VIPs: Where Do They Live? The Amazing Villas Of Our Celebrities.

21/03/2016 - 11:35 601 Views


Watching a house from the outside can make you understand a lot about its owner’s personality. Megalomaniacs, eccentrics, shy, private. We perfectly know how today stars can get to behave if everything is not detailed the precise way they asked for, so we guess that, when it comes to their houses, this will be even more true. But let’s go and see how these people’s ego has conditioned them in their homes.

12) Ozzy Osbourne

Amidst all these shining stars also lives the Prince of Darkness himself, the Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne. His land is 6 ½ square miles wide, and his villa is comprehensive of 6 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.


11) Avicii

“Only” 5 square miles for swedish multi-platinum dj and producer Avicii. It’s his crib, but he likes to always have guests, so he set up the perfect playhouse for spending fun time with his friends when he’s there.


10) Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams must’ve been very , very happy to be able to get a hold on this magnificent mansion with one of L.A’s best views. It’s walls are made out of crystal and it cost him just over 7 million dollars. Not bad uh?


9) John Travolta

Travolta’s humble home has gotten itself the nickname of “serpent house”, not because it’s full of snakes, but because it extends itself horizontally, and not vertically. Here mighty John parks his 2 jets.


8) Steven Spielberg

So here’s the house of the most thanked man in the history of the Academy Awards. Since he is always with many of the most famous figures in the showbiz he needed a place to suit them. This “little” house cost him 21mil $. Can you imagine?


7) Brangelina Pitt – Jolie

Hollywood’s hottest and most elegant couple couldn’t live under their standards, that’s why they got this amazing rural palace in the middle of Cali’s finest vineyards that cost them 60 million dollars.


6) Rihanna

“The Fortress”, probably that’s exactly how Riri sees her Hollywood place: a safe house where she can be far from flashes and too many transgressions. The villa has a market value of 7 million dollars.


5) Will Smith

The Fresh Prince and his family can cross the huge front lawn to get to one of the pools or sport fields. Their whole land is more than 15 square miles. We wouldn’t want to be in the cleaning company, not for a second.


4) Kimye West Kardashian

A yellow mansions for a shining couple. Yes ‘cause here is where the most controversial “rapper” and his wife live. Amidst reality shows and Twitter beefs, art is not really free to flow around, right Kanye?


3) Tiger Woods

You can see that this villa is a little different than the others we’ve seen, and that’s because the cheating golf star designed it himself. He didn’t want to leave anything to unsecurity.


2) Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

They call this the “Infinite House”. If you notice, the house and it’s garden don’t fit into one single photo. World’s top model and top quarterback deserve something like this right?


1) Taylor Swift

Pop star and America’s favorite girlfriend, coherently chose to stay far from LA’s craziness and went for a tranquil beach house in Rhode Island. Maybe in a few years she’ll grow a thirst for glam that’ll take her where all the others are having fun.