12 Hot Celebrities That With Glasses Look Even Better.

23/03/2016 - 11:53 196 Views


We love our V.I.Ps so much that now we can afford to tell thim how they look better. We got very judgmental, and they got very eerie to impress us. That’s how extravagant styles and fashions come out (remember Pharrell’s hat?) of the closet and establish themselves into the masses. Sometimes though, celebs HAVE to wear glasses because, you know, they are human like us. The thing is that you can clearly tell some of them look BETTER with their glasses than without them. So here’s a list of 12 celebrities who definitely look hotter with their glasses on, starting from…

12) Johnny Depp

We all love Johnny Depp, and we can all clearly see how much more charming and intense he is with his glasses on. Probably because he’d be a mole without them.


11) Ryan Gosling.

He could have his face burnt off and still be classy as fuzz, so it’s no surprise that he looks stunning in his glasses. The thing, though, is that he looks BETTER with glasses on than barefaced.


10) Anne Hathaway

The marvelous Catwoman is known to be one of Hollywood’s most beautiful, elegant and delicate faces. So it’s perfectly fine to think that there’s probably nothing that can make this beauty look better. WRONG. Put a pair of glasses on that nose and you’ll put a frame to (and complete) this amazing “painting”.


9) Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum is a one-of-a-kind multi-talented girl, that by the age of 12 she had already sang in the Metropolitan Orchestra, and in a duet with Luciano Pavarotti, and after that she decided to try on another career: acting. Needless to say, the hit series Shameless is definitely making her fortune, and she deserves it. Here we can see here during a break, and OMG!! Don’t you think she’s so much hotter with her glasses on?


8) Steve Carell 

So, the thing with Steve is that we all know he’s no sex symbol. Mainly for those of us who are his devoted fans from The Office, it’s impossible for us to see him as a good looking man, even though he IS! And that classy pair of glasses proves it big time !


7) Alicia Keys

The Hood’s favourite soul goddess surely know how to shine in public occasions. And with these glasses on, no one, no one, no one can say she ain’t hyper gorgeous.


6) Robert Downey Jr.

Coming from such a difficult past and teenagehood usually marks your soul and body in a very evident way, but Robert managed to escape that life and to look like an experienced and mindful man, not like an ex junkie. The glasses probably have no credit for it, but you have to admit he’s looking stupendous with those on.


5) Donald Glover

A.k.a. Childish Gambino is a rapper with a certain future in the world of modern hip-hop music, and since he’s proved himself by being one of 30 Rock’s main writers, we are sure about him. As we are sure of these elegant, italian style looks he’s been adopting. Glasses are absolutely gorgeous on him.


4) Seth Rogen

Seth is one of Hollywood’s most loved and recognized funnymen since he managed to establish himself with ease, and that is not to be given for granted. We’re never going to describe him as a hot model-like Adonis, but with a smart pair of glasses and the charm and sympathy he’s got there’s no reason why any woman would turn him down.


3) Eva Longoria.

Spotted during a mid 90’s beauty contest she landed her first big role with The Young And The Restless before confirming her fame with Desperate Housewives. She’s already a stunning beauty, but with this pair of oversized lenses on her, she looks even more charming and fascinating.


2) Jake Gyllenhaal

Between him and his sister Maggie, their parents should be happy of having created such two beauties. It’s Jake who takes the first price though, and that’s because of the charm he’s always delivered to his audiences. And glasses only magnify this amazing image he has for himself.


1) Julia-Louis Dreyfus

Since her beginnings in 1982 with Saturday Night Live and through Seinfeld, this beautiful lady has been a part of american television culture  for a while now. And look how much light those glasses give to her face and smile. Beautiful.