Eddie Murphy, Taylor Swift, Kanye West and many more: the most beautiful (and expensive) celebrity homes

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It’s well known that celebrities like to indulge in expensive cars, clothes, and even houses. After all, what are you gonna do with all that money if you don’t spend it? Many people on this list have houses so expensive that “luxurious” doesn’t even come close to define them. Don’t believe us? Just take a closer look at some of these: Eddie Murphy, Miley Cyrus, Mark Wahlberg, Kanye West are just some of them, and not event the craziest one!

Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen: ~ $20 Million, California

This incredible mansion is home to Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen. Using their shared bank account they managed to buy this expensive building and turn it into the house of their dreams. They also wanted to have as little an impact on the planet as possible, so the mansion is furnished with solar panels and grey-water technology.

Jared Leto: ~ $2 Million, Hollywood Hills

Jared Leto bought himself a nice house in Hollywood Hills and furnished it with everything he might need: an entertainment room, a recording studio, even a fire pit, because you never know.

Ryan Lewis: ~ $8 Million, Seattle

Imagine you’re a dj famous all over the world, with quite a bit of money at your disposal. What are you going to do? Ryan Lewis decided he wanted a house in Seattle, but not just any house: one with an ocean view and a music studio in it. Talk about living the dream.

Jennifer Lopez: ~ $10 Million, Hamptons

Leaving behind her old life in the Bronx, Jennifer Lopez bought herself a luxurious mansion in Hamptons, spending nearly $10 million on it. The expensive house has attracted a number of unwanted people in the past, including the occasional stalker.

Michael Phelps: ~ $2.5 Million, Scottsdale

Worldwide famous Michael Phelps has reached a cult status over the years, winning as many as 28 Olympic medals. His house in Scottsdale is a match to his fame: with five bedrooms, a luxurious pool, and an unspecified number of fireplaces, it looks more like a resort than a house.

Miley Cyrus: ~ $2.5 Million, Malibu


Getting back on her feet after a trouble period, Miley Cyrus currently resides in this extraordinary house in the heart of Malibu. Furnished with the best quality of anything she might need, it’s the ideal place to start a new life.

Jane Fonda: ~ $13 Million, Beverly Hills

Not only has this house a breath-taking view of Beverly Hills, it’s also masterfully designed. Jane Fonda wanted only the best for her house, which means, amongst other things, a pool with solar panels and a glass elevator.

Rihanna: ~ $22 Million, Barbados

Ever wanted to live in one of Barbie’s houses? Rihanna probably did, since she bought a mansion in Barbados that is designed to look exactly like one of those. Not only it has a wonderful view on the sea, it also has its own docks.

Bill Gates: ~ $147.5 Million, Washington

Given that he’s one of the richest people in the world, it was only natural for Bill Gates to buy only the best. His impressive property in Washington has a staggering value of $147 million and it is made of many houses, an extensive library, and its own private docks. Of course it’s also equipped with smart control technology.

Oprah Winfrey: ~ $50 Million, California

Oprah has bought many properties over the years, but the biggest and dearest to her is this Californian mansion peaking at $50 million. Not only it’s the largest of the neighborhood, its insurance is also the most expensive.

Katy Perry: ~ $4 Million, LA

A touch of Europe in Los Angeles, Katy Perry’s house is build out of marble and stone. A luxurious property furnished with a pool, a walk-in wardrobe, and a garden to make her feel she’s living in a dream.

The Obama Family: ~ $5.7 Million, Washington D.C

The White House was probably a step higher, but this mansion in Kalorama is still something out a dream. The Obama house has five bedrooms with fireplace and, most of all, a peaceful neighbourhood, since many ambassadors and officials live here.

Leonardo DiCaprio: ~ $1.75 Million, Belize

Owing to his successful acting career, Di Caprio was able to buy not just any property, but an entire island off the coast of Belize. Whilst it only hosts his home, he plans to transform the island into an eco-resort with many luxurious properties.

John Travolta: ~ $12 Million, Florida

Think a private jet is enough? Actor John Travolta built himself an entire private airport! Not only that, his luxurious property in Florida also has golf fields and pools to match his rich lifestyle. Talk about living in grand style.

