The 10 Most Addictive Substances In The World

19/04/2016 - 3:02 935 Views

1 - ganj

First things first, we must clarify some points: a substance is addictive according to several factors, such as the damage that it provokes, their purchase cost, the degree of cerebral addiction in relation to the reward system of our body, the abstinence symptoms it causes, and the ease with which one hooks up to the drugg. Given all this, today we’ll talk about the 10 most addictive substances on the planet. Find out if you’re hooked to one of these…

1. Marijuan a

It’s estimated that a percentage between 10% and 14% of regular users are, or will be, highly addicted.

9 - metanfetamina

2. Methamphetamine s

This synthetic drug, refined in many different forms such as Ecstas y or MD MA, is a substance that causes an almost instant sense of euphoria, but can result extremely addictive, to the point of provoking cerebral damage.

2 - cafe

3. Cafeína

Being the most consumed, addictive substance in the world, it’s hard to consider it as a dru g. Bit if we only focus on it’s effects we’ll soon realize it is. Also, if you consume too much of it, it’s likely that you will go through a slight abstinence syndrome.

4 - crank

4. Cran k

This is a very aggressive type of amphetamiine, that can easily break the blood vessels in a human brain, if consumed in the wrong dosis. It also has a very high ratio of addiction, as 81/100 consumers will find themselves addicted to it.

5 - eroin

5. Heroi n

Rightfully considered the most addictive of them all, heroi n is a drug to be liquefied and injected. It’s a derivate of morphin e, a.k.a. opiu m, and it’s dangerous because of the profound sense of euphoria that it causes.

7 - quaalude

6. Methaqualon e

Created during the 1950’s, and retailed with the name “Quaalud e” (yes, you may remember it from the famous country club scene in “The Wolf of Wall Street”), this dru g was commercialized as a sleeping pill, but rapidly became a recreational one during the 60’s, before being banned from the U.S.A.

6 - alcohol

7. Alcohol

Being a socially acceptable and very, very legal substance, it’s not a secret that booze is the substance that has more people addicted to it. In some ways, it’s the most dangerous dru g of them all, since it causes the most harm to our bodies. Direct damage and collateral as well (accidents, domestic violence, etc…)

8 - crack

8. Crac k

Crac k is a version of cocain e that is usually consumed by combustion and inhalation (smoking) through a pipe or, in the worst cases, a piace of aluminium paper. It gives an immediate, very strong idea of being euphoric, but the effect is very short and it needs a fix stream of dosis in order not to obtain a contrary “result”.

3 - coca

9. Cocain e

Western civilization’s favourite dru g. To not talk about the horrific environment in which it is made, muled and distributed, we can say that it has a very strong coefficient of addiction, both physical and mental. Apart from that, it’s very expensive and it’s effects are very short-lasting (max 30 min).

10 - cigs

10. Nicotin e

Just to put it into perspective: nicotine in small quantities is a stimulant, so it’s logical that people remain addicted to it. The thing is that in bigger quantities, it’s used as poison! This means nicotine is TOXIC for the human body. Also socially accepted, therefore massively distributed and mystified.