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Angelina decided to transform her red-carpet night in a girls-only-night, including her and two of her children.

In fact, the 42 year old american actress, showed up a the venue accompanied by two very special attendees: her two daughters, Shiloh-Nouvel and Zahara.

With the mother dressed in white, and the daughters dressed in black, the trio gave out a pretty beautiful image, and for that reason, the photographers (and headlines the next day), were mainly for them since they looked so stunning.

The red carpet at the TCL Chinese 6 Theater in Los Angeles ended up being mainly for them.

The premiere, who made Angelina’s daughters quite ecstatic, was for the movie The Breadwinner, to which their served as a producer. In line, with Angelina’s humanitarian work, the animated movie is about a little girl in Afghanistan who disguises as a boy in order to work and provide for her family. Is it me or there’s quite a few ‘familiar’ subjects in that plot?

In any case, even if that wasn’t their first rodeo on a red carpet, since the two daughters, along with the rest of their brothers, had already participated to the press tour of Maleficient and First They Killed My Father, the trio looked happier than ever, only giving out smiles for everyone to see them.