Taylor Swift: ~ $17 Million, Rhode Island

What do you think she was going to do with all her money? Taylor Swift bought this incredible house on Rhode Island. Not only is the property one of the biggest in the area, it also has its own private beach. Perfect to host all her parties!

Jennifer Lawrence: ~ $8 Million, Beverly Hills

Both cosy and luxurious at the same time. Jennifer Lawrence’s house stands in the heart of Beverly Hills. The whole property has five bedrooms and bathrooms, a relaxing garden and a pool in the backyard. Expensive, but well worth the money.

The Playboy Mansion: ~ $100 Million, LA

You’re not that surprised, are you? Hugh Hefner’s castle is one of the most famous and recognisable houses in the world and hosts, amongst other things, a wine cellar and a private zoo. And beautiful girls, of course.

Blake Shelton: ~ $3 Million, Nashville

Blake Shelton used to live in this extraordinary villa with his former wife Miranda Lambert. When they divorced they put it on sale but hold your wallet: the entire property is worth more than $3 million.

Britney Spears: ~ $9 Million, California

A beautiful house for a beautiful woman.  Britney Spears’s house in California has a private golf field, a spa, and many more features that make it look more like a luxury hotel.

Heidi Klum: ~ $24 Million, LA

Super model Heidi Klum decided she deserved something nice and bought this Mediterranean-style villa in the hills of Los Angeles. The house features as many as eight bedrooms, gardens, fountains and pools, not mentioning a private golf course and hiking trails.

Drake: ~ $7.7 Million, Hidden Hills

Living secluded in the gated community of Hidden Hills, Drake has a house worthy of his bank account. Apart from the usual swimming pools, this kingly property features caves, waterfalls and even secret passageways.

Rob Lowe: ~ $42 Million, Santa Barbara

Being an actor has its perks, like being able to buy this incredible house. This beautiful mansion has everything you might need and even some more: pools, gardens, fountains, hot tubs… Its design was even featured on Architectural Digest.

Will Smith: ~ $42 Million, California

The famous actor is the owner of one of the largest properties in California, totally worthy of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. His house includes basketball courts, a golf field, and even a recording studio. Some say it is now on sale but, unless you have $42 million to spare, it’s best if you leave it to someone else.

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka: ~ $5.5 Million, East Hampton

Although they have already many properties, the one they’re most proud of is this castle in East Hampton. The property encompasses 13.5 acres of land and is furnished with swimming pools, tennis field, and a tea house. The perfect place for a family.

Novak Djokovic: ~ $15 Million, Miami

Another renowned sportsman who bought himself a nice house. He was more than happy to pay the $15 million this property in Miami cost. With as many as five bedrooms and standing right in front of the sea, it’s a dream house.

Minnie Driver: ~ $2.5 Million, Hollywood Hills

Talk about a unique style. Actress Minnie Driver personally saw that the interior of her house would be exactly like she pictured it. With a nice English mood to it, it’s both classy and cosy.

Tommy Hilfiger: ~ $27.5 Million, Florida

The famous fashion designer wanted his house to stand out, and it sure does. Few buildings can claim to be more colourful and extravagant than his.

Meg Ryan: ~ $10.9 Million, Soho

When you’re as rich as Meg Ryan, what do you do with your spare change? You build this incredible modern house in Soho, and make sure to include a 12-meter-long gallery in it.

Keira Knightley: ~ $6 Million, New York

As if living in Manhattan wasn’t already the dream of many, Keira Knightley managed to build the house of her dreams. Her $6 million flat includes three bedrooms and a 200 square meters patio.

Jeff Franklin: ~ $4 Million, San Francisco

Jeff Franklin of Full House fame is the proud owner of the renowned Tanner House in San Francisco. He loved it so much during the show that he couldn’t help himself and bought it.

Hayden Panettiere: ~ $2.1 Million, Nashville

Hayden has always dreamed of buying the perfect house for herself, like many young people do. Her property in Nashville not only is elegant and cosy, it also has a music room for her guitars. She couldn’t be happier.

John Krasinski & Emily Blunt: ~ $6 Million, Brooklyn

The famous couple moved from Hollywood to Brooklyn and bought this lovely townhouse without thinking twice. Its antique design is extraordinary, as is each of the six suites it hosts.

