10+ strangest things that people found in their attics

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“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

The attic is the most mysterious place of the home since is where old things are left and most of the times, forgotten.

If you have ever seen “Jumanji“, you know what I’m talking about.

Homeowners have discovered priceless jewels and artifacts… and in some cases (spoiler alert!) people! Creepy isn’t it?

Believe it or not, all this stories are true and they will either make you want to tear apart your attic for hidden treasure or never venture up there again!

1) Hand grenades

Carolyn Cyganiak had a real scare when in March 2014, she had to call the police to detonate four live hand grenades. The weapons were stashed in a bin in her home for 42 years. But how they got there? The family believes that it was Mr.Cyganiak to put the grenades away during the Cold War. Luckily the Milwaukee bomb squad was able to detonate the grenades before anyone was hurt.

2) A Fabergè glass figurine

Can you imagine how lucky New Yorker George Davis could feel when in 2013, he found a figurine that worth $5.2 million? He was cleaning his attic when suddenly found this little wooden box and in the inside a glass figurine of Czar Nicholas II. It was discovered to be one of only fifty Faberge Czar Nicholas II figurines in the world. This treasure was bought by a relative of Davis back in 1934 and guess what? He paid “just” $2000 for its purchase! Davis had the figurine appraised, and quickly sold this incredible attic find for a whopping sum of money.

3) An ex boyfriend

It was a night like another in South Carolina, when a woman called Tracy heard some strange noises coming from her attic. She sent her nephew upstairs and what he saw is truly terrific: her ex boyfriend, whom she had broken up with 12 years earlier was living in there! His main purpose was to spy on his ex girlfriend. The man had written Tracy dozens of letters from prison over the years and having no answer, once he got out from jail he decided to move in with her… no matter Tracy wasn’t aware of it! He sneaked out before police arrived.

4) A Van Gogh painting

Source: Associated Press

It was 2013 when a Norwegian man found a Van Gogh’s Sunset at Montmajour well-done copy… or at least, he tought it was a copy. Indeed after the Van Gogh Museum rejected it because of the lack of signature, it came out that the painting was 100% authentic. Van Gogh was known to avoid signing paintings that he didn’t particularly like and that’s why there is no signature on it. The painting is now estimated to worth $50 million, however the lucky owner held onto the painting.

5) A Stradivarius violin

In 2015 a Californian man came across a Stradivarius violin in his attic. After some researches, he found out that his father, a struggling musician stole the instrument from Roman Trotenberg, during a performance in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The man stole it while the other musician was greeting his fans, out of his office. When the whole story came out, the violin returned to Trotenberg’s family… 35 years later!

6) A mummy

How would you react if you’d discover a sarcophagus in the attic of your grandmother?  That’s exactly what happened to Alex Kettler a german 10 year old. During a visit to his grandma, he went upstairs and found a big strange box (a sarcophagus) and a mummified body inside! Creepy huh? He obviously alarmed his old relative and it came out that Alex’s grandfather bought this “souvenir” in Egypt back in 1950. It is still not clear if the mummy is “original” or not, but if not, it’s an incredibly scary forgery…

7) Some records belonged to Hitler

In 1991 a russian young girl named Alexandra Besymenskaja was sent upstairs to search for a badminton racquet. What she found was definitely not a raquet… Indeed she came across a stack of records labeled “Führerhauptquartier,” “Reich Chancellery” in German. The records included music by Peter Tchaikovsky, Alexander Borodin, and Sergei Rachmaninoff, deemed “subhuman” by the genocidal maniac Hilter. But why were those records in there? After Hitler’s suicide, a Russian war officer took dozens of his belongings and distributed them to some Russian soldiers: mystery solved.

8) A lot of cash

While Josh Farren was exploring his new home in Utah, he noticed a bit of carpet sticking out from a panel on the garage ceiling. The man thought that that could be a little hidey-hole for his children to play in. “Unfortunately” there wasn’t enough space for playing, but instead seven military boxes containing $45,000. The most shocking thing is that Mr. Farren returned all of the money to the previous homeowner who had stashed the cash away years earlier.

