11 Celebrities And Their Insane Dressing Room Requests

21/03/2016 - 2:36 115 Views


Ok this is the most interesting thing right. Useless, but interesting because it’s always very hard to understand how whimsical these celebrities can get to be. You have interesting and charming celebrities, or dull, spoiled, lucky celebrities who don’t know what to do with their lives and their money, so they just pay people to satisfy their nonsense requests. If I could have that kind of privileges… I don’t know for sure but I’d try to have normal people, the real people, see me for the real person I am, not for how many million-dollar-bottles i ask for, if you know what I mean. But let’s start this list right away.

1) Barbra Streisand

The historical singer diva requires that her toilet bowl be filled with rose petals, and on top of that she feels the need of having 10 “torchiere” lamps around her dressing room. A bit kinky, but not bad.


2) Madonna

Laura Ciccone, a.k.a the Queen of Pop, a.k.a the Material Girl loves her treats when she’s out on tour. That’s the reason why she asks for new toilet seats in every venue she goes to. On top of that she asks for 20 international lines every time. Who ya gonna call, girl?


3) Prince

Prince wants a physician to be ready to give him B12 injections, in every venue he stumbles in. The other mandatory request he has is that he wants everything wrapped up in plastic by the time he comes in. He must really enjoy unwrapping things.


4) Britney Spears

The teen idol asked that in every venue she was in during her UK tour, there would be a framed picture of princess Diana, and she also told the employees of the venue that if HER phone ever rang during her stay there, they would be fined $5000. Maybe just unhang it yourself, Britney?


5) Jennifer Lopez

The latin sensation only wants to appear like she’s a normal person but, with her requests, she proved that she isn’t. In fact her room temperature must be exactly 25.5 Celsius degrees, needs 2 oscillating fans, and EVERYTHING must be in white, and there must be no tomato, grape or apple juice in her room.


6) Justin Timberlake

Ok he’s probably much more down to earth than many others. His only request (maybe not the only but surely the most notable) is that the doorknobs must be disinfected every two hours when he’s in the venue.


7) Lady Gaga

As usual, she looks human in the beginning when she asks the venue for 56 bottles of water, 28 cold and 28 room temperature, but when she goes and asks for a mannequin with pink pubic hair you realize how weird she is. We love you like this Gaga, keep it up.


8) Kanye West

Kim’s man is in a good mood lately, so we hope he doesn’t read how ridiculous is for him to ask imported and recut Versace towels. We don’t even know what he means by that, and we don’t care.


9) Katy Perry

The english bombshell mega-pop-star always asked that her dressing room be “draped” in cream or pink fabrics. On top of that she asks for two egg chairs, coloured in cream and one must have a matching footstool. She also wants purple and white hydrangeas, roses and peonies. NO CARNATIONS if they don’t want to “indispose” her.


10) Paul McCartney

Sir Paul must really want to feel like he’s in the middle of a jungle, because he always asks for four 6-foot-tall “normal plants” and 19 “six-foot-tall “leafy green plants”. That’s funny Paul.


11) Mariah Carey

We kept the mega-diva last in the list because of the enormous quantity of ‘wrong’ she puts in her requests, that are: Cristal champagne… with bendy straws, a used chewing-gum attendant whose only job is to grab Mariah’s used chewing gum and throw it in the bin, and… 20 white kittens. I’m curious what happens to them after she’s watched them