Seth Meyers: ~ $7 Million, Greenwich Village

Seth Myers spent not only money but also time and hard work on this house in Greenwich Village, and we can’t say it wasn’t worth it. It has five bedrooms, an office, and a wonderful view of the Hudson River.

Beyonce & Jay Z: ~ $45 Million, LA

A house suited for this couple could only be this extraordinary mansion in Los Angeles. The $45 million property is furnished with countless rooms, a home theatre, and even a bowling alley.

Mandy Moore: ~ $2.5 Million, Pasadena

Having been in the field for a while, actress Mandy Moore was able to buy the house of her dreams. By which we mean this $2.5 million house in Pasadena, equipped with patios, pools, and spas.

Michael Jordan: ~ $15 Million, Chicago

A legendary basketball player could only live in a legendary house. This property in the Chicago area features a wine cellar, a pool, and of course a basketball court. The front gate even has its iconic number 23 on it.

Celine Dion: ~ $65 Million, Florida

Singer Celine Dion loves water, and that’s why her incredible house is not only extraordinarily big but also hosts several pools, water slides, and an artificial river.

Selena Gomez: ~ $4 Million, Texas

Selena Gomez bought this $4 million house to have some privacy with family and friends, but it is much more than a secret retreat: the property has a private pool, a theatre, and its own tennis court.

DJ Khaled: ~ $10 Million, Beverly Hills

Of course DJ Khaled had the $10 million needed for this house. Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, it features large bedrooms for his guests, a spa, and of course a recording studio.

Mark Wahlberg: ~ $30 million, Beverly Hills

Speaking of Beverly Hills, here’s Mark Wahlberg’s mansion. This incredible house has a resort-level pool, countless bedrooms, and a home gym to keep in shape.

Bruce Willis: ~ $18 million, Beverly Hills

Worthy of a hero is Bruce Willis’ house in Beverly Hills. Masterfully designed, with arched doorways and an exquisite Spanish atmosphere, it stands out amongst all the other properties in the area.

Jennifer Aniston: ~ $11 million, Los Angeles

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux lived in this incredible house for more than a year, enjoying its swimming pool and surroundings. Its 1960’s design is also a plus.

Bob Hope: ~ $50 million, Palm Springs

Designed by architect Robert Finkelhor back in the 30’s and later remodelled in the 60’s, Bob Hope’s house in Palm Springs speaks volume of his style, not mentioning all the Hollywood royalty that have taken part at his parties during the years.

Donna Karan: ~ $39 million, Turks and Caicos

One of the most beautiful houses on this list, this property lies on the island of Turks and Caicos. It is actually made of two villas built with wood and stone, lying just a few meters from the beach.

Pete Sampras: ~ $7.25 million, California

Being one of the best tennis player of all times has its advantages: Pete Sampras didn’t think twice before buying this nice house in a gated community in California.

Ron Howard: ~ $27.5 million, Greenwich

Director Ron Howard is the happy owner of this luxurious house in Connecticut. Amongst its many features are an indoor pool, six bedrooms, and a lake.

Howard Hughes: ~ $19.5 million, Lake Tahoe

Legendary businessman Howard Hughes bought himself a nice house on the shore of Lake Tahoe, along with a good portion of the land surrounding it.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: ~ $1.6 million, California

Jonathan Rhys Meyers bought a secluded house in Los Angeles, complete with a swimming pool and a nice garden. The open space inside just adds to its beauty.

Kenny Rogers: ~ $46 million, Lionsgate

The singer’s property was huge, reflecting its value of nearly $46 million. The entire complex was so large that it featured multiple gates on different streets. Before Kenny Rogers many other celebrities have lived in this massive house.

Robby Krieger: ~ $6.9 million, Bel Air

The Doors guitarist Robby Krieger went for something different and built a treehouse on his property of Bel Air, complete with a geodesic dome. Of course the rest of the property is still interesting, with a recording studio and other features.

Ivana Trump: ~ $16.6 million, Palm Beach

With a bank account like that of Ivana Trump, it is only natural to try your hand in the real estate business. Donald Trump’s former wife lived in this amazing house in Palm Beach until 2014, when she put it on sale.

