guess we could say that we are used to see them kill each other or go on a murderous rampage (am I right Quentin and Uma?); but what happens when those stars kill someone in real life? Be it an accident or a voluntary murder, some of this cases are amazing.

We’ll start from the obvious and notorious ones, but I ASSURE you will get surprised…

1) Caitlyn Jenner

In February 2015, Caitlyn Jenner (still Bruce, at the time) got into a tremendous car crash that resulted the death of one person, and the severe injury of other 7. After investigating on the incident, they found out that not only had Caitlyn provoked the accident, but she was very much past the limit of the sobriety test.


2) Johnny Lewis

It all started back in Oct. 2011 when Johnny (who at the time was shooting “Sons of Anarchy” in the role of Half-Sack) had a terrible high-speed motorcycle accident. Oh the irony. He was saved but from that day he started acting like crazy, even though the accident left no brain damage. Crazyness that culminated in beating her landlady to death, kill her cat, and subsequently falling from the roof.


3) Tupac

Mr. Shakur cannot be directly considered a murder for the accident that lead to the death of 6 years old Qa’id Walker-Teal, but he surely should’ve known better. When he got into the brawl that flamed up between his crew and the staff of the festival where he was performing, his gun slided out of its hold and fell, shooting a bullet that hit the boy, while he was riding his bike.


4) Matthew Broderick

Back in 1987, Broderick and his girlfriend Jennifer Grey, were on vacation in Ireland, so when he took that high speed road in the wrong way they could’ve never predicted that a car would crash into them, killing both its occupants.

Keith-Moon- copia

5) Keith Moon

Around the first days of 1979, Keith Moon, drummer of legendary band The Who killed his bodyguard (who also was one of his closest friends) by running him over with his car. He later stated that he was trying to evade a mob of people, but being so much under the influence didn’t let him see his friend in the middle of the road, making way.


6) Oscar Pistorius

They called him “Blade Runner” and I think there’s no need to explain why. Back in 2013’s Valentine’s Day, Reeva Stenkamp supermodel girlfriend of Pistorius, got back into their house late at night to make a surprise, but Oscar received her with two gunshots, with the first being the killer one. He says he thought they were burglars but it’s hard to believe he didn’t recognize his own girl.


7) Phil Spector

Not many doubts here. In 2003, a woman called Lana Clarkson was shot dead and found in Spector’s house. He was found guilty and is now serving 18 years in prison.


8) Snoop D-o-double G

When he was a young gang member, Snoop was charged with the murder of a rival gang member. Johnny Cochran, anyway, made the trial a long one and managed to have them acquitted.


9) Sid Vicious

Everybody should know Sid, or his interpretation by Gary Oldman. Everything started when he entered the Sex Pistols in 1977, THE year of punk. It only lasted one year though, because in 1978, Sid stabbed and killed his girlfriend Nancy Spungen. Even though he admitted the murder he claims he didn’t want to hurt her in any ways, but we don’t know how he supported that thesis, because he overdosed and died before he could appear in front of a jury.


10) Duane “Dog” Chapman

Dog the Bounty Hunter hasn’t always been on the fair side of law. Back in 1976 him and his friends went on to buy marijuana from a local dealer, but things went south and a man called Jerry Oliver got shot. Though Dog wasn’t the one who fired the gun, he was waiting in the getaway car, and that cost him 18 months in prison.


11) Felicia Pearson

If you are a “The Wire” fan you’ll know this one. Felicia “Snoop” Pearson was convicted as an adult when she was a problematic 14 year-old drug dealing female thug in the streets of Baltimore. When this girl, Okia Toomer, attacked her with a metal bat for a beef they had going on she shot her fatally.


12) John Landis

The director was working on “The Twilight Zone” when a terrible helicopter malfunction had it crash on top of Vic Morrow’s and two children’s heads, decapitating Vic’s head and the 6 year-old extra. The 7 year-old extra didn’t die on the spot, but couldn’t make it to the hospital.