9) A 21-year-old

Stacy Ferrance couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the then-21-year-old Stanley Carter coming down from her attic, wearing her daughter’s pants and her sweatshirt and sneakers. What happened is that Carter’s pals kicked him to the curb after overstaying a welcome, so he managed to sneak into the next-door neighbor’s attic, where he stayed for one whole week without anyone noticing him. Stacy Ferrance said: “From what I gather, he was helping himself to my home, eating my food and stealing my clothes”. The man was arrested a few days after illegally celebrating Christmas in the Ferrance attic.

10) A Chinese Qing dynasty’s vase

When Londoner Bill Newman passed away in 2010, his nephew, Tony, began cleaning out his uncle’s old house. In the attic he found an ornate, hand-painted vase with fish and flowers. He tought that it could be valuable but not so much as $75,000,000! When he brought the object to an auction house experts found out that the vase was an artifact remnant of the Chinese Qing dynasty! That’s a lucky shot!

11) MLK jr. interview

Steven Tull, from Nashville, Tennessee, while cleaning his father’s attic stumbled across an interesting record marked “Dr. King Interview, Dec. 26, 1960″. Steven’s father was working on a book about the Civil Rights Movement. While doing researches he achieved doing an interview with MLK jr. Unfortunately he never finished the book and left the audiotape stashed away in the attic.

12) Jewels

User bellaluna chose Reddit (a social platform) to share her incredible discover. She titled her story “buried treasure in the attic”. Bellaluna was in her attic when she stumbled across a hand-painted wooden box made for a puzzle game. When managed to open it she found a men’s platinum ring with four diamonds, a gold cocktail ring with 27 diamonds, and around a dozen other priceless pieces. A real buried treasure!

13) Love letters from WWII

A couple in Texas, in December 2014, discovered a pillowcase filled with handwritten love letters from World War II. The letters were written from an American soldier to his wife, that waited him at home in Texas. The couple tried to track down the letter writers to give back to them those memories, but sadly they found out that both husband and wife had pass away. Still… How romantic!

14) A corps

In January 2018, the police received a strange phone call made by a family of Roxbury, Boston that complained a strange scent coming from the attic. They followed the smell and the discover they made would scare anyone: the dead body of a woman wrapped up and decomposing was there, who knows since when. News spread quickly in the neighborhood and left people quite disturbed. The deceased woman’s identity has still not been ascertained.

15) Henry VI’s skull

Finding human rests in the attic isn’t something anybody would ask for. That’s why a retired tax collector was horrified when he came across a skull. It came out that the skull was robbed by some British revolutionaries that ransacked Henry VI’s grave 183 years after his death. This human rest was passed around and at the end sold for years afterwards.

16) A hidden room

Source: mYNDIG

On Reddit you can find many interesting stories. Norwegian student, mYNDIG, shared the discovery of a hidden room that must have been designed as a hiding place from Nazis. In the tiny room there was a “bed” and a pillow on the floor. Strangest (and scariest thing above all) is that above the bed there was a sign that read (roughly translated from Norwegian) “If you have a bad stomach, then you don’t have access”. Later in an interview the student said: “Our house owner told us that there might be a hidden room there, and what else to do when you should study for exams than actually go and look”.

17) A Child’s body

This is a sad story occurred in January 2016 when the body of a child was found in the attic of a vacant duplex of Richmond, in Virginia. The murder is still unsolved neither the identity of the preteen is known. But for sure, this is one of those things anybody would want to find…

18) An old weapon

User jaws2167 was doing some work on the house when he removed the insulation in his attic and came across an enormous, antique-looking rifle. The user never figured out how the old weapon has ended inside of his attic walls. It still remains a mystery that probably will never be solved!

19) A Comic book

When David Gonzales bought his house for $10.000 he never tought that that was the best purchase of his life. Gonzalez stumbled across a comic book where Superman first appeared, titled Action Comics #1. If Gonzalez and his wife wouldn’t accidentally tore a few pages while flipping through it, instead of the $175,000 they got when they sold it, it would have been worth $250,000. Anyways, they were still lucky enough!

20) A giant wasp’s nest

Source: Pest Professionals

An unlucky homeowner near Corby discovered a one-meter wide nest (3.2ft) while renovating the property. “Luckily” the wasps had moved out about a year earlier, but the work they’ve made inside the attic is quite a masterpiece for its size and also… its long entry tunnel! Gary Wilkinson, Pest controller said: “They can get to the size of a large football but this is something else altogether”. Impressive!