Donald Trump: ~ $100 million, Trump Tower

Before moving into the White House, the tycoon had been living in this luxurious flat at the top of his own Trump Tower. He spared no expenses and furnished it with marble and gold wherever he could.

Bill and Hillary Clinton: ~ $1.16 million, Chappaqua, NY

A different sort of White House for Hillary, this Chappaqua house is equipped with three bedrooms and bathrooms, a lovely interior design, and many more features.

Michael McDonald: ~ $3.4 million, Hollywood Hills

The comedian sold his Hollywood house five years ago, but before doing so he added a lot of features to this already beautiful mansion. These include extra kitchens, bedroom suites, and a spa.

Wilmer Valderrama: ~ $3.4 million, Los Angeles

Not just any house for mr. Valderrama, but a massive complex of two houses, a sport facility, and of course a spa complex with a pool and water slides.

Bernie Sanders: ~ $600,000, Vermont

Probably the least expensive property on this list, Bernie Sanders’ house is a modest lakeside cabin in Vermont where he and his wife go to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Judd Apatow: ~ $11.5 million, Malibu Beach

Director Judd Apatow and his wife took over this Malibu cottage from the 30’s and renovated it according to their taste. When they sold it it featured three bedrooms and bathrooms, and an exquisite garden.

Max Azria: ~ $88 million, Hollywood

Not wanting to live in any ordinary house, fashion designer Max Azria spent nearly half of the $88 million of the property just by renovating it and giving it a touch of his personal style. We can’t say it hasn’t achieved the result.

Lauren Bacall: ~ $23.5 million, Dakota

A house fit for a cinema legend such as Lauren Bacall. The actress spent most of her life in this house, and it shows. Apart from the many bedrooms and bathrooms, it’s full of details and memorabilia from her past.

Vanessa Carlton: ~ $17,500 per month, New York

This flat in New York belonged to singer Vanessa Carlton, who put it to rent for the meagre sum of $17,500 per month. Apart from the beautiful design, it features two amazing pianos.

Ellen DeGeneres: ~ $45 million, Santa Barbara

This stunning villa in Santa Barbara was home to Ellen DeGeneres and her partner Portia De Rossi, before they put it on sale last year. The price is quite high, but the property is well worth the expense.

Jackie Collins: ~ $30 million, Hollywood Hills

An amazing house filled with paintings and statues of all kinds, speaking volumes for Jackie Collins’ taste for art. The house itself is an architectural dream, well worth the price it was auctioned at.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: ~ $2.65 million, Majorca

The most famous couple in the world bought have made their home in this amazing villa on the Spanish island of Majorca. It features eight bedrooms and a stunning view on the sea.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini & Ashley Cole: ~ £7.5 million, Surrey

Before they broke up, Cheryl and Ashley lived in this elegant mansion in England, enjoying its swimming pool, spa, and gardens.

Louis Tomlinson: ~ $21 million, Hollywood

Louis Tomlinson is putting this luxurious house in Hollywood to rent, at the modest rate of $49,000 per month. Meanwhile he is staying in another villa to be close to his family.

George & Amal Clooney: ~ $10 million, Berkshire

George Clooney moved in this lovely English mansion when he married his wife Amal. Although they stayed for a very short time before getting back to the States, they enjoyed its swimming pool and home theatre.

Kaley Cuoco: ~ $5.4 million, Los Angeles

This stunning house belonged to Khloe Kardashian before it was bought by Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco. It has as many as seven bedrooms and bathrooms, a huge parking lot, a pool, and a spa. Not mentioning the design itself, which is amazing.

Patrick Dempsey: ~ $6.4 million, Los Angeles

With the money he earned starring in Grey’s Anatomy, actor Patrick Dempsey was able to buy this gorgeous house in Los Angeles. He lives there with his wife and kids, enjoying its design and the comfortable pool and garden.

Justin Timberlake: ~ $7.6 Million, New York City

Although he and his wife Jessica Biel already had another flat in New York, Justin Timberlake couldn’t help but buy this modern and luxurious penthouse in Soho. He even managed to buy it at just $6.5 million instead of the $7.6 million it was initially put at.

