Did You Know These Celebrities Had Really Weird Jobs Before Becoming Famous?

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If you think you have a crappy job, don’t worry about it and console yourself thinking that even the biggest stars once had to face the same efforts, everyone must start from the bottom to reach the top one day. You may not know that some celebrities were studying to become teachers or firefighters, or they were doing part-time jobs before having their fortune and had the chance to change their life to become who we all know now. Let’s discover who had the junkiest job before becoming famous. >>


He worked as a firefighter in New York, he was employed at Station 55. He left this job to follow his acting career, but he put his uniform on again after the terrible attacks of 9/11, where he lost some important friends. He thought that it was his duty to help as much as possible.


Before she discovered her real love, the music, she was a cadet studying how to be a soldier in the Army. Jay-Z was the one that came upon her demo and made her become the famous singer she is now. Now I understand why she looks so good in the movie “Battleship”, with military clothing on.


She was a cashier that worked in a local grocery store before she was discovered by a model scout and started acting. Her first movie was Grease 2, but many other followed.



He experienced a huge number of different gigs in his life, before becoming one of the Hollywood’s actor that earns the most: he was a construction worker, he worked in a tobacco factory as a tobacco cutter, he was a door-to-door salesman and a women’s shoe seller too.



When she was young, Kate took part in many jumping competition, she was a horse rider. This happened long before she started thinking about an acting career, at that time she preferred to participate to national competitions.


Could you imagine this legendary rock star as a boy that delivers fresh meat? You should, because when he was young he worked as a delivery boy for a butcher. Such a waste of talent!


Before becoming one of the most famous musician of all times, the Rolling Stones leader worked as a porter in mental hospital and insane asylum: practically, he transported people all over the hospital. He looks so young in this picture!


Jake was a lifeguard when he was adolescent, he really had a baby face and I’m sure all the girls wanted him to get a mouth to mouth resuscitation from him! A decent ascending curve, isn’t it.


Jake was a lifeguard when he was adolescent, he really had a baby face and I’m sure all the girls wanted him to get a mouth to mouth resuscitation from him!


Rachel worked at McDonald’s before becoming an actress, but she was lucky to work at the cash desk and not in the kitchen, she never had to cook anything there. Another proof that everybody’s can get their big chance.


He was a former gym teacher in schools, that’s probably the reason why he is in such a good shape. I can perfectly imagine him playing football with children all around him, just before landing the part of Wolverine.


In order to pay the rent and the bills, he used to sell his own blood and to sweep floors at a General Mills factory, where he had a part time job. He was an aspiring model ready to sell…everything?


It’s absolutely unbelievable that the girl in the picture is Pink! Is she? That’s incredible. Pink, as many other stars did, worked at McDonald’s as a first job. It looks like the fast food company was the starting point for many of these stars.


He passed through several gigs while trying to enter Chicago improve scene: for example, during the winter months, he used to sell warm chestnuts outside a grocery store in Chicago, stuck in the cold.


Before starting acting in the Tv series Living Color, she was a personal assistant in a law firm. She loved to go dancing every night and that step by step learned to sing and act too. Good for her!


Chris was living in Hawaii before becoming an actor, but as we all know, life there is very expensive. So, he worked as a night dancer to get some money, and he did strips in clubs. Now in Hollywood he’s a leader.


You should imagine James frying potatoes in his early youth, because he once worked at McDonald’s before becoming famous with the movie “Pineapple Express”. And to no surprise, since he is probably one of the best actors out there, at the moment.


This handsome man that is always over the top in movies, once worked as a cleaner in a roost. He has also been a dishwasher, but then started his acting career. Very good job!


The profession he practiced before becoming an actor and becoming famous with the series “New Girl” was seller of burritos. He didn’t even had a food truck, he simply sold them out of his van!


Before entering Hollywood’s world, Halle was working in Highbee’s Department Store, in the children’s area. She was also competing in several beauty contests and eventually became a profession model, after winning Miss Teen All American in 1985. And then she started acting, becoming the famous actress we know.


He wins the prize for the most embarrassing job before acting among these stars: in fact, before he got his chance to start his acting career, Adrian was a children’s party magician.


He wins the prize for the most embarrassing job before acting among these stars: in fact, before he got his chance to start his acting career, Adrian was a children’s party magician.


It is difficult to believe that the previous Brad Pitt’s job was the crazy chicken in a local El Pollo Loco. Yes, he danced around possible costumers dressed in his chicken costume under the California sun!


She was a normal girl too, before becoming the superstar she is today. She worked at Dunkin Donuts, but after some time she was fired and this was her biggest luck: in fact, she took the firing as a huge motivation to make his singing career as outstanding as it is today.


Before becoming an actress, she served her required time in the Israeli Military. So she can be considered a trained veteran, that’s probably the reason why she suits so perfectly the part of Wonder Woman!


Before becoming Earl in the NBC series “My Name is Earl”, he has been a professional skateboarder for years. Now he also owns a skateboard company named Stereo Skateboards.


He actually was a dancer before starting his acting career, so I’m sure it wasn’t hard for him to get the role of Magic Mike in the movie.


He really was a lion tamer before becoming famous, he performed in circus with a lioness called Sheba that fortunately never decided to devour him. You have to be pretty crazy to not be afraid of working bare chested with a lion.


When she was young she wanted to become a massage therapist, in order to help her mother that experienced a surgery because of a breast cancer. Her mother succeeded in fighting her bad illness, and Nicole, that was only 17 at that moment, was such a good daughter that she left everything just to help her mother.


He already worked on sets but…as a carpenter! He built gear for films and shows, before understanding that he preferred to star in movies. Up until his thirties Harrison used to work building movie setsm and that’s basically how he was discovered.


I think he did one of the creepiest profession ever, before deciding to try to become an actor: he was the hairdresser for a funeral home, so he actually brushed dead people.


Before becoming the America’s sweetheart we all know, Jennifer was a telemarketer. She really made an improvement and now she can be considered lucky and happy, now she’s got a real love too, a new husband.


He worked in an environment he really loves: baseball stadium. But not as a sportsmen, but as a peanut and popcorn vendor! He really loves this sport and said he absolutely enjoyed that period.


She previously was a professional ballet dancer, but a terrible injury to her knee put a stop to her dancing career. But this gave her the chance to start an acting career and we are all sure that this was good for her, as she is incredibly good at it.


Before she became the famous singer of the band No Doubt, she was a skater girl that worked at dairy Queen, making ice cream cones. So good that she turned into music!


He studied and was trained to become a teacher, but fortunately for us he never taught anything from a desk because he soon managed to become an actor. Can you imagine how intense he must’ve been?


She was working in New York in a Concert Booking Agency before starring in “Friends”, that it’s where she probably got the chance to appear in a Bruce Springsteen video.


While he was studying at the college this genius used to sweep floors in a boiler room to earn some money. This absolutely was the right path, now he is a billionaire thanks to his amazing invention, as the Tesla, Space X and the Hyperloop.


You can feel free to state that she really improved her lifestyle. In fact, before becoming the worldwide famous Rose in Titanic, she was a sandwich maker in her homeland.


She was a flight attendant, before becoming an actress. That’s really fun, because she became famous with the TV series “Lost” that is about a plane crash. She admitted that “it was her favourite job”, apart from acting, of course.


Before becoming the mythical comedian we all know and before earning some good money times were tough for him, he had to quit school and work as a janitor in order to take care of his family. But he was strongly motivated and finally succeeded.


While he was studying at the college, he experienced a huge variety of junky job. The worst among them was probably the profession of the ice cream scooper at Baskin Robbins. But everything helped him in his path to become America’s most important person.