7 Gorgeous Models Embraced by the World for Who They Are

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Today, Bright Side invites you to take a look at several unconventional, beautiful and sexy fashion models. Their successful stories prove beyond a doubt that conforming to stereotypes is not important. What really matters is treating yourself with the correct attitude. Of course, in your life  you are going to meet a good amount of people who’ll try to bring you down because of your shape or your trouser size. Well, fear not because the world is advancing and soon is going to leave these a**holes behind.

– Chloe Marshall

Winning the title of ‘Miss Surrey 2008′ and reaching the finals of the ’Miss England’ pageant in the extra-sized models category became turning points in Chloe’s life. These two events served to attract media attention and make her truly popular. This, in turn, helped to launch her professional modeling career. Today, Marshall’s motto is ’You don’t have to be tall and thin to be considered beautiful.’ The article continues in the following page >>

chloe marshall

– Stefania Ferrario

Stefania is currently the face of a lingerie line by Dita Von Teese. She opposes the use of the term ’extra-sized model,’ saying that it is wrong to apply it to shapely girls. This has led Ferrario to express her protest on Instagram by creating the #DropTheSize hashtag and insisting that she is a real model, with no ’buts.’ The article continues in the following page >>

stefania ferrario

– Felicity Hayward

Felicity became a model thanks to a lucky break. She was simply dancing at a youth club when she got noticed by a professional fashion photographer who invited the curvy girl to take part in a photo shoot. This goes to prove that openness and the absence of excessive shyness can have a beneficial effect on your career. The article continues in the following page >>

felicty hayward

– Jada Sezer

Jada works with various brands and advertises swimwear and dresses for curvy women. She is living proof of the importance of feeling confident and at peace with one’s body. The article continues in the following page >>

jada sezer

– Kortnie Coles

Kortnie became famous after participating to ’America’s Next Top Model’ reality show. This resulted in a collaboration with world-class fashion agency Wilhelmina Models. The article continues in the following page >>

kortnie coles

– Liris Crosse

Liris Crosse, a famous model and actress, is often called the ’Naomi Campbell of extra-sized fashion.’ When Liris was starting her career, modeling agents asked her to lose weight. Despite this, she managed to find a niche in the fashion industry without having to drastically change her body. Liris Crosse regularly poses for various influential fashion magazines. She also appeared in music videos alongside world-famous pop artists and actors. Liris considers it her mission to inspire other women to follow their dreams. The article continues in the following page >>

liris crosse

– Shareefa J

Shareefa feels sexy in any clothes. She thinks it is unfair that beauty is associated with thinness, while shapely women have to suffer the discrimination of the fashion world. She uses her own example to save young girls from developing complexes, and she shows them that they don’t have to change their figures to adhere to some made-up standards. The article continues in the following page >>

shareefa J