Conan O’Brien: ~ $9.25 Million, L.A.

For legendary talk show host Conan O’Brien it was easy enough to buy this imposing mansion in Los Angeles, having signed a contract for his show for an astonishing $10 million.

Jerry Seinfeld: ~ $32 Million, Hamptons

This astonishing property belonged to musician Billy Joel before Jerry Seinfeld came and bought it for $32 million like it was nothing. Despite its size, the comedian has described it as “cosy”.

Kim and Kanye West: ~ $11 Million, Bel Air

The couple bought this extraordinary villa in Bel Air for $11 million but didn’t spend much time in it. Instead they renovated it according to their taste and put it back for sale, scoring nearly $20 million.

Eddie Murphy: ~ $85 Million, Hollywood Hills

Rumours have it that the worldwide famous comedian bought this amazing Hollywood property for $20 million. Today, after many years of renovating and adding every feature he could think of, the villa is worth more than four times its original value.

Matt Damon: ~ $15 Million, Pacific Palisades

Worthy of an actor of his calibre, Matt Damon’s house features countless bedrooms and bathrooms, many swimming pools, and every comfort you could think of. Now you know why it is called “the best house in the Pacific Palisades”.

Ozzy Osbourne: ~ $10 Million, California

Rock superstar Ozzy Osbourne owns many properties, but perhaps the most impressive is this villa rising in the Hidden Hills community. It features multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, a swimming pools, and many more comforts.

Jessica Alba: ~ $9.95 Million, Beverly Hills

Actress Jessica Alba bought this stunning villa in Beverly Hills using only a fraction of her bank account, but the results are amazing. The design is wonderful, the house is equipped with everything she might need, and the view over Beverly Hills is breath-taking.

Christie Brinkley: ~ $30 Million, Long Island

The supermodel put her hard-earned cash to use and bought this rich mansion in Long Island. With eleven bedrooms and bathrooms, an observation deck, and many more features, it was a wise investment.

Billy Joel: ~ $35 Million, Florida

Amongst Billy Joel’s many properties, his $35 million house in Florida stands out from the rest. Not only it is located in one of the best spots in the region, it is also equipped with many comforts, such as its own private docks, wine cellar, and swimming pools.

Tiger Woods: ~ $60 Million, Florida

Not feeling the weight of his divorce at all, Tiger Woods bought himself a stunning complex in Florida, with its own golf courses, pools, and private docks. Definitely not sad and lonely as you might expect.

Aaron Spelling: ~ $150 million, California

The award for owner of the most expensive home in the world goes to the late Aaron Spelling. His huge property in California covers 17 square kilometres of land and hosts a gym, a bowling alley, and even an orchard.

Steven Spielberg: ~ $15 Million, Pacific Palisades

Director Steven Spielberg made a good investment and bought this elegant villa in the Pacific Palisades, once owned by singer Bobby Vinton.

Alicia Keys: ~ $14.9 Million, New Jersey

Singer Alicia Keys bought herself an amazing house, not in New York but in New Jersey. The large property hosts a recording studio, countless bedrooms and bathrooms, and an amazing indoor pool.

Gwen Stefani: ~ $35 Million, Beverly Hills

This luxurious house in Beverly Hills belonged to Gwen Stefani and her husband Gavin Rossdale. Apart from its extensive garden and swimming pool, it also features a second house and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

Cindy Crawford: ~ $60 Million, Malibu

Supermodel Cindy Crawford lived in this astonishing $60 million villa in Malibu before putting it back on sale two years ago. It may seem pricey, but it was merely a dent in Crawford’s bank account.

Julia Roberts: ~ $10 Million, Malibu

Speaking of Malibu, this is Julia Roberts’ eco-friendly house with ocean view. It was actually two distinct houses before she bought them and put them together in one huge property.

Alex Rodriguez: ~ $30 Million, Miami

Baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez made himself at home in this luxurious mansion in Miami, equipping it with two private docks, a resort-level swimming pool, and an indoor batting cage.

Ivanka Trump: ~ $4.1 Million, New York

Being the daughter of a tycoon has its perks, like being able to buy this modern flat in New York.

