The 10 Most Absurd TATTOOS In Football

18/03/2016 - 5:16 226 Views



Sportsmen, and mainly the players of the most followed sport on the planet, can sometimes lose contact with good taste and common sense, and the blame is to put on our culture and the visibility that they get. In this list we gathered the most utterly ugly tattoos on the scene…

Some of them are just plain hideous, and do not deserve to stay on a human body. Just see for yourselves…

1) Mauro Icardi

The boy, continuing the provocation and controversy that his wife Wanda Nara created, has tattooed the children his wife had with her ex-husband. A gesture of pure provocation, and the guy has to grow a little.


2) Carlos Tévez

This is the last mega-tattoo the Apache has drawn on his skin before going back to Boca Juniors. It’s the representation of one of the stages of hell. Definitely a biggie…


3) Raul Meireles

The portuguese international made a temple out of his body. A temple for tattoos. Apart from the images of his wife and daughter, it’s the chinese dragon that dominates his back.


4) Mario Balotelli

A simple, short sentence whose goal is provocation. It’s a verse that goes like this: “I am the punishment of God. Had you not committed great sins, God wouldn’t have sent a punishment like me upon you.” It’s not his quote, nor the Bible’s. It’s Gengis Khan.


5) Stephen Ireland

The wings that cover most of the irish international (funny name uh?) are super detailed and are the one body part he’d never change. They are huge!


6) Daniele De Rossi

The italian international from Roma just got a new tattoo that probably represents well enough the treatment he always got ready for his adversaries. Just so they know.


7) David Beckham

David Beckham is one of the male beauties that come out of sport that people should look up to. He surpassed the football career and now is an all-round entrepreneur. Obviously he is covered in tattoos, which is nice.


8) Mario Mandzukic

The croatian international got a new tattoo on his lower backside that resulted in a bit of a mess since it’s a phrase in Hebrew that recites “What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger”, the only thing: it’s written the other way round and it’s full of mistakes. Not nice.


9) Kevin Prince Boateng

“Love is pain and pain is love” is the tattooed sentence that jumps to our sight, but it’s only one of 30 tattoos he’s got on his body.


10) Lionel Messi

Apart from the giant arm tat, Messi got another one when his son Thiago was born. This tattoo just goes to add to the one he has on his shoulder that portraits his beloved mother.