Joe Montana: ~ $35 Million, California

Joe Montana’s house is elegant and classy, sitting in the peaceful area of Calistoga. Of course it is also equipped with many comforts, including a horse stable.

Robin Williams: ~ $22.9 Million, Napa Valley

The late Robin Williams had quite a taste when it came to houses, judging by his real estate in the Napa Valley. The property even has a vineyard and a solar-powered farm.

Robert De Niro: ~ $39.8 Million, Manhattan

After a fire damaged his previous property in New York, De Niro and his family made do with this astonishing penthouse in Manhattan, enjoying the stunning view from his terraces before putting it back on the market for nearly $40 million.

Gianni Versace: ~ $47 Million, Miami

Are you even surprised? Someone with a taste as refined as Versace could only own this luxurious villa in Miami, filled with unique details and designed with as many bedrooms as possible. This not mentioning the pool with its gold decorations.

Greg Norman: ~ $65 Million, Jupiter Island, Florida

Wondered what neighbours does Tiger Woods have? Greg Norman is one of those. This property is not just a house but an entire complex filled with golf courses, pools, and a guest house.

Judge Judy: ~ $13 Million, Greenwich

You may remember Judith Sheindlin for her role as Judge Judy, and then you may remember that she’s one of the most paid actresses in the world. Buying this nice Greenwich real estate was no problem for her and her husband.

LeBron James: ~ $13.4 Million, Miami

Basketball superstar LeBron James lived in this Miami house for many years before moving back to Cleveland. When it was put back on sale, the property featured terraces, a home theatre, a pool, and an amazing view over the bay.

Vanessa Hudgens: ~ $2.7 Million, L.A.

A house designed to match her style, Vanessa Hudgens’ home hosts many bedrooms, a pool with waterfalls, and a barbecue area.

Faith Hill & Tim McGraw: Unknown Price, Bahamas

Nobody yet knows how much is the value for this extraordinary villa, but judging by its many comforts and elegant design, you can be sure it’s not for everyone’s pockets.

Josh Hutcherson: ~ $2.5 Million, Hollywood Hills

Josh Hutcherson of Hunger Games fame bought himself a nice house in Hollywood Hills, equipping it with a tree house and comforts like a home theatre.

Lucy Hale: ~ $1.7 Million, L.A.

The star of Pretty Little Liars is the owner of this luxurious house in Los Angeles. With a lot of outdoor space, a pool, and luxury bathrooms, it is the perfect house for her.

Liam Hemsworth: ~ $6.8 Million, Malibu

The actor of The Hunger Games has bought this $6.8 million house in Malibu, close to his fiancée Miley Cirus’ own home, along with its luxurious pool, wide open deck, and nice view of the surroundings.

Chloë Grace Moretz: ~ $3.4 Million, L.A.

With an already impressive bank account, the young actress was able to buy this cosy yet elegant house in Los Angeles. The pool with waterfalls and the Jacuzzi are to die for!

Julianne Hough: ~ $2 Million, Hollywood Hills

Don’t be fooled by the rustic appearances of Julianne Hough’s house, this Hollywood real estate is as modern as it gets. Moreover, it has a lot of space both indoor and outdoor, with its four bedrooms and swimming pool.

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis: ~ $10 Million, Beverly Hills

With a bank account such as theirs, buying a home like this $10 million house is a breeze. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ property in Beverly Hills has a wonderful view of the surroundings, lots of bedrooms and bathrooms, and a wide lawn.

Tom Hanks: ~ $18 Million, Pacific Palisades

Another resident of the Pacific Palisades, Tom Hanks owns as many as seven houses there. He recently sold two of them: a renovated Spanish villa from the 30s and an English style house from the 1950s. Goes without saying that both properties are fully equipped and come with amazing views of the surrounding area.

Seal: ~ $6 Million, Brentwood

The famous singer bought this house in Los Angeles after his divorce with model Heidi Klum. Apart from its many bedrooms and bathrooms and its gym, the house is also green, being fully solar-powered.

Prince Harry: Royal Residence, Nottingham Cottage

You expected that, didn’t you? Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle will reside in the so- called Nottingham cottage, an appendix of the great Kensington Palace. Masterfully designed and with lots of rooms, it is the perfect place for the couple.